Crypto Marketing How-To Guide – Written by the experts (updated 2022)

crypto marketing

As the popularity of blockchain technology keeps soaring, many projects have been introduced to the market. Project owners should develop a robust crypto marketing strategy that can attract the attention of eligible investors. Suffice to say, after investing massive amounts in your project; you must put it right in front of the relevant audience to attract sales.

Promoting crypto offerings can be tricky as it requires more tactics than just placing ads and banners on different websites. Through crypto content marketing, you must explain to prospects the use cases of your project and how it can benefit the users. If you lack crypto marketing knowledge, you may find the field a hard nut to crack and even intimidating. Here, we share excellent crypto marketing insights that can help you to generate leads for your project.

Harness the power of social media in crypto marketing

Crypto marketing campaigns largely depend on the power of social media communities. Your marketing team should use various social media platforms to spread the word about your project. You can engage social media communities in various channels, such as:

  • Twitter
  • Discord
  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Steemit

Focusing on crypto niche channels, such as Steemit, Publish0x, and Reddit can give your crypto marketing campaign a big boost as the crowds already understand what crypto entails. It gives you an upper hand to promote your blockchain offerings to an experienced group.

Besides promoting your crypto project on these social media platforms, it’s also essential to engage with other projects in the ecosystem. Air your thoughts on current studies, events, and take part in discussions. You should engage famous individuals in the area and give insightful thoughts on why blockchain technology can impact businesses positively.

PR campaigns

‘Running a successful PR campaign can be game-changing for a business. Regardless of the size of your company, public relations can bring you closer to some of the biggest competitors in your industry. The key to success in PR is for your messaging to be creative and newsworthy.’

Source: Forbes

Media are an integral component of your crypto marketing strategy. They spread information to the right audiences. Here are some reasons you need to consider PR in your promotion plan:

·         Product education: Although the concept of blockchain technology is gaining popularity, many people still haven’t understood it. Experienced crypto marketing firms can help create and execute campaigns that can help crowds understand blockchain technology.

·         Solid brand identity and authority: The blockchain market is competitive as anyone can start. But, as a crypto entrepreneur, you need to establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry. When you regularly share high-quality content in various reputable publications, you’ll create a strong reputation. Many people will see you as a go-to professional in the blockchain field. Besides, your PR campaigns can help spread the word about your project, which is essential in lead generation.

·         Establishing a positive image in your community: PR strategies help in media engagement which establishes positive community relations. With positive media engagement and community relations, you’ll enhance your crypto marketing efforts through lead generation.

Bounty campaigns

A crypto bounty is a reward you offer to participants who can help you accomplish specific tasks related to your blockchain project. Various tasks, like tweeting, retweeting, and sharing a message, are rewarded.

PPC and Banner Advertising

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a promotional strategy that you should consider when planning your crypto marketing campaign. PPC comprises ads, videos, etc., placed on platforms like Google ads, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Through this campaign, you can attract massive traffic to your website.

Marketers can also ignite their promotion campaigns with banners. Currently, over 5k blockchain-related sites participate in banner programs. Evaluate the programs and choose the ones that fit your budget.

Crypto Marketing Airdrops

Airdrops are giveaways you distribute to those who register for your crypto program.  You need to mark the airdrops event on your calendar. With this strategy, you can easily attract followers and users to your program. Furthermore, the program helps in boosting liquidity to your supply. Although one shouldn’t focus wholly on airdrops, you can use them as an occasional strategy to engage audiences.

Influencer marketing

These days, many brands are promoting their services through influencers. As a blockchain startup, you can also take advantage of influencer marketing to promote your crypto business. Remember to choose relevant influencers who understand your niche well. If you lack the skills to look for relevant crypto influencers, you should hire an experienced blockchain marketer to help you.

Announce major events

The Crypto market is awash with projects that compete for few investors. So, it’s vital to ensure that you keep the community updated on the significant events of your project. You can pass your announcements through press releases and publish them on helpful niche tools, like crypto calendars. 

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing resembles influence marketing, although the strategy is available for anyone interested in the product instead of having a large audience. Affiliates market the product to have a portion of its sales revenue. For promoting a brand/product, the affiliate marketer earns a commission. The professional looks for products they like and crafts sales content around them to attract users.

