The Best ICO Community Management Strategies

The Best ICO Community Management Strategies, ico community management

Community management: Tips & techniques that you should know about. Create and manage a strong crypto community around your ICO program.

In the first quarter of 2018, there were over 852 ICOs that attracted more than $5B financings.  Although the sector is witnessing tremendous growth, it’s become overcrowded. New projects may find it hard to catch the attention of token buyers.

Having a sprawling white paper loaded onto a fancy website incensed with “shock and awe” vocabulary all on the wheels of a moot road map is no longer enough to attract a following of users…

Fabian Friedrich,  CEO of BLOCKCHANCE [Source]

ICO projects depend on decentralized finance (Defi) programs on blockchain technology. For these projects to succeed, they need an active community of investors. Thus, building a strong community is the key to success. Here are some of the best ICO community management Strategies. They can help you build your robust crypto community.

How to build a Crypto Community

Crypto Community means a social group of any size, sharing common characteristics or interests in cryptocurrencies. Likewise, ICO communities are social groups where members share the same interests, ideas, and love for ICO projects. In this regard,

  •  The first step of popularizing your project is to build buzz around. Do this by targeting it to the right audience. Here, social media platforms are one of the best tools.
  • An essential aspect of community management entails being active on social media.  Being vibrant on social media platforms is critical. So be active on the likes of Facebook and Twitter. The strategy gives a strong statement that your project is up to date.
  • You can also reach your target investors by posting on more niche-specific platforms. So, invest in platforms such as Reddit, Medium, and LinkedIn. The content you create should be educational and compelling. It should also help the audience to understand your project.
  • A critical strategy is to first identify relevant groups on social media. Share your project’s whitepaper and informative content through those selected channels. This helps in boosting your marketing efforts.

Telegram ICO community management

Telegram is one of the best platforms at the top of your marketing strategy. Use it if you want to have an active crypto community group. It embraces open-ended conversations with potential investors and keeps noises of trolls out.

As Crypto industry’s favorite messaging app, Telegram has various perks. Its interface is easy to understand, facilitating quick learning. Additionally, community members on Telegram get high-quality responses from experienced users. And this helps develop trust in your project. 

Telegram Community managers have roles, like welcoming new members and collecting ideas. Telegram community administrators should be warm to keep the community together.

Influencer Outreach

It is wise to use YouTube influencers to talk about your ICO and promote it among their fans. They can represent your project in a productive way to a larger audience. Their already massive following will follow your ICO while following their leader’s activities. Don’t know where to start? Check out our limited offer on Influencer Promotion.

Outsourcing Your ICO community management

As a beginner, launching an ICO project and developing a community around it can be a daunting task. If you find yourself in this awkward situation, you shouldn’t be stuck. Crypto marketing specialists can help you build a community and manage it for you.

When you launch an ICO, you may not have what is most needed- time. You can outsource your ICO and get someone with more time and expertise to market it for you.

Outsourcing is one of the easiest methods of ICO Management Strategies. Its advantage is that the crypto community manager you pick has a structure in place. So you will save time and make your ICO community grow faster.

When outsourcing, choose agencies with a thriving crypto community that has many members. The large numbers will activate your ICO and create a buzz about it, and, in turn, bring in more investors.

The Outsourcing method will save you time while still bringing you results sooner. It is a way of leveraging the strength of a community that is already in existence.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are easy to work with and are result-oriented. If well deployed, affiliate programs can attract crypto enthusiasts to your projects. These, in turn, become advocates for your ICO. They bring your project to a wide range of audiences using word-of-mouth advertising.

When your ICO project strikes a chord with community members, they may spread the word faster. So their close friends, family, and colleagues will know about your project. This evangelization method leads to the conversion of more members. So, your ICO project gets a boost.

In return, your ICO structure provides them with stipulated rewards. These include tips like coins, ranks, or both.

The rewarding system makes the community feel like part of the ICO. They, in consequence, get up to go on preaching the gospel of your ICO to the nations. Boom! You have a winner.

Bounty Programs

Bounties are rewards or incentives that companies offer to individuals after completing tasks. People who help to promote and develop your ICO community can receive bounties.

Through these tips people become guardians of the project and report any bugs.

When people spend time with your project, they spot areas that need improvement. Once they report it to the management, it improves the project structure, and they, in turn, get a reward.

AirDrop Program

Air Drops are free tokens given by a company to help spread awareness of their brand or, in this case, the ICO.

This strategy spreads awareness of the ICO to possible investors. Through this method, the ICO team offers free tokens to willing members to join the community.

Airdrops may attract many people who may want free tokens. Yet, it is still a good way of creating buzz around your project. Those who have invested already get a chance to double or even triple their investments.

Email Marketing

Almost everyone has an email address nowadays. Emails can work wonders and reach thousands of crypto investors in no time. It can be the best avenue to share your project’s whitepaper.

Emailing can be the best way to share your project’s whitepaper. High-level investors will read the whitepaper if they have an interest in your project!

Conducting Regular Polls

Having a close association with the community and the investors is critical. It helps you to understand their views of your ICO program.

Polls assist in getting to know their preferences and distastes. Also, polls provide the community with a chance to engage the management. And this is critical in participatory decision-making. Polls also build your brand framework, development, and foster trust among the team.

‘Ask Me Anything (AMA)’ sessions provide community members a chance to ask questions. And your team provides answers. It can be an engaging method of educating community members about your offering. Through AMAs, community members can get clarifications on your ICO project.


ICO remains one of the most popular fundraising methods. If you can develop a community around your ICO projects, you meet your objectives. Hope our tips on ICO community management help you along the way.


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