How to pick a blockchain developer: 7 Powerful skills to consider when evaluating professionals

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Are you looking for a blockchain developer? Finding the best developer is an arduous task as few professionals exist in the industry. The situation becomes trickier since the demand for blockchain has gone up. Many businesses want to reap the perks of blockchain. So, the need for a blockchain development company can be high.

Furthermore, not all the available developers in the market are competent enough to deliver the best solutions. Thus, when looking for a blockchain development team, it’s essential to assess whether the agency has the skills and competencies required to produce the best solutions. Here, we offer juicy tips to help you pick the right blockchain developer.

Who is a blockchain developer?

Before exploring the tips, it’s important to elaborate on who a blockchain developer is. A blockchain developer is an expert who creates a blockchain network or develops DAPPs for the web. An experienced blockchain app development company understands blockchain structure, the technologies used, and how to implement the blockchain elements into a unified system. A qualified developer demonstrates knowledge in the following aspects of blockchain technology:

·         How to combine cryptography and data structures

·         How to launch efficient consensus protocols

·         How to create decentralized applications (DAPPs)

·         Smart contract development

What are the responsibilities of a blockchain development team?

A blockchain developer has various roles. They develop decentralized networks and build applications that run on them. It’s vital to find blockchain developers who understand how to evaluate the existing systems and create customized solutions. The roles of a blockchain developer depend on various factors. Here are the general functions of these professionals:

  • Research: They study, evaluate, and design blockchain platforms. Also, a solidity developer can research and analyze new technologies and incorporate them into the decentralized system.
  • Security: they ensure that the entire network is secure by using cryptographic technologies, such as hash functions.
  • Maintenance of blockchain network: They create, check, and maintain the network.
  •  Documentation: They record development procedures, prototypes, and practices.
  • Communication: the blockchain developer employs a broad spectrum of soft skills, such as effective communication, collaboration, and other gentle techniques needed in a group setting.

Skills to consider when choosing a blockchain development company

When it comes to finding a blockchain development team, it’s critical to contract a company with appropriate skills. Such a company should possess an in-depth understanding of blockchain technology and programming languages. Here are the primary skills to consider when evaluating a blockchain developer:

Blockchain architecture

Blockchain technology is a decentralized ledger that makes it possible for peer-to-peer transactions, eliminating the need for intermediaries. Besides cutting transaction costs, the decentralized ledger is tamperproof and more secure than the standard payments. So, when evaluating a blockchain developer, ensure that they have a basic understanding of the technology. For example, an NFT developer should understand the architecture of various platforms, like ethereum and Solana. See the video here.

Furthermore, the team of blockchain developers you’re assessing should demonstrate profound knowledge of the decentralized ledger’s architecture and how it functions. The critical concepts that the blockchain developer should understand include hash functions, consensus, cryptography, and digital agreements. Also, you should ensure that the developer understands the following types of blockchain architecture:

  • Consortium
  • Private
  • Public
  • Hybrid


Efficient cryptography ensures that the blockchain ecosystem is safe. The blockchain app development company you’re examining should be well-versed in various concepts, such as wallets, keys, and virtual signatures. The developer should understand how to apply public-key cryptography to block unacceptable access to information. An expert should also understand the difference between cryptographic functions, such as SHA-256 and Keccak-256.

Data Structures and algorithms

The whole blockchain environment comprises data structures. Every block can be regarded as a form of data structure that puts together transactions for the decentralized ledger. Thus, you should find blockchain developers who frequently work with data structures and understand how the decentralized network uses them. Such a company should be familiar with multiple data structures, such as hash trees, Patricia trees, and graphs.

Algorithms are a set of instructions that inform a computer what to do. Besides solving issues, algorithms also deliver multiple tasks. Famous algorithms in the blockchain industry include Proof of Work (PoW) and Proof of Stake (PoS).

Digital contracts

Smart contracts enable two parties to settle a transaction without involving intermediaries. They are virtual agreements with binding terms of a contract. Within the blockchain ecosystem, virtual contracts have become popular. Therefore, a solidity developer should know how to create them. Regarding smart contract creation, some of the programming languages developers should understand include Vyper and Solidity.

Web Development

With a focus on dApps, developers should have skills in web development. They should understand the technologies critical in web development and how to optimize websites.

Programming languages

Blockchain technologies utilize multiple programming languages. The language used depends on the network to launch the blockchain ecosystem. Suffice to say, a blockchain developer can’t be proficient in every programming language. However, they should demonstrate an understanding of at least two languages. Some common languages in blockchain development include Java, C++, and JavaScript. It’s advisable to find blockchain developers with deep knowledge in object-oriented programming, models, and an array of development libraries.

Knowledge of distributed ledger and P2P networking

Blockchain technology is a decentralized platform, meaning that no single person or entity can control it. In this regard, the blockchain developer you want to hire should understand how a distributed system and peer-to-peer network function. The knowledge helps such developers to create blockchain apps (Dapps).


Finding an excellent developer is more than using search terms like ‘find blockchain developers.’ You must evaluate whether the developer has the knowledge and tools to deliver the best solution. With many companies in the market, you might be in a dilemma on which one to choose. Thus arming yourself with knowledge can help you approach the market with confidence. Here, we’ve shared the key considerations when looking for a blockchain development team.


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