Facebook Crypto Ads: 3 surefire tactics to use in running a successful Facebook ads campaign

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Facebook crypto ads are effective in generating valuable leads for your project. The platform has over 2.9 billion active users, making it simple for you to connect to your target audience.

However, Facebook has a restrictive policy when it comes to crypto advertising. Thus, project owners should hire an agency offering Facebook crypto ads services to avoid running afoul of its rules. Such a company understands the best marketing techniques for running a Facebook cryptocurrency ads campaign.

Are you planning to conduct cryptocurrency ads on Facebook? If so, there are specific approaches to enhance your chances of success. Here, we share the tactics you can use to run a winning Facebook ads cryptocurrency campaign.

Understanding the Facebook crypto ads policy

Before 2021, advertising crypto on Facebook was nearly impossible as the behemoth had banned many ads promoting cryptocurrency. The Facebook ad policy about cryptocurrency demanded that advertisers were to apply to post Facebook crypto ads. The application required advertisers to fill out much information about their business. For example, advertisers were to provide information about their licenses and reveal whether they participated in the public stock exchange.

However, recently, most Facebook bans on crypto ads were lifted. So, advertisers can post their nft Facebook ads if they meet the eligibility criteria. However, advertisers must submit a written request for permission to advertise the following services and products:

  • Crypto exchanges and trading platforms: These include trading instruments like spot trading, futures trading, and margin trading.
  • Crypto lending and borrowing services: platforms offering these services must seek permission to post their Facebook crypto ads.
  • Crypto wallets: those that permit individuals to purchase, trade, or swap their crypto tokens.
  • Hardware and software for digital currency mining: if you deal with these products, you require written permission to place ads on Facebook

How to run a successful Facebook cryptocurrency ads campaign

Whether you want to run a campaign on nft Facebook ads or Facebook crypto ads, you require a plan. Here are the tactics for developing a winning Facebook ads cryptocurrency strategy:

Select a campaign goal

There are three levels of Facebook marketing campaign: a campaign, an ad set, and an advert. At the campaign stage, you select your objective, which is the action you want individuals to take after interacting with your NFT ads on Facebook. Facebook has three kinds of objectives: Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

So, you should choose an objective based on your tactic. For example, suppose you want to focus on a retargeting campaign to drive people from Facebook to your website. In that case, you can choose traffic or conversion goals per the activities you want individuals to take.

Create a perfect custom audience

The ad set is the second level when advertising crypto on Facebook. This stage defines how your ad runs. So, targeting is a critical aspect of a campaign that determines your success. There are three primary techniques for defining your target group:

Use demographic & interest alternatives

This technique works well when you’re targeting individuals who have never contacted your business. Here, you focus on specific demographic elements, such as nationality, gender, and language.

The Detailed Targeting Section has various aspects, such as audience behavior, demographics, and interests. So, you can select the suitable options fitting your campaign.

Suffice to say; there aren’t regulations to govern the size of your target audience. Ideally, you can attain the best outcomes if you focus on basic targeting via a layered technique. Here, you select a combination of interests and actions to find your perfect audience.

For example, suppose your NFT ads on Facebook aim to reach out to people who want luxury necklaces. Start by targeting individuals captivated by chains. You can then narrow your audience to people who recently bought necklaces based on NFTs. The final stage is to layer an economic variable, such as purchase behavior. For example, you can focus on luxury brand buyers.

Target a custom crowd of individuals who know your business

Custom audiences let you reach out to individuals who have interacted with your company on Facebook, your platform, or through email marketing. This type of targeting can deliver excellent outcomes because your cryptocurrency ads on Facebook reach out to people who already know your business.

Reach out to a lookalike audience like the existing crowd

Advertisers are in constant search for lookalike crowds on Facebook. This Holy Grail crowd produces excellent outcomes in any Facebook crypto ads campaign. Remember, Facebook uses its algorithm to develop this audience.

Once you identify your crowds with various choices on Facebook, you can select placements, create a budget & schedule, and choose a bid type.

Develop and test your creative

The final stage of your Facebook crypto ads campaign is called creative. When advertising crypto on Facebook, your target crowd will see the ad. So, you must be creative to grab your audience’s attention. Luckily, Facebook provides you with various formats you can use. So, you can use multiple elements, such as pictures, videos, URLs, and CTAs.

The appearance of your Facebook crypto ads depends on your campaign strategy, objectives, and banner design. Some goals dictate the banner design you can apply. For example, the Local Awareness goal prohibits the use of canvas banners.

Also, you should be guided by the Facebook ad policy about cryptocurrency to understand how to create and post your advert.

There are five formats for your Facebook crypto ads, including:

  • Carousel
  • Single picture
  • Single video
  • Slideshow
  • Canvas

An excellent Facebook practice is to develop multiple banners when conducting the campaign. Avoid stopping once you create a single photo. By generating many banners featuring various formats and imagery, you enhance the performance of your campaign. So, launch new adverts when the relevance score of the current banners dwindles.

Frequently, people make a blunder by killing a campaign and starting a fresh one. If your initial flier was effective, avoid stopping it. Instead, it would help if you introduced a new commercial.

Final thoughts

Facebook bans crypto ads that don’t meet its policy requirements. Thus, it’s critical to understand how you can post your Facebook crypto ads on this platform without offending its rules. When you meet the policy requirement of Facebook, you should create and share adverts with the relevant audience. Here, we’ve explored the best strategy to use when advertising crypto on Facebook.