Hire a crypto marketing agency

If you lack marketing knowledge or don’t have time, you should consider hiring a crypto marketing agency. An experienced marketer has the resources to deliver a result-focused campaign. Before choosing one, ensure you conduct some background research to understand their experience and the quality of service they offer. Please inquire about the agency’s work portfolio, previous customers, and their team.

Maintain simplicity

Blockchain is a technology concept that features a lot of technical terminologies. While these terms are critical for tech-savvy individuals, they’re not necessary when marketing your project.

While crafting your marketing messages, it’s essential to use simple language that your audience can understand. Remember, the crypto area is evolving, and many individuals require educational information to facilitate their understanding. So, you need to choose terms that any layperson can understand.

A sales copy full of complicated words may not attract the attention of potential investors. Once your text is ready, please go through it and remove any words that your audience may not understand.

Seek the attention of the right publishers

The crypto field has specific niche publishers that can give your marketing efforts a boost. Some of the publishers to pitch your press release include CoinDesk, Decentral, and CoinTelegraph. When engaging this editor, share copies of your project’s whitepaper and a resume of the products you’re marketing.

Have a professional website

Your platform is the first thing that prospective investors interact with when evaluating your project. The website must have a professional appearance to attract positive impressions from visitors. When developing the site, ensure that it’s simple to navigate, mobile-friendly, and has helpful content.  Visitors can learn a lot about your offering if you provide the correct information. And these include investor deck, whitepaper, light paper, project team, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

Tell a story to explain the benefits of your project.

To catch the attention of prospective investors, it’s advisable to capture the benefits of your crypto project through a story. Your story can revolve around various aspects, including why your project exists, why you created the technology, and the problem you want to solve. You can capture all these elements with a brief and straightforward video or a relevant image.


Networking strategies enable you to interact with the right professional in the industry. Through networking, you can know crypto marketing trends and the marketing tactics other professionals are using.

Frequent public communication is essential. 

Now that you’ve got your audience, it’s critical to update them regularly on what your team is doing. While some crypto projects communicate daily, others update their communities twice weekly. Still, some teams can update their groups once monthly. Your community may disintegrate if you don’t share with it. Through communication, you instill confidence in your crypto community, leading to trust in your project.

Craft a whitepaper 

A whitepaper is a comprehensive document that captures essential aspects of your project. The whitepaper explains the problem in the market, how you intend to use blockchain technology to solve it, the benefits of investing in your project, and your project’s roadmap.

Portray yourself as a thought leader in your industry

Blockchain is a trending topic, and many individuals and companies need individuals who understand the industry well. As a project owner in this field, it’s essential to create informative articles and powerful opinion content that portray you as a thought leader. Also, joining blockchain communities and participating in various discussions.

Press Releases

Crypto press releases are a fantastic technique to spread the word about your blockchain project. An excellent press release requires extensive efforts by your team. However, if you lack the knowledge of writing the announcement, it’s essential to hire an experienced PR firm to help you. Multiple platforms exist where you can publish your crypto news release. To get the best result out of your PR, use the following PR strategies:

  • Target the right audiences
  • Tip your users with a humble airdrop that can attract their attention

Email marketing

For a more personalized campaign, email marketing is one of the best strategies to use. Marketers using this tactic direct their messages to individuals existing as ordinary clients or potential consumers.  Through email marketing, you can inform people about your token or project launch. This strategy also helps you to tell your audiences about the latest updates and airdrops.

Website Development

Before you launch your crypto project, you should create a professional website. Remember to use an appealing design when designing your platform. Through the website, you can make and share informative content about your crypto business. You can also have a section on frequently asked questions (FAQ) and upload your whitepaper for lead generation.

Direct messaging

It’s a powerful method of spreading the word around about your crypto launch. This technique may bear fruit when your email marketing strategy fails. However, direct messaging can be counterproductive if you lack the skills to do it well. Here are tips to help you in creating the best explicit messaging texts:

  • Introduce yourself: The first message to a client is to introduce yourself. When crafting your introductory message, remember to appreciate your prospective client for choosing to follow you. Also, inform your audience that you’ll look forward to their connection.
  • Explain what you do: it’s critical to explain to your prospective client what you do. This enables them to know why you’re directly messaging them.
  • Avoid sending the same message to everyone else: many people will discover when you’ve copied and pasted messages. So, it’s critical to design a unique message that suits a particular individual.

