Blockchain Game Development: 4 infallible steps professional developers follow when creating blockchain-based games

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Blockchain game development has become a popular field. In 2021, the NFT gaming industry reached 3 billion USD, which is likely to hit 40 billion USD by 2025.

Thus, there are multiple opportunities for game developers in this industry. Within the game, NFTs can be used to create in-game properties like weapons, rewards, and avatars. These items exist in virtual form within the blockchain ecosystem and allow gamers to transfer and trade them. Here, we explore the main steps you should follow in blockchain game development.

What are blockchain games, and why are they important?

Before exploring the key steps to follow in blockchain game development, it’s vital to understand what blockchain in game development is. A blockchain-based game is a game that integrates non-fungible tokens. The game is based on the idea of play-to-earn, allowing players to obtain tangible value through in-game products. Publishers create play-to-earn games using NFTs. Here is how to use NFT in  blockchain gaming:

  • Means to earn rewards: users who accomplish specific tasks earn rewards in the form of NFTs.
  • Representation of various items: Within an NFT game, non-fungible tokens represent different in-game items, such as characters, game skin, and swords.
  • Playing rules:  Blockchain in game development has rules for players. These rules use NFTs mechanism in their operations.

Steps to follow in blockchain game development

Now that you know what blockchain games are, let’s focus on blockchain game development. Here are the steps to follow when making a non-fungible token game:

Preparatory stage

Preparation is an essential step that you need to follow in blockchain game development. It’s the initial step that has various components. Here are the main aspects of the preparatory stage:

Hire a professional team

Blockchain game development requires specific skills and experience. Experienced blockchain gaming companies know the best approach to deliver the best game solution. So, if you lack technical knowledge in game development, it’s essential to hire a professional team to help you.

Partnering with professionals enables you to create a non-fungible game solution that’s outstanding and meets customers’ needs. Furthermore, professionals can make the product promptly to allow you to start earning.

Collect data

Research is an essential stage in blockchain game development. Your team should evaluate your rivals to understand the kind of games they’ve and how they perform in the market. The data you collect helps you determine what you can do well to defeat the competition.

Define the idea

The data you collect will help you choose the right game genre. Here you need to consider various categories such as simulation, adventure, or battle. Also, you should choose the game theme, characters, and format.

Determine the platform

Once blockchain game developers define the idea, the next step is identifying the best platform for blockchain game development. When it comes to the best platform for blockchain game development, developers have many options. For example, you can develop your NFT game for mobile, consoles, or desktops.

Select the technology stack for blockchain games in development

It’s vital to determine a suitable infrastructure for your project. Here, it would help if you explored the right apps and tools for backend & frontend development. Also, developers should evaluate the digital agreements to use for blockchain games in development.

Develop a GDD

A game design document (GDD) has technical information that guides the development process. From time to time, your development team will be referring to GDD. Ensure that the blockchain gaming companies you evaluate know what to include in this document.


Here you develop a demo version of your NFT game. The prototype is a sketch visualizing the structure and workings of your project. Prototyping helps you to pretest your soon-to-be-launched project. Also, the demo gives a blockchain game development company a clue about the additions to introduce to your blockchain game development.

Creation stage

Once you complete the preparation stage, you’re now ready to create an NFT game. Here, a blockchain game development company can start working on the project by following the below steps:

 blockchain game design

Creators follow various stages depending on the format of their game development. For a 2D blockchain game design, you should begin with a sketch of characters, properties, and the setting. After this, you paint, edit, and animate your game.

Level design

This entails the logic of the game. Here, it would help if you determined how players will move in your game. For instance, your NFT game might comprise multiple quests, and each subsequent quest will be more challenging than the former ones.

Create the storage app

A crypto storage app is needed for an NFT game. Remember, gaming NFTs can be traded for digital currencies. Also, NFT players use them for signing up. Although there are many wallets for your gaming NFTs, MetaMask is the most popular.

Digital contract development

Smart contracts are an integral aspect of blockchain game development. These contracts help transfer NFTs, boost game safety, and customize settlements. Once you deploy the smart contract, it’s impossible to rewrite it again.


When you build an NFT game, the backend helps collect the data, content, and structure of the game. Here, you need to work closely with an nft game development company.


Developing a blockchain-based game is a daunting task. So, you need to ensure that everything runs smoothly. The final stage of blockchain game development entails testing the product. Testing helps to eliminate bugs from your game. There are different kinds of testing that you need to conduct on your product, including unit, alpha, and beta testing.

Deployment and marketing

Once you’re through with testing, the final stage entails deploying your game on the blockchain spine. You should then market it to attract more people.


Now, you know the steps to follow in blockchain game development. So, you’re ready to start the development process and reap the benefit of this trending industry. However, if you lack skills or time, you can hire a professional developer to build an NFT game for you. An experienced nft game development company and blockchain game developers follow various steps to develop the game. The key steps include preparation, creation, testing, and deployment.