Crypto Bounty Campaigns: 4 Powerful Marketing Strategies to boost engagement levels

Crypto Bounty Campaigns, tokenminds

A Bounty Campaign is a specific PR strategy that encourages its participants and supporters to promote the project. Crypto Bounty Campaigns focus on generating awareness about your project so that you get maximum people to participate in the token sale. It is because bounty participants are authentic influencers who sincerely believe in the project. 

Some of these Crypto Bounty Campaigns include:

  • Social media campaigns (e.g. Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, etc.)
  • Content marketing campaign (e.g. blog posts, PR, newsletters, infographics, etc.)
  • Translation campaign (e.g. whitepaper and website translation campaigns)
  • Signature campaign (e.g. reputed members on the forum like Bitcointalk use your brand/logo in their signature for promotion). 
  • Post ICO bounty: Crypto bounty campaigns are conducted after the completion of the ICO. It involves programs such as bugs fixing campaigns, review campaigns, and community management.

Recap: What is a Bounty Campaign?

A bounty campaign is a Crypto Marketing Strategy under which potential contributors (bounty hunters) perform promotional activities on behalf of a company in return for a percentage of the project’s tokens. So, it involves creating small tasks for bounty hunters to perform and paying tokens in exchange. 

With Crypto Bounty Campaigns, blockchain projects can benefit in many ways, such as:

  • Create awareness among a targeted audience 
  • Build a strong community of advocates for your project 
  • Cut costs on paid advertising for ICO

ICO Bounty Campaign

ICO Bounty programs are a great way to spread platform awareness while saving money. It allows the team to devote precious capital to software development and implementation.

A good ICO bounty campaign includes all possible channels of reaching out to crypto audiences. These include social media platforms such as Telegram, Facebook, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Twitter. It also entails self-publishing platforms like Medium and crypto PR channels. Translation campaigns are useful in promoting your white paper and website to non-English speaking crypto-audience. 

Each channel should have its sub-campaign with rules and a fixed stake. We also recommend allocating bounty tokens following the popularity of each campaign. Twitter and Telegram bounty campaigns usually see participation in great numbers, and thus, the stake allocated towards these campaigns should be larger.

Bitcointalk Bounty Campaign

Bitcointalk bounty campaign or a signature campaign involves sponsoring members’ posts on Bitcointalk so they can publish posts on the forum with your sponsored signature. So, you create a signature bounty campaign wherein you encourage the community to upload your signature and avatar and write a series of constructive posts a week. In return, members are paid in bounty tokens.

Here’s an example of a Bitcoin Bounty Campaign:

  • Be at least Junior Member or have a higher rank at
  • Set up signature code according to your profile rank
  • Having a negative Trust score attached to the participant’s profile is forbidden
  • Wear our signature and make posts
  • Wear our avatar and make posts
  • Comment on our ANN main thread

In the above example, each campaign member will receive points weekly based on their profile rank on Bitcointalk. To gain points, members need to wear the avatar throughout the Bitcointalk bounty campaign to maximize visibility.

Twitter Bounty Campaign

Twitter is a good platform for promoting crypto bounty campaigns. It has a large number of users, so it also drives traffic to other crypto community channels. Cryptocurrency projects, especially those in the early stage, can hugely benefit from Twitter. 

A Twitter bounty campaign typically involves a participant promote the project on their Twitter account. Participants receive Bounty rewards depending on how much engagement the participant might offer or how far a post might reach. 

Here’s an example of a Twitter Bounty Campaign for an ICO project:

  • Have at least 300 followers
  • Follow our official Twitter account
  • Like and retweet at least 2 of the project’s tweets every week.
  • Publish tweets that raise awareness about our project
  • Tweets must not be removed from your Twitter until the end of the campaign, and they must be public

Crypto Bounty Campaign Manager

The bounty community manager takes care of all your crypto bounty campaigns. Apart from helping projects attain their maximum goals, a bounty campaign manager can tap into their community to collect feedback. Those feedbacks are valuable as the project can use them in improving their products and services. They also ensure that all bounty hunters get their duly rewards when due. 

Furth more, a bounty campaign manager provides round-the-clock support to help and guide people to do their tasks very well. They are always ready and available to assisting bounty hunters or members of your community. The best crypto bounty campaign managers possess the following qualities:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Good judgment 
  • Dedication 
  • Adaptability 
  • Conflict resolution skills

TokenMinds has a team of dedicated bounty campaign managers who are experienced in bounties, airdrops, and cryptocurrency promotion. We can help your project grow through highly effective bounty campaigns and airdrops. 

Create Effective Crypto Bounty Campaigns that Bring Results

At TokenMinds, we help our clients realize a successful token offering. As part of that journey, we develop effective marketing strategies for crypto bounty campaigns to ensure results for our clients. We have managed the bounty campaigns of numerous successful ICOs, and we can do the same for you. 

Feel free to contact our crypto marketing team to discuss your bounty campaign strategy.