How to Grow a Crypto Community: 9 Tips and Tricks to Help You Create a Strong Society to Support Your Project

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A strong crypto community can attract investors to your project. So, the first task to undertake before launching your project is to develop a cryptocurrency community to support your idea. However, building a crypto community is a tiring task that requires patience and perseverance. Luckily, suppose you lack knowledge of how to build a crypto community. In that case, you can hire a crypto community building agency to help you. An experienced crypto marketer has professionals and tools to assist you in building a community promptly. Here, we explore tips and tricks of creating the best crypto community.

Why is a Crypto community critical?

The Crypto industry has become competitive, with multiple projects being launched daily. A worrying trend within the market is that many of the projects undertaken have a high mortality rate. So, if you wish to attract investors, you must build a solid crypto community. Furthermore, your project must be highly exceptional in terms of technological innovation. A crypto group plays a central role in ensuring the success of your blockchain start-up. Here are the key benefits of a crypto community:

  • Generation of demand: Through a group, you can create buzz around your project, generating demand for your blockchain project.
  • Announcement venue: You should make multiple announcements about your project. You can only deliver these updates through a group.
  • Marketing: besides generating demand for your project, a crypto community offers massive free marketing via word of mouth and social media platforms.
  • Education: within a crypto community, experienced members can teach beginners about your project.

Unlike building a decentralized ledger and apps, creating a community is different. There are no math formulas or code to study. It’s a dynamic task requiring continuous tweaking and improvement to meet members’ ever-changing needs.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of a community, here are the strategies to help you know how to build crypto community:

1. Create a project’s story

A story can be an excellent technique for highlighting the objectives and benefits of your project. The story should be interesting to arouse the interest of new and old society members. Through the story, you can teach members about your project’s value to them and society. Remember, initially; you should aim at indoctrinating your team about the project’s beliefs, values, concepts, and opinions towards the community members.

An example of a project with a moving narrative is Bitcoin. The project gives an account of a new asset class that will free people from the current monetary system that recognizes the rich and marginalizes the poor. And the new asset class is Bitcoin operating on a disruptive technology called blockchain.

The Bitcoin story further indicates that the asset guarantees each person fair treatment. This means that nobody will have a chance to change Bitcoin into a tool of oppressing others.

Many people who didn’t believe in Bitcoin have turned into its ambassadors with the Bitcoin moving story.

2. Use social media to grow your community.

Social media platforms are critical when articulating your crypto marketing strategy. You can use social media as a venue to create and grow your biggest crypto communities. Remember, there are multiple individuals online interested in crypto projects. According to Coinzilla, the best social media for the crypto industry include Twitter, Facebook, Medium, and YouTube. There are also niche platforms like Reddit, Discord, and Bitcointalk to engage members. These days, many projects use crypto community telegram when creating their groups.

3. Engage the community

Once you’ve created a crypto community, it’s essential to keep it active. You can do this by using many strategies, including:

  •  AMAs
  •  social media contests 
  • meme contests
  •  trading races
  • Airdrops
  • Giveaways
  • Bounty programs

4. Manage your community

Nobody wants to continue staying in a group that lacks direction. Thus, the importance of crypto community management cannot be gainsaid. It’s essential to manage your crypto community if you want it to remain intact. Suppose you’re busy handling other matters related to your project. In that case, it’s wise to hire a cryptocurrency community manager to help you.

5. Hire professionals to help you

Building a crypto community telegram is a challenging task that requires experienced professionals. There are multiple agencies to help you in creating your group. Choose one with experience and tools to deliver the best community-building solutions.

6. Tap into the Network effect

Users and developers can determine the long-term success of your project. You need to ensure that your community is balanced and has both users and developers. If you’re part of a community, you should identify the kind of individuals you’re interacting with. So, your project should have newbies, traders, investors, etc.

Proper networking is an effective strategy when building the biggest crypto communities. It’s advisable to invite society members interested in your project. A clear roadmap will help you to determine when to bring in various individuals. Therefore, it’s important to create a clear roadmap that outlines your milestones and who to bring in at each stage of your progress.

7. Combining third-party apps

You can use multiple techniques to enhance Crypto community functionalities. For example, you could conduct a hackathon, add polls, and combine with intermediary apps, such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Slack.

8. Be creative

Although effective community management and communication can steer the community in the right direction, you shouldn’t ignore the power of innovation. Community members can share ideas and create new possibilities for your project. For example, Bitcoin has spawned more other use-cases besides just sending money.

9. Measure community wellbeing

These days, there are multiple tools you can use to determine whether you’re meeting your key metrics via your community. It’s essential to integrate those tools to your system. Tracking your performance helps you to understand whether you’re meeting your objectives. Some of the tools to use include Google Analytics and Segment.


Now, you know how to build crypto community. There are multiple techniques to expand your crypto community. But we’ve identified the most powerful strategies to use for the best results.


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