4 Interesting Benefits of DAO Development

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The concept of DAO Development on the blockchain intends to overcome the challenges that many people encounter with legacy corporations.The initials DAO stand for decentralized autonomous organizations that are billed to be the next generation of governance format. In this type of organizational structure, members of a group work together to attain their goals without a central authority. Within the blockchain ecosystem, DAO rules are embedded in a code, eliminating managers’ need. This form of organizational structure removes the bureaucratic and other hierarchical hurdles. Here we focus on the main benefits of DAO development.

Understanding the idea of DAO Development

A question like ‘what is dao development’ can linger in your mind. So, a short explanation will suffice before delving into the benefits of DAO. A DAO is formed by a cluster of blockchain wallets led by members and other entities that execute its motions via a code. Blockchain technology makes it possible to administer assets and votes securely without judicial or banking requirements. 

And you can’t answer the question ‘what is dao development’ without explaining the importance of DAO smart contracts. These contracts on the blockchain technology makes it possible for the creation of rules that govern members.DAOs help to control assets, create protocols, vote on group issues, and develop special groups. Now that you know what DAOs mean, let’s dive deep into their benefits.

Key benefits of DAO Development

Hidden DAO Development Benefits: TokenMinds

‘Starting an organization with someone that involves funding and money requires much trust in the people you’re working with. But it’s hard to trust someone you’ve only ever interacted with on the internet. With DAOs, you don’t need to trust anyone else in the group, just the DAO’s code, which is 100% transparent and verifiable by anyone.’

Source: Ethereum.org

1.    Operate via a computer code

Whereas traditional organizations are run by specific leaders, DAOs operate through computer code. Blockchain-based governance ensures that no single individual controls the community. So, decisions are made faster in a transparent manner. An experienced blockchain development company can assist you to develop a DAO and incorporate intelligent contracts into it for faster operation.

2.    Use of smart contracts

Benefits of DAO Development: TokenMinds

DAOs derive their consensus via digital contracts that exist on the blockchain spine. The virtual contracts are self-executing and contain immutable data that are tamperproof. The algorithms integrate sophisticated data and do away with the requirement for human direction. That said, decision-making through DAO is faster and more convenient. With DAO, you don’t need the physical presence of individuals to vote over an issue. A blockchain developer who is good at ethereum contract development can help you create smart contracts for DAO. The DAO smart contracts have the following information:

  • Rules and regulations 
  • Guidelines
  • Functionalities
  • contract address

3. Instant trust and Transparency

The best thing about DAO development is that they offer immediate trust and transparency for entities to focus on achieving their collective interests. The participants don’t need to know each other as the rules of engagement are embedded in a transparent, safe, and open-source blockchain record. Because blockchain ledger is tamperproof, no participant can alter the practices without a majority vote. So, the only role of a DAO entity is to advance the collective interest of a group.

4. Community-based

Unlike traditional organizations, DAOs have an even organizational structure with zero management. Within the organization, each token-holder has voting rights. At DAO development stage, one of the code rules indicates the voting power is dependent on the number of tokens one holds. No member has any additional privileges or rights other than others. So, an experienced ethereum development company understands this requirement before creating the code.

Initially, individuals meet at various social networking sites and decide to contribute funds using ethereum contract development. After collecting funds, the group agrees on achieving its mission as a single entity.

Examples of DAOs

DAO Development Benefits: TokenMinds

There are various groups in business that operate as DAOs. Each group has a unique mission, rules, and guidelines. Here are examples of well-known DAOs:

  •  PlearsDAO: Gather multiple digital collectibles and engage in various investments.
  •  HerStory DAO: Contributes finances to fund various programs by Black women.
  • Komorebi Collective DAO: It funds women and bigender crypto founders.
  • Friends with Benefits DAO: It’s a unique community where you pay to join.
  • MetaCartel Venture DAO: it’s an NGO whose focus is to invest in early-stage crypto dApps.

Fan Club DAOs

As blockchain technology keeps inspiring many innovations, DAOs have also emerged as potential innovation sites that hold a bright future.  IreneDAO is an example of a fan club DAO that integrates the idea of NFT. IreneDAO is a project of Irene Zhao who is an Instagram influencer and a blockchain believer. The project started off as a sticker collection displaying a variety of images of Zhao. Each image has a text overlay with famous crypto memes. The stickers have been tokenized into 1107 digital collectibles. These NFTs act as an access pass to the ‘Genesis Tribe’.


Although DAOs may not be a fit for each business, they have multiple features that can make processes in a company more efficient. Transparent, immutable, and trustless smart contracts make the DAO model the best for many organizations. Each day this ethereum development project keeps improving, and its future looks bright. If you wish to benefit from DAO Development, an experienced blockchain development company can help you.


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