Crypto Game Development Company: 7 outstanding solutions to expect from a crypto game developer

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A Crypto game development company offers various solutions to take your business to the next level. The demand for games has increased due to incorporating blockchain technology into gaming platforms. According to GlobeNewswire, the gaming market had a value of USD 151.55 billion in 2019, and it’s expected to reach USD 256.97 billion by 2025. If you’re a game publisher, you must consider integrating blockchain technology into your business. This is how a Crypto game development company comes in handy. The company can offer you game development services, allowing you to reap multiple benefits from the industry.

A crypto game development company has tools and resources to help you attain your development objectives. Here, we focus on services to expect from an experienced crypto game developer.

What are the benefits of crypto games in development?

Blockchain games allow players to possess a copy of the games they play. In the traditional approach, only game developers own the gaming resources. However, players keep their in-game items in their wallets in blockchain gaming. So, they can exchange these assets if they want and make money.

Here are the key benefits of blockchain game development:

  • Fantastic gaming experience: while the traditional video gaming industry is exciting, it’s prone to multiple issues. For example, in 2021, BBC News reported that police had busted a gang that made cheats and sold them to popular brands, including Call of Duty and Overwatch. The gang had made about $76 million before the cops arrested them. The good news is that blockchain is a decentralized ledger that allows creators to build dedicated servers impervious to cheat codes.
  • Possession of game items: crypto games in development allows players to be the real owners of in-game items. Gamers can trade their items and make money. On the other hand, classic games let developers keep the in-game items within their system. This is risky because they can accidentally delete these resources from their system.
  • Governance is decentralized: many standard video games are regulated by the developers. Such developers create rules for players and force them to upgrade to the latest video forms. Also, such developers can delete the games if they want to do other things. In contrast, blockchain games bestow authority to gamers. So, players determine the regulations, and the majority vote takes precedence. Furthermore, developers can’t delete the programs of their volition because crypto games exist in a decentralized ecosystem.

Services to expect from a Crypto game development company

Are you looking for a Crypto game development company? If so, here are the services to expect from a professional crypto game developer:

Custom Game creation

Different clients have various game development needs. Thus, the Crypto game development company you’re evaluating should provide bespoke services that meet your unique needs.

Digital agreement creation

Smart contracts are an essential requirement when building blockchain-based games. A smart contract is a computer code that handles virtual settlements without the need for third parties. The elimination of intermediaries from a transaction reduces the cost of doing business.

Digital agreements allow creators to control their gaming markets by creating particular rules to regulate trading. This ensures that the in-game market remains fair and removes the possibility of oversupplying it with game items.

So, the Crypto game development company you want to choose must understand the intelligent contract development process. The company must understand the programming language, like Solidity, and the tech stack to apply.

Game development circle

The development of your blockchain-based games undergoes various steps. Therefore, the Crypto game development company should indicate its stages when delivering its services.

The NFT game development company should create a P2E game from the beginning. It should evaluate your concept, design the game, determine the in-game economy, develop and deploy the game. At the concept stage, the team should help to improve your idea by including a narrative, creative design, and a monetization plan.

The blockchain game development firm should use an attractive layout at the design level. So, you need to check on their design features, artistic non-fungible token resources, and other aspects that attract gamers.

After developing the game, the NFT game development company must test it before its launch. Testing the game helps to remove buys and other errors that might occur during the development process. At the testing level, the crypto game developer can use actual players to beta-test the platform.

The final service in the game development circle is game maintenance. Maintenance is a core service once the crypto game development company has deployed your game in the blockchain environment. The service ensures that your game is up and running smoothly.

Wallet incorporation

The developer should provide a variety of wallet development solutions. Wallets allow players to keep, share, and receive digital currencies. They also facilitate the trading of in-game items as non-fungible tokens. The team should understand your game development requirements to create a wallet that meets them.

Avatar and character development

Blockchain gaming requires the development of avatars and characters. So, the Crypto game development company you choose should create avatars and characters that meet the requirements of your project. The avatars and characters should apply to various games, such as P2E games and fantasy matches.

NFT marketplace development  

An in-game marketplace development can help you take your GameFi or P2E project to the next level. Many games provide an in-game marketplace where gamers can buy products. So, you need to integrate an in-game platform where players can purchase NFTs to use when playing.

Thus, before you hire a crypto game developer, you need to inquire if they offer in-game marketplace development services. The platform the company develops should be aesthetically attractive and packed with the right features in line with your brand.

Governance token development

The governance tokens confer decision-making power to the holders. They’re significant in a DAO setting. You should ensure that the crypto game development company you choose creates customizable, safe, and immutable governance tokens.


Finding the best Crypto game development company can be challenging for many entrepreneurs. Here, we’ve explored the services you should expect from such a company. So, before you choose a company, you should go through its web pages to understand the type of development solutions it offers.