Devcon Recap: 3 Cool features of Ethereum 2.0 (Video Transcripts)

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So the next topic that I would like to cover with you guys, is my trip to the DEVCON and their overall experience that we as a community had there, and I have to say upfront it was a really really technical conference.

Some background to DEVCON

I’ve been to some events before that were prioritizing business more, but I suggest as the name DEVCON’s really says it was a crowd of DEV supporters as well as some investors, but not to the extent. As you know it from other events such as beyond blocks or any other conferences.

And they really focused on the technology on blockchain development and I talked to some of the consensus developers and asked them about how it felt in their office with all this volatility in price, and they basically answered to me that they don’t care about the price that they never checked Coinmarketcap.

I don’t know how much of them for how much of them this is really true, but I really felt that developers know about the fundamentals of the technology, and I feel the same I’m probably not 100 percent sure as they are while developing Ethereum they believe it probably a bit harder than me, but I can identify with their beliefs.

So it was really really interesting to see all of those people. I’m really fading out whole prices and the whole speculation thing and only focusing on the development of the ecosystem, because Ethereum is a really great infrastructure if you miss the world computer it is the second largest currency after Bitcoin, if we can call it currency because then yeah the use case of it is definitely something else that we will have to uncover throughout the next years.

I think Bitcoin is a really really decent to store value and the Ethereum cannot compete with this if you have other things other niches to focus on which should develop. So basically to sum it up I’ve been at Devcon and we can see this picture here there’s a famous guy that has been singing and they basically introduce the roadmap through a song. And they have been saying that Ethereum 2.0 is coming by 2020.

What is Ethereum 2.0?

First of all if you hear 2.0 is also called Ethereum serenity, so if you hear it in the Internet as Ethereum serenity you know what’s going on now. And the idea between Ethereum serenity is or behind, it is that we all basically have a proof of stake chain as a main chain, and this main chain will be called the Beacon Chain, and on this beacon chain there will be anchored some proof-of-work chains, so that it will be a hybrid system of proof of stake of work, in order to later on hopefully switch completely…