eBakus relies on a powerful project team

eBakus is a next generation Blockchain infrastructure for Games and other dApps that is 100% backwards compatible with Ethereum. It will make use of a DPOS consensus algorithm which will allow to provide throughput and latency in order to power modern distributed applications running on the Blockchain. Please go through their project information and contact TokenMinds if you’ve any ICO marketing project.

General Information on eBakus

Homepage: https://www.ebakus.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.ebakus.com/ebakus_whitepaper.pdf

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/S6WxAKS

Token Sale Information: None information publicly released yet.

Team Information:

Theo Theodoridis, Founder & CEO

• MSc in UX engineering with according international work experience

Harry Kalogirou, Founder & CTO

• MSc in Software Engineering and 20 years of experience within this industry

Nicholas Douzinas, Business Development

• MSc in Health Management & Investment and 15 years of work experience

Eric Kuenzi, Co-Founder

• Law specialist with over 20 years of experience within this field


Vassilios Karakoidas, Technology Advisor

• PhD in Programming Languages, currently CTO at eFood


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