SEO in Crypto Marketing

These days many people search online to get services and products. So, if you want people to see your crypto project, you must optimize it for visibility. Blockchain marketers should use specific terms that people use when searching for particular projects. Here are the tactics to use to clinch valuable traffic to your business

  • Research the whole niche and update search terms accordingly.
  • Find out the search terms that your competitors use.
  • Use long-tail search terms that are related to your niche.

Engage your community

You need to engage your crypto community once you create it.  If you don’t engage your group, it’ll disintegrate as nobody will see the value of sticking to a stagnant society. To achieve the goal, you must update the community about the milestones you’ve attained, provide timely announcements, and participate in AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. Community managers should also hold impromptu question-and-answer sessions where they tip the participants.

Fairs and public Events

Fairs and crypto events are venues where you can create new relationships. Through these events, you can tell potential investors about your project and how it can benefit them. These events also offer you an opportunity to popularize your brand via public relations.

Build a compelling brand

A great brand should be unique and stand out from the rest. The brand should mirror your business’ excellent benefits and create an emotional link with your target group. Doing some background research can help you understand what’s essential to your potential clients. With this knowledge, you can create visual properties and guides with your target audience in mind.


Podcasts are among the excellent techniques to improve your project’s promotion tactic. Besides educating your audience, podcasts also help in spreading the word to a broader audience. As audio content gains popularity, you can capitalize on podcasts as an effective method of developing brand awareness.

Keep your promises

You’ll be more authentic if you keep all your promises.  It’s better to underpromise and deliver more than overpromising and failing to honor your word.

How to do an airdrop in crypto marketing

An airdrop is a popular tool for attracting audiences to your crypto project. However, many project owners lack knowledge on how to deliver a result-focused airdrop tactic. The tactic has multiple perks for you blockchain project. So, you should integrate it in your strategy. Under this topic, we’ve dissected juicy insights of the key steps to follow for a successful airdrop launch. The tips have been produced by professionals with many years of crypto marketing. Thus, implementing them will accelerate the attainment of your marketing goals.

Key qualities of a successful blockchain marketing plan

The success of your blockchain project depends on how you market it to the appropriate audiences. But, blockchain marketing is a challenging task to many individuals as it requires specific skills.  It’s against this backdrop that we share powerful insights on the key ingredients of a successful blockchain marketing plan. Details of these strategies have been prepared by professionals in the blockchain marketing field. Many successful blockchain projects have used them and recorded impressive results. So, you can also apply them with confidence.

Why you need a cryptocurrency marketing agency

The essence of developing a blockchain project is to generate demand for it and make profits from sales. Producing a demand for your offering can be a daunting exercise if you lack time or knowledge. You need to share this role with a cryptocurrency marketing agency. A PR company can assist you in creating an effective and efficient strategy for your project. An agency approaches the market with a robust result-focused plan.

Tactics of choosing a crypto marketing agency

As a project owner, you might not garner much attention if you approach the market singlehandedly. Hiring a crypto marketing agency can help you to meet your goals faster. Currently, there are multiple marketers in the market.  So, you might experience challenges with which one to choose. Thus, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the knowledge to hire the right marketing agency.

Key components of a crypto marketing plan

A crypto marketing plan is an integral aspect of your promotion strategy. If you’ve got a crypto project, it’s imperative to articulate a promotion plan for it. Crafting the plan is a tricky affair. Thus, arming yourself with tips and tricks is a step that marks the beginning of success of your marketing journey.  Professional insights about what to include in your strategy gives you an upper hand.

Critical components of a cryptocurrency marketing plan

A cryptocurrency marketing plan helps you promote your project to the target audience. Creating the strategy is difficult for many people due to a lack of skills. If you wish to market your offerings effectively, it’s essential to understand how to create the plan. You can also hire a marketing agency to help you articulate the marketing strategy.

