Crypto Investors: 6 Rare Parameters Investors Consider Before Choosing a Project

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Finding the best Crypto Investors is the primary goal of any blockchain-based project. The crypto market has multiple projects, making investors a Holy Grail start-ups scramble for. A project can only attract finicky Crypto Investors if it stands out from the others. A project that’s likely to appeal to investors has various attributes. Here, we explore the parameters that Crypto Investors assess before choosing a project.

Where to find Crypto Investors

Once you’re through with developing your killer project, the crypto marketing phase kicks in. But marketing your new project is a tremendous job that can overwhelm you. So, it’s advisable to hire Crypto consultation services from an experienced blockchain marketing agency. Such an agency uses various strategies to attract crypto and Web3 Investors to a project. Are you wondering where to find these investors? If so, here are the key venues to find Crypto Investors:

Crypto conferences and events

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The popularity of crypto keeps increasing worldwide, leading to multiple conferences, events, and meetups. A crypto conference is one of the best places to connect with potential investors. You can get an opportunity for crypto pitching during a crypto meeting with investors. Once you’re through with crypto pitching, you can have a question-and-answer session where potential investors can seek clarification about your project. Some compelling reasons to attend a Crypto Conference include the following:

  • Broaden your network: attending a crypto expo helps you to link up with like-minded people. You’ll quickly find professionals, like developers and investors, to learn from and partner with.
  • Gain knowledge: the crypto industry keeps evolving, and many technologies emerge each month. It can be challenging to follow up on these technological disruptions without meeting the key players and investors in the industry. The conferences feature exclusive discussions and panels that tackle various crypto topics. You can also participate and introduce your project to your potential audiences.
  • Establish yourself as an authority: attending a crypto conference in 2023 will allow you to portray yourself as a thought leader in your niche. During your crypto pitching session, you can answer various questions and provide helpful insights about your project. The session offers you an opportunity to do PR marketing.

Leverage the power of social media

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Many potential Crypto Investors hangout on social networking sites like Twitter, Telegram, and Facebook. So, it’s critical to establish your presence on these platforms. The first step is setting up a professional profile, inviting people, and teaching them about your project.

List your project on various crypto websites.

Besides social media platforms, many Crypto Investors keep checking listing websites for new projects. For example, you can promote your project on an airdrop website like CoinMarketCap.

Factors attracting investors to your project

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Currently, there are over 18,000 cryptos in the market, and still, the market keeps attracting new projects. With this cutthroat competition, you can only cut the noise and stand out if you understand the traits that Crypto Investors look for in a project. Here are the attributes that investors consider before choosing a crypto project:

1. Tangible utility

Initially, the main attracting feature of any blockchain project was its peer-to-peer network. However, there’s a paradigm shift as this feature no longer stands out as the only attribute investors look for. Currently, almost each crypto project has a P2P attribute. So, for your project to be unique, it must have tangible utility with the ability to disrupt specific sectors. Arguably, many people got attracted to Ethereum because of its disruptive innovative agreements and dApps.

2. Crypto and Web3 Investors need numbers and a roadmap.

Individuals and companies want to invest in a viable project that can generate lots of money. Thus, a crypto project should demonstrate that its idea can generate good income to cover investors’ initial capital. So, during your crypto pitching, you must have the financial statements. Your disruptive ideas must translate into actual numbers and a roadmap to meet your objectives.

Also, you must persuade potential Crypto Investors that your business model functions and how you can use the investment money to expand your business. During a crypto meeting with investors, some themes to tackle include total money you need, profit and loss accounts, cash flow, and competitor analysis. Also, you should present your unique value proposition and the balance sheet.

3. Have a larger purpose

The main objective of investors is to meet ROI. However, the chance to make money is only one part of the whole objective.

Many blockchain investors want a solution they genuinely believe in and the benefits it provides the world. Aside from the financial capability, it would help if you also enlighten your investors on your project’s vision, mission, and value to the world.

4. Technical competitive advantages

Many blockchain projects lack a unique competitive advantage. For example, still, many networks encounter congestion and scalability issues. This translates into delayed and costly transactions. So, any new project that can overcome the problem of scalability and provide affordable costs can attract more Crypto Investors.

5. Supply and demand aspects

Investors evaluate the supply and demand factors before picking a project. Remember, too many coins in the market translate into low demand. This means that the price for a token will be low. So, the best crypto project must observe the principles of supply and demand. For example, BTC’s prominent selling point is that there will be only 21 million tokens worldwide. Its limited supply makes the coin the best hedge against inflation. However, this doesn’t mean that tokens with infinite supply will fail. For example, Dogecoin is doing better without any technical advantage or tangible utility. This means that some coins rise above others due to a passionate community.

6. Token backers

Crypto investors want to understand who backs your project. Thus, they’ll check the project’s website to evaluate your project’s key directors and advisors. The people who back your project provide a hint to potential investors about the viability of your idea.

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The ultimate goal of any crypto project is to attract investors who provide funds for development, marketing, and other operational activities. However, convincing crypto investors isn’t a walk in the park. To catch the attention of investors, your project must have specific traits we’ve explored here.


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