Blockchain Branding: 5 Creative Techniques of Building an Exceptional Blockchain Brand

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An essential step when building your start-up is Blockchain Branding. Branding is the feeling that users have when viewing, thinking, or hearing about your blockchain business. If your branding is excellent, consumers will have a favorable perception of your business. On the other hand, poor branding creates an indifferent view of your business.

Cryptocurrency Branding is a challenging undertaking for many early-stage businesses. Remember, your killer project can drive away potential users due to poor Blockchain Branding. Thus, knowing how to do your Cryptocurrency Branding helps your business stand out from the rest. To ensure that everything moves smoothly, it’s advisable to partner with a crypto marketing agency. Here, we explore Cryptocurrency Branding techniques to attract more customers to your new project.

What are the advantages of Blockchain Branding?

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People will trust the brands they love and stay with them for a long time. The idea of trust comes from the initial impression people have when they come across the brand. The trust people have in the company indicates the various attributes of the brand. These include quality, objectives, and scope that resonates well with users. Here are the primary benefits of perfecting Blockchain Branding:

  • Sets the business apart: the competition in the crypto sector has become cutthroat as many projects join the industry. So, a solid Blockchain identity will set you apart from the competition. Branding helps your target audience understand what your business stands for and portrays it as professional in the industry
  • Enhances trust: when people come to your company for the first time, they form an impression. The opinion they create determines whether to continue exploring your website or close it quickly. So, robust Blockchain Branding helps to boost the trust that people will have in your project.
  • Gain familiarity: many customers prefer buying from a business they’re familiar with. Branding helps you create recognition, and many people will come to your business.

Blockchain Branding Techniques

With much competition in the crypto industry, it is advisable to ensure that your Blockchain-based branding strategy and design aspects are perfect. True, you can have exceptional crypto offerings and ideas but fail to garner the audience’s attention because of poor branding.

Are you wondering about what makes a profound blockchain brand? If so, keep following to discover the critical elements of Blockchain Branding.

1. Brand strategy

A compelling Blockchain-based branding strategy is an essential element of your business. You can explain your business, values, objectives, and individuality through a brand strategy.

Also, the strategy evaluates your rivals and explains what sets you apart. A precise brand strategy helps a business to create trust with potential users. Also, a brand strategy inspires your staff to work with a clear objective.

Here are the critical components of a Blockchain-based branding strategy:

Tone of voice

Brand voice entails a business’s language and tone when talking to customers. Establishing your brand’s tone of voice is vital as it helps build connections with your potential audience. A background study of your potential users can help identify the right brand voice to use. A brand voice is a vital component of your Blockchain identity. For example, while a terse and snappy writing style portrays a down-to-earth brand, long forms match a professional one.

Target client

Each blockchain project has an ideal audience it targets. For example, you can target crypto investors, ordinary people, or creators. Your brand design must meet the needs of your target clients. When targeting premium investors, you’ll require a shiny and distinctive identity that focuses on exclusivity and unique access. On the other hand, ordinary people need direct communication and expressions emphasizing value propositions.

In short, ensure that your Blockchain Branding makes your audience feel extraordinary. Also, through the strategy, your audience will feel special because they’re part of something exclusive.

Brand values

Establishing your brand values and developing a culture you cherish is critical. Setting brand values determines how the target audience perceives you in the market.

2. Visual identity brand assets

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A winning blockchain branding plan has all properties projecting the correct perceptions. Your brand graphics must persuade potential users that your business is secure, honest, and provides superior solutions. The visuals you use should indicate what your brand stands for. Also, excellent visuals portray your brand as approachable. Here are the critical components of your brand visuals:


A log is among the initial elements that users encounter when interacting with your business. It should capture your brand culture at a glance. The shades, fonts, and icons in your Blockchain logo design should speak much about what your business represents. Because blockchain entities exist online, most brands allow their logs to be used across various social media platforms. For the best outcomes, a Blockchain logo design should be flexible.


Color is a critical element that helps you communicate your brand values. When researching the best shades to signify your brand, you can learn much about color psychology. The colors you choose will appear in your log and spill over into other areas of your business.


Part of your Blockchain Branding entails choosing the best fonts that convey your brand message. The formatting must be readable and express specific feelings. For example, the Serif typesetting engenders feelings of trust.

3. Brand story

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An inspiring narrative is an essential aspect of Cryptocurrency Branding. Successful projects like Bitcoin and Ethereum have great stories to share with audiences. So, you must have a story that captures your value proposition and the problem you’re solving. You can deliver your story via exciting text, pictures, or video.

4. Vision statement

When articulating your vision/value proposition, you’ll need to consider your brand’s exclusive benefits. If the development of your project is ongoing, explain to your users when they should expect the outcomes. The benefits of your project should be part of Cryptocurrency Branding.

5. Technical know-how

A Blockchain Branding strategy should explain to potential users the qualities of your team that sets you apart. Identify rare qualities that your team might possess absent in other similar projects. For example, a project can have a unique creative team that uses eye-catching graphics. Or you have a humorous team that creates fantastic NFT comics. Explain how these unique attributes position you in the industry.

Why blockchain branding is challenging

The legal process of creating a blockchain project is relatively simple than other businesses. With minimal regulatory requirements, it isn’t easy to gain the trust of many. For example, due to fraud, many ICO projects went south in 2018. So, at the branding stage, it’s critical to explain your technology and how it will protect user investments.

Furthermore, users can get attracted to your project if you’ve high-quality expertise with experience in their areas of specialization. So, explaining the professionals you have should be part of your cryptocurrency branding strategy.

If you find the blockchain branding task intimidating, it’s advisable to pick an experienced crypto agency. The agency uses various techniques to ensure that your branding is perfect,

Blockchain Branding Tips: TokenMinds

Final words

Branding helps your potential users form perceptions about your project. The feelings consumers have about your brand can be positive or negative. And this depends on how you utilize various branding elements. Here, we’ve explored the primary branding techniques for a crypto project. If you lack branding skills, it’s advisable to hire a crypto consulting agency to help you.