How to conduct a successful Discord marketing campaign

Discord has become an important platform for marketing blockchain projects. The platform was initially designed for gamers to interact with each other while playing games. However, the platform’s features can support blockchain campaigns. Marketers who succeed in Discord marketing use a strategy.  The strategy should feature multiple components, such as creating relevant content, knowing your target audience, and responding quickly to client queries.

The top crypto influencers to follow

While marketing your crypto project, it’s essential to incorporate the services of the top crypto influencers. Crypto influencers are critical in the blockchain industry because they promote your project to their audiences. These thought leaders have a massive influence on their followers. So, if they approve your project to the followers, you’re likely to find valuable leads. Through influencers, your project can enjoy positive public relations as many people will start talking about it. Also, influencers can clearly explain the benefits of your project to the audience.

Because there are multiple crypto influencers, you may be spoiled for choices on which one to pick. You can use various techniques to evaluate an influencer to overcome the challenge. For instance, you should assess their number of followers, the topics they cover, and their channels. Most crypto influencers use multiple media, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

It would help to consider some of the crypto influencers Vitalik Buterin, Roger Ver, Tim Draper, Charlee Lee, John McAfee, and Anthony Pompliano.

Main benefits of Crypto Groups on Telegram

Crypto groups on Telegram have become a central marketing aspect of many blockchain projects. Telegram has multiple features that match the requirements of the cryptocurrency industry. Some of the platform’s features include high security, community building & engagement, speaking directly to your target crowds, and Telegram channels. Also, Telegram has in-built bots and tracking tools that simplify work for you.

Many people wrongly avoid investing in the cryptocurrency industry because of the feeling that the field is insecure. However, Telegram overcomes this issue by ensuring information privacy via a high-standard encryption feature. With this feature, nobody can access or track your financial records.

While fine-tuning your project, you may lack sufficient time to dedicate to your Telegram community. And this is how Telegram bots come in handy. You can combine the bots with FAQ to help you respond to the queries that customers ask most of the time.

Additional features that make Telegram the best platform for the crypto industry include a royal user base, the ability to engage crowds, and a high-quality user experience.

Importance of Telegram Community Management for Crypto/NFT Projects

Creating awareness is an important element of every crypto project. With the fierce competition in this space, it is paramount that projects explore strategies to stay ahead of their competitors.  There are different crypto community Telegram groups with a massive amount of following that allow projects, both in the crypto and NFT spaces, to promote their functionalities. 

The aim of using these groups is to improve awareness and create a buzz around the project. Some of the best crypto community Telegram groups and channels to consider following are ICO Listing, ICO Speaks, Telegram, CoinMarketCap Community, Binance English, and DeFi Million. Some of the aforementioned may not allow projects to advertise without using the appropriate channels. Having a Telegram community management team with the right connection can make the process a lot easier. 

In the crypto space, some people are revered and considered the ultimate influencers like Satoshi Nakamoto, Justin Sun, John McAfee, Vitalik Buterin, and Elon Musk. 

Apart from communicating with influencers, an astute crypto Telegram community management team like TokenMinds eases the process of building up a community for any crypto or NFT project.

Key reasons to use Crypto Content marketing

Crypto content marketing is critical in the crypto industry. Because the strategy has multiple perks, it’s essential to incorporate it into your marketing plan.

Currently, the crypto industry has numerous projects. Investors might find it challenging to see your offerings if you lack a compelling content promotion strategy. So, a key reason for crypto content promotion is to raise awareness about your project.

Furthermore, if you develop engaging content, you’re likely to attract traffic to your website. With massive visitors, you’ll get high-quality leads.

Yet, the best thing about content marketing is that it’s affordable for most crypto businesses. The only expense you incur is crafting the content and promoting it on various platforms.

Also, content marketing enables your business to remain relevant for a long time. Your content differentiates your business from others, and prospective buyers can check your offerings.

Once you understand the importance of content marketing, it’s essential to take a step and use various strategies for developing the content. Here, you need to define your audience, learn what your rival’s content looks like, and determine the media to use in distributing it.

How to conduct a successful crypto influencer marketing campaign

A crypto influencer marketing campaign is critical to your promotion strategy. Influencers have massive crowds that they can convince to invest in your project. So, it’s vital to understand how to pick the right crypto opinion leaders for your project.

