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The non-fungible token (NFT) world is a burgeoning new market. In the NFT space, creators, blockchain startups and SMEs can find a lot of opportunities. You can also take advantage of the NFT craze to create and sell your Digital Collectibles. Let the TokenMinds  team assist you throughout the journey.


Highly competitive pricing in building 
your NFT project.

Robust and secure

Highly secure NFT solutions for protection against malicious activities and fraud.

End-to-End Visibility

You can now keep track of your NFT project progress through regular reports.

Expertise in Blockchain and NFTs

With years of expertise in the NFT space, you can even replicate TokenMinds' past success for yourself.

Post-launch Support

Ongoing support even after deployment, including daily support and weekly report,
and KPI assessments.

NFT Consulting Packages

Basic NFT
Strategy consulting package

Strategy consulting package

Ultimate NFT Strategy consulting package

$ 2,400
$ 4,800
$ 7,800

Thorough Project Analysis

Thorough Project Analysis

Thorough Project Analysis

Weekly Marketing OR Development Consultation Call

Twice a week Marketing OR Development Consultation Calls

Twice a week Marketing AND Development Consultation Calls

One Expert Support

One Expert Support

Two Experts Support

Daily Communication

Daily Communication

Daily Communication

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

Daily Support & Weekly Reporting

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No need for multiple service providers, your needs from marketing to development to token sale strategy are all covered.

Leading Crypto/NFT agency with recognition from Hackernoon and Coingape, with a track record since 2017.

Helping you with battle-tested solutions with the most effective and economical results for your business.

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NFT Consultancy: One-stop service for Artists, Creators and SMEs

NFT consultancy is the action of providing more than advisory services to a corporate or business but holding you to gain a strong foundation in NFT with the aim of improving the current performance. NFT is a very new and competitive space and every business seeks to benefit from its potential and benefits.

As a business, you may be confused about how to capitalize on the NFT space because it seems like a concept that you have to figure out by yourself from the conceptualization, development and marketing process.

An NFT consultancy agency must offer you high-quality services that you deserve to be able to remain competitive. These services include range from NFT strategy, NFT development and NFT marketing.

NFT Development

NFT Marketplaces are the best for businesses looking to expand in the decentralized finance industry. With TokenMinds on your side, the journey will be significantly faster and easier, as the team knows where the pitfalls lie and which platform features would be the most suitable. 

NFT Marketplace

There are two options for NFT marketplace development. The first approach involves using existing tools such as APIs and other SaaS solutions. An example is the OpenSeas SDK which offers a marketplace adapted to your original design.

The second option would be developing a customized NFT marketplace development. This advantage of such an approach is obviously the flexibility of scaling your project to attract more visitors as your company grows.

At TokenMinds, you can seek for custom services that are tailored specifically to your needs. With our custom NFT development, you get a robust NFT marketplace that is highly secure, versatile in compatibility with multiple devices and scalable too.

Smart Contract Development

With a team of experienced blockchain developers, you can expect world-class NFT development solutions across all platforms.

ERC721 are standards that guide NFT development on Ethereum smart contracts, enabling companies/creators to tokenize ownership of any digital items. Each NFT is linked to the respective owners, making it unique and therefore holding a different value.

Other protocols the TokenMinds team are familiar with include ERC721, ERC1155, FA2, dGoods, TRC721 and BEP20.

With in-depth knowledge of smart contracts, the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards, as well as the IPFS protocols, our blockchain developers can provide you with a custom NFT development that is robust, secure, and highly scalable to attract a large number of users.

NFT Marketing

No matter how creative a NFT project is, your audience will only be reached via various marketing channels. As NFTs are still new to many, the TokenMinds team will help to create and execute a marketing plan that will help to spread awareness for your NFT project in an omnichannel approach, including Twitter, Discord and Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) sessions. Under appropriate circumstances, you may be connected to highly regarded NFT influencers to bring you the results you desire.

That way, your NFT project will be perceived to be of high value within the community, and that is exactly the kind of success that every business is looking for. That being said, this means NFT is valuable for creators as well as for businesses in terms of building a community. Businesses should utilize NFT and be creative enough to attract people and in the process build a strong community that trusts its brand.

There are many channels that can help you build a strong community. Telegram and Discord are the major channels where you will find NFT communities. Therefore, the team will help to build a successful community in these channels for your NFT projects to have a sustainable life-line.

NFTs allow the business to create inclusivity and let them select what they want like products or services. As your NFT advisor, we will help you build a strong community that can help you take your business to the next level - not just the quantity of followers, but the quality of a supportive community for your business as well.

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TokenMinds is the No. 1 NFT agency voted by Hackernoon and has managed to work with the most successful businesses to improve their NFT space. With a strong network in the industry and a team of creative marketers, you can expect effective strategies for your NFT projects.

Get in touch with us and explore NFTs' potential and take you to the next level of this exciting market.

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