Growing an NFT Discord Server

NFT & Crypto Marketing Lesson 1

Jason Citron, founder and CEO of Discord, initially created Discord to cater to gamers and students. As it prolonged, the app catered to different kinds of niches that became a hangout for these unique communities. It has evolved from an instant messaging/VOIP app to an interactive platform where streaming and playing games within the Discord server is made available. These communities also include Web3-related communities especially, NFTs and crypto-trading.

In this module, you will learn how to grow your own NFT Discord server. Here are some of the takeaways that you may learn from the module.

Key Takeaways

  • Properly organize your Discord server to attract more investors 
  • Create your engaging content to build discussions and engagements
  • What community building strategy you can use to optimize your Discord server
  • The purpose of collaborating with other Discord servers and well established influencers
  • Make interactive sessions and talks to make an active Discord server
  • The importance of events management within your Discord server
  • Focus on one niche within your community will give direction and clarity for the NFT project
  • any projects

Organize the server well

To properly organize your Discord server, the first thing you need to create is the Discord channel where you can place the details of the NFT project. From what the NFT project is all about, your vision-mission statement, and what are the official links that your investors can go to to know more about the project in detail. 

An example of organizing your NFT Discord server

An example of organizing your NFT Discord server

Next, your identities, as the NFT project team, need to be revealed or doxxed. Having this done can build trust and accountability not just to your community but to your potential investors.

As an additional bonus, create a dedicated channel for your Twitter alerts to update your community of what your Twitter account is tweeting in real time. This will serve as their news feed concerning your project.

After organizing your channels for the NFT projects, create your other chat and voice channels for your community to interact with one another. Make sure to make adequate and relevant channels to make it easier for your community managers and moderators to monitor each channel. This can lessen spam messages and bad actors to deceive your members.

Create engaging content

Sharing compelling contents to your community can bring more engagement from your members. Not just engagements but also a mean to update your community of what is going on with your project.

Engaging content in TokenMinds' Discord Server

Engaging content in TokenMinds’ Discord Server

Mainly, these are graphics with a short caption. When creating contents in a purely text form, many may not thoroughly read through the whole content. Better have it made with detailed graphics that can easily convey the content which gives your community an easier and quicker time to read through it.

Community building strategies

Discord Servers need to have members to make it active. Here are just a few suggested strategies you can use to build your community and bring people into your server: Social media marketing, community engagement, airdrop campaigns, PR marketing and influencer marketing.

1. Social media marketing

Your social media accounts can be used to market your NFT projects. Social media has been used by traditional companies to promote their products and services. This can help you as well in onboarding and educating new members about Web3 and NFTs specifically. Creating social media marketing campaigns can bring people into your Discord server by inviting them to click the link to your Discord community. A social media manager can do the job for you.

2. Community engagement

Effective community engagements can be initiated within your Discord server. Community members can be part of the social media marketing by retweeting your Twitter post or have a campaign for the members with the highest invites will be rewarded. These rewards can be a form of whitelist slot for the presale minting or a community role within the Discord server.

3. Airdrop campaigns

Airdrop campaign is another strategy that you can implement to reward your community. These may be in the form of tokens or NFT pieces that can be received by community members who have registered their crypto wallets. You can set up a mechanic for them to follow and when the deadline comes only the qualified members will receive the airdrop.

4. PR marketing

Having a premium PR agency can assist you build up a good branding for the project. It can market your NFT project through their channels and bring people into your Discord community.

5. Influencer Marketing

Hiring a known content creator to do the marketing for you can be a good strategy. The influencer can invite their followers into your Discord server during their live streams or social media platforms.

Collaboration (Discord servers and influencers)

Collaborations with other projects are widely used not just in Web3 but in traditional marketing as well. The purpose of you collaborating with blue-chip and alpha projects who have their own Discord servers is to onboard their members to your project to help increase your membership and also build healthier relationships with other NFT projects. Both will benefit from the collaboration, whether short-term or long-term, and will also increase your network as well. Associating with a good project can draw more people into your Discord server.

The same with having well-known influencers who can help market your NFT project through their social media accounts can also draw more people into your project. 

Having collaborations and influencers associated with your project can give creative ways on how to promote your project whether it may be a mechanism for whitelisting members, social media marketing or airdrop campaigns.

Active Discord server

TokenMinds' active moderator

TokenMinds’ active moderator

Aside from the usual chat conversations from your general chat channel, you can also have your community engage by using their creativity. Have your community involved in these activities that could also give them acknowledgement from the community and you can reward them with a whitelist slot or free merchandise. Having AMA sessions can also have them engage and ask their questions to you and your team about the project or any topic you can share with the community. 

Events management within Discord

As the NFT project owner, you can have someone to make a schedule for the different events you can make for the community. Having this done, the community can look forward to future AMA sessions, creative programs, and the like. This can also be a means for other people to join your Discord community to engage with the set events.

Focus on a niche

Your content needs to be relatable to the community you are trying to build. Do not send them any generic content that could just lose the interest of the community. Be intentional and creative in building up a specific niche.

Quiz time

Here are a few questions that you can try to make sure you’ve understand everything from this lesson. Good luck!