NFT Partnerships: 3 Unfaltering Tactics of Pitching a Persuasive NFT Collaboration Offer That Grabs the Attention of High-Quality Projects

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NFT partnerships are an essential component of your marketing strategy. Artists, brands, and community members can create NFT partnerships with other projects, opinion leaders, and marketplaces. 

NFTs, and by extension, blockchain-based projects, are community-based. So, by forging NFT Collabs, projects fulfill a fundamental blockchain principle. However, initiating NFT Partnerships can be daunting, especially for new projects. That’s how an experienced NFT marketing agency comes in handy. 

The agency evaluates your project to determine the right NFT Partnerships it requires. Here, we explore persuasive pitching techniques that can win Top NFT Collaborations.

What are NFT partnerships?

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NFT Collabs are a critical aspect of your launching strategy, entailing putting aside a specific amount of your non-fungible tokens for giveaways to members of other NFT communities. For example, you might partner with Moonbirds by availing any of your NFTs to its community members. Once you forge the partnership, Moonbirds will announce the collaboration through their Discord channel. So, members holding Moonbird NFTs are eligible to participate in the lottery. Here are the main benefits of NFT Partnerships:

  • Creation of buzz around your project: NFT Collabs spur conversations about your project. Different NFT communities will get to hear and talk about your project.
  • Community building: NFT Partnerships help new projects create communities on various platforms, including Twitter and Discord.
  • Marketing: NFT Collabs boost your PR efforts. People are likely to trust your project when it collaborates with other brands.

Types of NFT Collaborations

Top NFT Collaborations are vital at any stage of your project’s lifespan. Thus, projects can have NFT Collabs at the pre-sale and post-mint locations. The post-mint partnerships are designed to add value to the holders of the two projects.

On the other hand, pre-sale partnerships between projects help widen their groups, spark interest in the new project, and gather access lists of people ready to purchase. Projects can organize their presale partnerships in two ways: classic partnerships and whitelist marketplaces.

Classic collabs are created between two NFT projects. The new collection prepares the partnership and avails the details on the Discord or Twitter platform of the popular project. This type of collaboration gives community members a chance to gain a whitelist spot after completing multiple tasks. Discord bots randomly pick winners.

Classic NFT Partnerships frequently occur on Discord and Twitter. The WL on the Twitter range between 5 and 10, while Discord has more spots stretching between 50 and 100. Typically, Discord has a more informed and trustworthy audience. On the other hand, you can reach more people on Twitter, but their engagement level is minimal.

Whitelist marketplaces are another popular way of NFT Partnerships. In this technique, collectors gain the WL spot for some number of the native coin of the marketplace domiciling the project.

How to pitch a persuasive NFT partnership offer

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NFT Partnership Opportunities are many. But projects can only clinch NFT collabs when they meet specific requirements. Here are the tips to increase your chances of winning NFT Partnerships:

1. Have a well-organized NFT project

You don’t have a guarantee that collaboration managers will accept your partnership request. However, you can enhance your chances of winning NFT Partnership Opportunities if you meet specific requirements. Here are the parameters collabo administrators use to evaluate your project:

Twitter Account

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Managers will check whether your project has a Twitter account and how you’ve been using it. Furthermore, the managers will examine if you hold Twitter spaces and whether your engagement signs are compelling. Also, the collaboration team will check how you’re displaying your NFTs on Twitter.

Project website

The project’s website is an essential marketing tool. So, collab managers will evaluate to check whether it’s impressive enough to attract audiences. A sleek and unique website can unlock multiple NFT Partnership Opportunities for your project.

Discord Account

Discord is a niche platform for NFT projects. Collabo teams would like to know how you present your project there. The team will assess your mint price to evaluate whether it’s in line with the current market trends. Assessors are keen to know whether their flipping communities will get a profit upon buying your collections.

How soon will your launch be?

If you’re engaging in NFT Partnerships today, your launch should be only a few days away. Also, collabo managers will assess whether you intend to mint in waves.

2. Single out partnership community potentials

Collaborations can yield the best results if you identify unique communities. Using Venn diagram lenses can help you recognize communities with similar members. For example, overlapping communities are likely to share members. So, it would help if you determine whether you want to pitch to overlapping groups or those which don’t. As you go through various communities, have a list to help you know the flipping communities to give priority.

3. Hire an NFT Partnerships manager

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Identifying NFT Partnership Opportunities is overwhelming, especially if you’re a beginner or need more time. Instead of using trial and error techniques, it’s critical to hire an NFT Partnerships manager or an experienced NFT marketing agency to help you. You can quickly identify such managers on various platforms like Twitter.

A collab manager has various roles, such as identifying high-quality collections and talking with founders. Also, managers ensure that collectors get into whitelists once they meet specific conditions, such as joining a Discord channel.


NFT collaborations have become a popular way of launching projects into the market. Partnerships have various benefits, such as community building and building hype. Collaborations spark conversations about your project in multiple communities. The excitement created by such unions helps boost your project’s PR and marketing.

Projects can use various tactics to increase their chances of winning partnership opportunities. For example, the new collections must have a sleek website and high-quality social media platforms. However, clinching collaboration is an arduous task requiring professionals’ input. Projects can choose an NFT marketing agency or a collab manager to coordinate the partnership activities.