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Senior SEO Manager (Crypto / Remote)

Job Description

Do you want to work on the next revolution in DeFi and Crypto? Do you believe in a decentralized future and the future of payments and finance on the blockchain? Then TokenMinds has an amazing opportunity for you!

You’ll be working with top talent in the blockchain on renowned DeFi/dApp/NFT projects backed by Binance Ventures and others. Our team works mostly remotely using a suite of virtual office tools such as Gather. town, Zoom, Slack, and more. We are also part of the major blockchain conferences worldwide where you are able to meet the team and clients in person.

As a Senior SEO Manager, you will be responsible for driving our continued organic growth. You will be collaborating with our cross-functional team of designers, content writers, and marketing team. 


  • Perform ongoing keyword research to discover, size, and pursue SEO opportunities
  • Providing SEO recommendations for all incoming content requests, including content wording, branding compliance, tagging, and URL recommendations. Coordinate these efforts with the rest of the team to ensure harmony with objectives
  • Conduct continuous competitive intelligence: assess competitor SEO/content strategies
  • Leverage data to identify and propose growth opportunities of all shapes and sizes: from new content and features to section consolidation and migration; if it drives growth, we should consider it!
  • Run tests and audits to optimize core pages for maximum rank, and CTR and identify growth opportunities


  • At least 5 years of experience in SEO analytics, tech SEO, International SEO
  • At least 3 years of experience in SEO and data analysis with In-depth knowledge of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Data Suite
  • At least 4 years of experience planning, executing and measuring organic growth strategies
  • Proficient with onsite SEO specifically working with variables that will generate a huge impact on organic performance (metadata, linked, content, keywords) 
  • Working knowledge of Google Analytics and Search Console and SEO monitoring tools; and an understanding of how all other marketing channels affect organic search performance.


  • Work with an international team of blockchain experts.
  • Opportunity to build and grow your global network of blockchain leaders.
  • Access to high-profile blockchain events.
  • Huge high-profile professional network gain as a side effect of constant engagement in negotiations with VCs, angel investors, and startups` C-level executives.

About TokenMinds

TokenMinds is voted the No. 1 Crypto agency worldwide by Hackernoon and other renowned media.

Our mission is to develop the most cutting-edge and user-adopted blockchain applications, helping entrepreneurs to build the future and increasing the speed of blockchain adoption by offering token integration solutions for companies.

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