eBakus is a next generation Blockchain infrastructure for Games and other dApps that is 100% backwards compatible with Ethereum. It will make use of a DPOS consensus algorithm which will allow to provide throughput and latency in order to power modern distributed applications running on the Blockchain.

General Information:

Homepage: https://www.ebakus.com/

Whitepaper: https://www.ebakus.com/ebakus_whitepaper.pdf

Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/S6WxAKS

Token Sale Information: None information publicly released yet.

Team Information:

Theo Theodoridis, Founder & CEO

• MSc in UX engineering with according international work experience

Harry Kalogirou, Founder & CTO

• MSc in Software Engineering and 20 years of experience within this industry

Nicholas Douzinas, Business Development

• MSc in Health Management & Investment and 15 years of work experience

Eric Kuenzi, Co-Founder

• Law specialist with over 20 years of experience within this field


Vassilios Karakoidas, Technology Advisor

• PhD in Programming Languages, currently CTO at eFood


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