Solana Developers: 6 compelling tactics for finding the best development company that won’t annoy you

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Are you looking for the best Solana Developers? If yes, finding an ideal Solana blockchain development company can help you reap multiple benefits of Solana blockchain. The key perks of Solana include ultra-fast transaction processing speed (TPS) and low transaction fees. Furthermore, Solana uses a hybrid of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus mechanism. The two approaches make the network highly scalable and environmentally friendly. Here, we explore the key tactics you should use to find the best Solana developers.

How to use Solana

Solana developers can use the platform to create different blockchain products, including:

  • Digital currency: Solana enables the launch of user coins with outstanding exchange tickets and modifiable specs. These tokens can be native to decentralized apps or standalone digital currencies.
  • Digital agreements: Because of the Sealevel mempool-less feature, virtual agreements on the Solana network work faster than those on other networks. Also, Solana has specific compilers that seamlessly transport smart contracts from Ethereum to Solana.
  • NFTs: Among the best Solana blockchain development services is the creation of NFTs. Thanks to low transaction fees, it’s more affordable to mint your NFTs on the Solana marketplace than on Ethereum.
  • Decentralized Finances (DeFi): Decentralized financial solutions allow people to access various products, like credits, investments, and insurance. With Solana, these products are more affordable, safe, and trustworthy. So, experienced Solana developers can help you create these products.
  • Corporate Solutions: A Solana blockchain development company can help you launch various corporate solutions, like digital medical records, ERM systems, and virtual banks.
  • Other Scenarios to use Solana: Besides the above applications, Solana can be employed in different scenarios, such as crypto exchanges, NFT marketplaces, and the development of video games.

What are the main advantages of Solana development?

Here are the key perks of developing with Solana:

High speed

The Solana network can process over 65,000 transactions per second (TPS). The Solana development team promises to expand the blockchain’s speed to 700000 TPS. This is a rare feat for developers on Solana vs Ethereum. For example, Ethereum processes a paltry 16.5 TPS, and Solana is 4000 times faster than it.

Solana is cheaper than Ethereum.

A notable headache with legacy blockchains like Ethereum and Blockchain is the high transaction fees they charge. For example, Ethereum attracts approximately $32 for a settlement. On the other hand, Solana is 128000 times more inexpensive than the leading rival. If you focus on NFT minting, the difference in gas fee is more striking. Whereas Solana charges $0.008 for minting an NFT, the cost can be around $100 on other networks.

Solana is straightforward to program.

The Solana development language is Rust, which is widespread globally. This means that you can easily find Solana developers to create your solutions on the network. Also, Solana developers have created a particular LLVM protocol that enables the transportation of your blockchain products from other networks to Solana.

Solana has no problems with mempool

In the blockchain ecosystem, a mempool is a section for unverified settlements which each node keeps. Luckily, Solana lacks mempool since transactions are accepted within 400 ms. For Ethereum, transactions can take over 4 minutes before being entirely dispensed. So, when the blockchain has more transactions than it can distribute, they’re jammed in the mempool. This slows the rate of transactions and increases the gas fees.

Tactics of searching for Solana developers

There are multiple developers who provide Solana blockchain development services. However, it’s hard to find a decent professional development team to offer a Solana solution. If you choose the wrong team, you’ll be hurt by multiple issues, like poor code, lack of documentation, and poor language. That said, you can still make the right choice if you equip yourself with information. Here are the main things you should consider when choosing a Solana blockchain development company:


A Solana blockchain development company needs to have a team with in-depth knowledge of the field you require. Although it isn’t a must for all the Solana developers in the group to be proficient in your area, the team lead, and the lead engineer should possess knowledge in the field you need. Some of the sectors requiring Solana development solutions include decentralized finances, Digital artworks, DAO, and healthcare.

The best way to approximate the knowledge of Solana developers is to evaluate their previous projects. For example, if you’re looking for developers to create NFTs, look for the same tasks in their portfolio.

Security matters

The main security problems in the blockchain environment include hacks, information leakage, and financial theft. So, security should be a priority factor when evaluating developers on Solana vs Ethereum. So, to avoid any security mishaps choose developers with a high level of expertise. So, you should check whether the projects the team has delivered in the past had data leaks or hacking issues.

Check individuals in the team

Before choosing a team of Solana developers, it’s essential to check whether the company has the right professionals to work on your project. You can check the profile of each team member on platforms like LinkedIn.

Client reviews

It’s essential to study what the past clients say about the Solana developers you’re evaluating. There are independent platforms that provide uncensored feedback from customers. So, it’s critical to visit platforms like GoodFirms and Clutch for objective reviews.


Most of the time, you choose Solana developers based on their location. Remember, choosing a partner based in the US or West Europe is twice expensive as hiring from Eastern Europe.

Check whether the team has the technical skills required

Solana hosts multiple products, such as NFTs, Web3, and digital collectibles. Thus, before choosing Solana developers, check whether they have the following skills:

  • Creating programs in Rust: The primary Solana development language is Rust. Rust is a general-objective, safe language developed for improved performance.
  • Creating programs in C & C++: An expert in Solana need to understand the two languages because they are critical in drafting on-chain programs. Also, many virtual agreements on Solana use Rust, C, and C++ languages.
  • Experience in Solana Frameworks: Ensure that the Solana developers you choose understand how to work with Anchor, a framework with multiple tools for virtual agreements.
  • Experience in using Sealevel: It’s essential to ensure that the developer you hire knows how to use the sealevel tool. This is a parallel digital agreement runtime. It can operate numerous parallel smart contracts. And this is why Solana is a popular blockchain.

Final Thoughts

Interest in blockchain has gone up, and many people are looking for scalable, affordable, and faster solutions. The Solana network comes with the qualities mentioned above. You can only enjoy the attributes of Solana if you choose the best Solana developers. Here, we’ve explored the tactics you can use to hire an experienced Solana developer.


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