Blockchain Development Community: How to Find the Best Blockchain Developers

blockchain development community: tokenminds

Finding the right blockchain developer for your project can be an overwhelming exercise. However, blockchain development community platforms can help simplify the search and save you the headache. 

If you’re looking for an experienced blockchain expert who can help you implement a blockchain of your own, a blockchain developer can help. So how do you leverage a blockchain development community to hire the right developers?

What is Blockchain Development Company BCDC?

The Blockchain development community (BCDC) is essentially a community for entrepreneurs, investors, and developers, and technology enthusiasts who gather to learn and promote blockchain technology. When working with its members and Chapters around the world, BCDC enables the continued evolution and growth of blockchain for everyone. 

So, you can use community forums like BCDC to shortlist the blockchain developers that meet your project needs. 

Blockchain Developer Communities

The Blockchain Development Community: TokenMinds

In short, a blockchain development community provides a platform for developers to learn, interact, share ideas, support each other and grow. It is usually built on the shared struggles of individuals learning of a particular blockchain platform. Currently, there are blockchain developer communities for Ethereum (Solidity), Hyperledger Fabric, Polygon, Solana, etc. though the goals of each community differ per the individual’s collective needs.

Because these developers are low key – they are not going to post their research or projects on social media, you might not be able to view their work in the public network. Here are some of the best ways to find and contact blockchain developers for your project.

1. Blockchain Development Community Reddit

There are several Subreddit forums dedicated to finding blockchain developers and teams including:


This is a community of blockchain developers who have mastered Ethereum blockchain development. They provide tools, tutorials, and coding challenges to help upcoming coders master the development process of decentralized applications on the Ethereum platform. You can also hire skilled blockchain developers to handle your project from the Topcoder blockchain development community.

Link to their website:

3. Blockgeeks 

Blockgeeks provides certification, guides, and free blockchain-related courses for both beginners and expert developers. They also have a community of blockchain and cryptocurrency experts ready to share knowledge with other community members. 

Link to their website:

4. Dev Community

Dev Community prides itself on being an inclusive environment where developers and anyone interested in tech. It is also a platform where “coders share, stay up-to-date and grow their careers.”

Link to their website:

5. IEEE Blockchain Community 

The IEEE Blockchain Community is a place where trained professionals hold discussions on different topics regarding blockchain technology. Exclusively, the IEEE charges $15 from the non-member, but you can get it for free if you are a student or for just $5.

6. Freelancer platforms

Freelancer sites are undoubtedly a great place to find cheap developers. It’s because they allow project managers to quickly connect to vast pools of blockchain developers. Since there is such competition, hourly rates are squeezed to a minimum meaning that it is not hard to find a low-cost developer.

7. TokenMinds

TokenMinds is a full-fledged Blockchain Development Company that provides all the different aspects of Blockchain implementation. We have a vetted community of expert blockchain developers who can help you build great blockchain applications. 

Blockchain Development Team

Blockchain Development Team: TokenMinds

Blockchain development throws up a unique set of challenges for any startup or company. First, there are still relatively few developers who have much in the way of experience working with blockchain solutions. Added to this is the complexity of blockchain development. A programmer must have a good understanding of concepts such as decentralized networks, encryption, smart contracts, and the different types of blockchains, etc.

You need to assemble a reliable blockchain development team to have the best chances of success. Skilled blockchain developers are always difficult to find but with the TokenMinds blockchain development community, you can get experienced blockchain experts to compliment your team.

Blockchain Development Outsourcing

Blockchain development outsourcing is the process of finding an external third-party agency to take on the development and management of your blockchain application or project. If you’re building a blockchain product for an existing business and you don’t need anything too extravagant or totally unique, hiring a freelancer or going with an existing in-house team might be worthwhile. But when your solution is more complex, the safer and surest route to success is blockchain development outsourcing. 

The main difference between hiring freelancers and partnering with dedicated outsource company developers is the cost, and more importantly, security. While costing more, it is far more likely that an outsourcing company will have vetted its blockchain experts.  A dedicated blockchain development company also gives you access to all the specialists you may need: blockchain development community, UI/UX designers, testers, including project managers and business analysts.

Blockchain App Development Services from TokenMinds

TokenMinds is a leading blockchain development company with profound knowledge and experience in developing and managing blockchain solutions. Our blockchain app development services are end-to-end and scalable. From conceptualizing your idea to designing wireframes and mockups of the application, frontend deployment, and maintaining it after the development stage, we handle your complete blockchain development from start to finish. 

If you want experienced blockchain developers to compliment your team, or just want to completely outsource your project development, TokenMinds is the right partner for you. Get in touch with our experts now.


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