How to create NFT games: 5 Powerful steps to follow that won’t waste your money

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As the popularity of NFTs increases, developers are trying to understand how to create NFT game. In summary, the NFT field is grabbing the attention of game developers who want to know how to use digital collectibles in games. A simple Google keyword analysis will show that the ‘How to create NFT game’ phrase is likely a trendy search term. For creators who wish to know how to make NFT game, fantastic opportunities await them. So, continue going through this guideline to find the answers for this topic: How to create NFT game.

What are NFTs?

Before we dive deep into how to create NFT game and the NFT creation platform, it’s essential to understand what an NFT is. The knowledge can help you appreciate how the concept of digital collectible is applicable in game development. An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique cryptographic token residing on the blockchain ecosystem.

Due to their uniqueness, it’s impossible to swap NFTs for other coins or tokens. For example, you can exchange a single Dogecoin for an equal amount of Dogecoin tokens. And the same applies to all other fungible tokens. But, NFTs are entirely distinguishable from one another, even when they appear in a series. In case they seem to be the same, the metadata is different.

Due to their unique attribute, NFTs can represent all manner of one-of-a-kind things in the natural or virtual world. Here are some things NFT represent:

  • Digital art
  • Virtual collectibles
  • In-game things/characters
  • Real-estate ownerships

How to create NFT game

Although the excitement about NFTs is at an all-time high, their real-world use cases are just emerging. Regarding this, the use of NFTs to build NFT game is at the initial stage.

Before discussing how to create NFT game, it’s essential to understand what an NFT game is. NFT games are games that integrate NFTs. They offer opportunities to apply NFTs or to earn them as rewards. Most developers apply the two functions concurrently while creating NFT games. In this regard, many NFT game developers create games that use NFTs in their structures, rules, and gamer interactions.

 Furthermore, while it’s pretty simple to develop your NFT, mastering the skills of how to create an NFT game can be challenging to some individuals. However, learning How to create NFT game might not be as challenging and complex as you may think.

Most game developers who understand how to create an NFT game know how to use NFT to represent various in-game things, such as game skin, sword, poison, and character. They also develop NFT rewards to be given to players who complete particular assignments or difficulties.

 Now that you’ve got a background understanding of NFT games, let’s focus on the steps of creating an NFT game:

Design and business evaluation

Before creating an NFT game, it’s crucial to conduct some background study, focusing on competitor analysis and market evaluation. Find out the games that are trending in the market.

You can develop multiple games, such as sports games and strategy games. Any game you decide to create should feature unique items that people are looking for. And this is why you need to put your artistic skills into use.

Suppose you want to understand How to create NFT game. In that case, it’s essential to collaborate with an innovative crew, creators, graphic designers, and an expert in programming.

Architecture, AU, and Development

  • DApps: You should find a way of incorporating decentralized applications (dApps) when you build NFT game.
  • Web and mobile apps: A vital decision on How to create NFT game is the amount of traffic you want to attract. Web apps are reachable from any browser, meaning that you’ll reach massive crowds. But if you require excellent functionality and speed, it’s advisable to consider mobile apps.
  • iOS, progressive web app, or Android: you’ll also determine whether you want to build a game compatible with iOS, progressive web app (PWA), or Android device. You can make an objective decision grounded on your earlier market research. You need to understand the devices your target audience use. Furthermore, understand the functionality of your game to help you choose suitable devices. Finally, your budget will dictate the right option to pick.
  • TechStack: Here, you’ll need to determine how to link front-end, back-end, and smart contracts to your game. If you’re a beginner, GitHub has a range of tools for you. For the front-end, you can either use JavaScript or Typescript. Some of the options to consider for the back-end include React and Angular. Multiple choices exist for the best platform to create NFT. For example, you should consider Corda or Hyperledger Fabric to link to the decentralized ledger.

Before you start building your NFT game, you need to determine whether you’re building a WebApp or a mobile App. The decision helps you to figure out the UX of your game. At this stage, here are the critical considerations you should make:

Wallets & Digital agreements

Crypto is only complete when you have a wallet. But, you need specific wallets for your NFT game. Most game developers prefer Metamask because of its capacity to connect your game to a broader gaming audience. Besides Metamask, you should also consider Trust Wallet, Math Wallet, and Enjin.

An essential feature of your NFT game is a smart contract. The virtual agreement defines regulations and the working of your digital game. There are multiple best platform to create NFT smart contracts, and the popular is Solidity.

Quality Assurance Testing

Testing is the next step once you’re through with developing your NFT game. For successful testing, you may run Rinkeby, Testnet, or Ropsten. Truffle’s Ganache enables you to create a fictional blockchain at the development stage.

NFT Game Deployment

Once you’re through with development and testing, the next move is to launch your NFT game. You should find this pretty straightforward because you know how to create an NFT platform. However, if you feel overwhelmed with the whole concept of How to create NFT game, you can hire experts.


The knowledge of How to create NFT game is vital for developers and game publishers. The addition of NFT to a game opens other benefits for players and project owners. So, if you’ve been struggling to find the best tips for NFT creation platform to launch a game, we’ve covered you. From how to make NFT game, how to create an NFT platform, to the best platform to create NFT, the tips here can help you.


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