NFT Facebook Ads: 8 Solid Points to Remember When Advertising Non-fungible Tokens on Facebook

NFT Facebook Ads: TokenMinds

NFT Facebook ads can attract many people to your digital collections as the platform has multiple users. However, NFT advertising via Facebook is tricky because the platform has stringent policies to observe. Thus, the best option for a project that wants to use NFT Facebook ads is to hire an NFT ads marketing company. An NFT marketing agency can navigate the Facebook rules to place your NFT ads. Here, we dive deep into the key points to remember while sharing NFT Facebook ads.

Why are NFT Facebook ads important?

After Google, Facebook is one of the most famous platforms in the world. According to SMPERTH, Facebook has 2.93 billion monthly users. So, projects can leverage the opportunities on Facebook to generate valuable leads and boost sales. Furthermore, NFT Facebook ads can target your specific audiences per their demographics. Remember, many people share profile information that the platform uses to target your ads. To attract many people to your NFT Facebook ads, here are the strategies to use:

  • Deep understanding of your brand: the advertising team that handles NFT ads marketing must understand your business in and out. The knowledge assists the team in targeting the market correctly.
  • Attractive design: your post must be unique and appealing and feature a video to attract more people.
  • Craft a strategy for your NFT ads: Facebook advertisers can apply multiple user targeting techniques. For example, you can create a text ad or a live video. So, you must choose the best strategy to create awareness and deliver massive traffic to the website.

Why NFT Facebook ads policy matters to your brand

Facebook has an advertising policy that NFT marketers must adhere to. Thus, before you post your NFT Facebook ads, it’s critical to know this policy. When running your NFT ads on the platform, it’s essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria. The standard helps the platform know legit marketers using the proper NFT advertising standards. Here are the steps to follow to verify your suitability to run NFT Facebook ads:

  • Facebook rules and country regulations: Facebook has requirements to adhere to when placing NFT ads. Also, the company demands that if your country has enacted a crypto regulatory framework, you must have approval from the relevant authority.
  • Form submission: once you review the rules and believe you meet the eligibility requirement, you should submit an application form.

Once you submit a filled-out form, the Facebook team evaluates the information to check whether you meet the eligibility requirements. The review process for NFT Facebook ads has two parts: ad and account review. The review team counterchecks the NFT Facebook ads policy with your submitted information.

If your ad meets the eligibility requirement, the team verifies whether the related ad profile is approved to market crypto offerings. Remember, your ad flouts the rules if it meets the policy requirements, but the account lacks approval for crypto products.

However, sometimes you might meet all the requirements, but your application is rejected. At this point, you can appeal the decision by filling out an Account Quality form.

Points to remember when running NFT Facebook ads

Now that you understand NFT Facebook ads policy, the next step is to know how to run a result-focused advertising campaign on the platform. Here are the vital points to remember when running an NFT advertising campaign:

 1. Know your audience

NFT Facebook Ads: Know your audience

Before you run an ads campaign on Facebook, it’s vital to understand your audience. You should conduct some research to understand what your ideal audience looks like. Understanding your audience helps you to target your NFT Facebook ads appropriately.

2. Select your goals

NFT Facebook Ads: Select your goals

Facebook Ads Manager gives you an option for choosing your campaign objectives. So, before you run an ad, you must choose the goal(s) you want to accomplish. There is an expansive list of plans to choose from, such as brand awareness, reach, app installs, and lead generation.

3. Create realistic targets

NFT Facebook Ads: Create realistic targets

You can hit your targets if you run your NFT Facebook ads properly. However, it would help if you create realistic expectations on what you can attain through the platform. Remember, there’s much to filter out to comply with NFT Facebook ads policy. So, the platform might only solve some of your promotion issues.

4. Understand the vision of your brand

NFT Facebook Ads: Understand your brand vision

A solid brand can be a crucial aspect distinguishing you from your rivals. And it’s critical to bear this in mind when conducting your social media marketing (SMM) campaigns. Before posting your NFT marketing banners, consider how the audience should view your brand. Thus, having a list of points outlining what you want to communicate to your audience is advisable. Also, before you post the ad, ask yourself if it aligns with your brand vision.

5. Think about user experience

NFT Facebook Ads: User Experience

Your NFT Facebook ads will reach a new and broader crowd. So, think about the user experience customers will derive from the ad. Remember that your platform and landing page should deliver the best user experience. Thus, it’s critical to have a professional website with updated content. Other aspects to assess include the loading speed and contact information.

6. Determine your budget

NFT Facebook Ads: Budget

Facebook allows advertisers to choose a daily or lifetime budget plan. The daily budget will enable Facebook to set up your spending daily. On the other hand, a lifetime budget runs over a specific period. So, it would help if you choose an option that meets your needs.

7. Ad creation

NFT Facebook Ads: Ad creation

At this point, you’re ready to create your NFT Facebook ads. Your budget and the objectives of your campaign will determine the type of ad to create. There are two ad formats: Links and Carousels. If you choose the link format, it means that you’ll show a single picture. On the other hand, a Carousel allows you to display a multi-picture ad with at least three scrolling pictures.

Once you determine the best ad format, you should go through Facebook ad design requirements. For example, the platform requires that your text must be 125 characters.

8. Hire an NFT marketing agency to help you

NFT Marketing Agency: TokenMinds

Now you understand how posting NFT ads on Facebook is a tricky affair! It can be challenging to navigate through the stringent policy and distribute your ads successfully. So, instead of using trial and error tactics, you should hire an NFT marketing agency to help you. An experienced agency has professionals who understand NFT Facebook ads policy and can help you create and post your banners.

Final words

Facebook is one of the best venues to find your target audience. However, running NFT ads is challenging as Facebook has strict rules. The points above can give you a head start in running NFT ads on Facebook.


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