Audience analysis is the first step to take before determining the kind of influencers to choose. When evaluating your target customers, it’s essential to find out their location, interests, and their communication channels.

Once you identify your target audience, the next step is to choose the right media for your campaign. To make the right choice, it’s essential to determine your campaign objectives. For example, when sensitizing people about your crypto project, it’s advisable to work with Twitter influencers.

After choosing your influencer(s), it’s essential to allow them to work for you. Suffice to say, influencers know the best strategy to use in spreading your campaign messages. So, it’s essential to avoid micromanaging them.

Because choosing the right influencers can be a daunting task, it’s essential to hire a crypto marketing agency to help you. An experienced team has a list of crypto influencers and can select those that fit your campaign objectives.

How to hire a Cryptocurrency marketing agency

A Cryptocurrency marketing agency can help you promote your project to the right crowds. The right agency has the right human resources and tools to deliver the best marketing campaigns. Because there are multiple marketing companies in the market, you might find it challenging to pick the right one. So, before you approach the market, it’s advisable to arm yourself with information.

Before hiring a crypto promotion company, you need to find out the sentiments of previous clients about the marketer. This helps you to understand whether the company has experience in delivering high-quality solutions.

Once you assess the reviews of the previous clients, it’s essential to find out how the agency communicates to its clients. A professional team understands the value of good communication and uses various strategies to engage its clients.

Furthermore, you need to understand the team members that will work on your project. Thus, it’s advisable to visit professional networking platforms to learn about each team member.

Crypto project owners should also check the rates by a marketing company. Remember, it’s essential to hire a company that falls within your budget.

Tips for launching an Initial Exchange Offering

An Initial exchange offering comes with multiple perks like thorough vetting by crypto exchange and promoting your project by the platform. Launching an IEO can be daunting if you lack knowledge. The best thing is to arm yourself with information on conducting your IEO.

For a successful launch, you need to have a credible team to create and validate your idea. Also, you need to develop a sample that you can display to potential investors. You should also link your project to an appropriate exchange that can conduct the whole process of the IEO token sale.

You can effectively market your IEO crypto if you develop a whitepaper. The documents help potential investors understand your project’s objectives, the problem is out to solve, and the technology it uses. This document can also help investors understand your total supply of tokens and how you intend to distribute them.

How to find a blockchain marketing agency

A blockchain marketing agency can help your project grab the necessary attention from investors. These days, multiple crypto projects are competing for the few investors available. Furthermore, most investors are more informed than when blockchain was starting out. This means that buyers have become choosy because they understand what they need. Thus, for your project to find traction, you need to apply various strategies to attract these potential buyers. However, marketing isn’t a cup of tea for each project owner. If you lack knowledge or time to promote your project, it’s advisable to hire a marketing firm. Such a firm has a team of experienced marketers and tools to enable it to deliver the best marketing solutions.

Finding the best blockchain marketing team can be a challenging undertaking for many individuals. However, the exercise can be pretty straightforward if you equip yourself with information. The best point to begin from is to articulate your goals. Once your objectives are clear, you need to start finding the marketer. When evaluating a specific marketing agency, inquire about their experience, their prices, communication strategy, and the reviews by previous customers. Furthermore, you should find out the marketing strategy the team uses to conduct the campaigns.

Key takeaways on Crypto Marketing

As crypto projects keep coming to the market, it can be challenging to catch the attention of prospective investors. To set the ball rolling, blockchain project owners should articulate the best crypto marketing strategy to boost the generation of leads to their brand. Here are the key lessons to learn from this post;

  • Social media is powerful in crypto marketing: You can build your community on various social media platforms to help you market your crypto brand. Once you’ve your community, engage by creating buzz around your brand.
  • PR Marketing: Through PR tactics, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry.
  • Influencer marketing: partnering with crypto influencers can help in popularizing your project to broader influencer followers.
  • Bounties: crypto bounties are incentives you give to people to help you perform specific tasks. Through the tactic, you can discover bugs in your project and market it.
  • Airdrops: These are giveaways you give to people registering for your program. If you announce the schedule on your calendar, many people will register to benefit from them.
  • Other strategies to use: email marketing, crypto fairs, creating a powerful brand,  and engaging the community.
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