NFT Marketplace Website: Top NFT Listing Websites for Digital Artworks

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NFT Marketplace Websites are attracting so many eyeballs every month because they are adding value for both buyers and sellers. First, buyers can view and purchase thousands of NFT artwork on the showcase. Second, NFT sellers win too; their digital artworks are viewed by thousands of buyers. After that, sellers can convert this traffic into sales.

An NFT marketplace website is a specialized platform to buy and sell digital artworks and other NFT items. However, you need an Ethereum wallet to participate in NFT marketplace trading.

Your NFT will sell on an NFT marketplace website. The channels you use for NFT promotion will attract interested audiences to these marketplaces. And listing your NFT on more than one marketplace will increase your chances of selling your NFT at a higher price.

NFT Art Marketplace

An NFT art marketplace also referred to as an NFT marketplace website, provides people with a platform to create (or mint), sell, purchase, bid on, collect, trade, and showcase their NFTs. In another word, these marketplaces are to NFTs what Amazon or eBay are to goods. 

As NFT marketplaces usually charge a blockchain network fee for listing and selling NFTs on their platform, it is important for NFTs to partner with the right NFT art marketplace to ensure successful NFT sales and trading. When selecting a platform for your NFTs, pay close attention to transaction fees and popularity as the more popular network will ensure you sell to a wider network of buyers.

Top NFT Marketplace for NFT Art Listings

Unbelievable NFT Marketplace Website: TokenMinds

1. OpenSea NFT

One of the most established universal NFT marketplaces. You can sell non-fungible tokens of artwork, sports collectibles, virtual land, and domain names. It charges a commission of 2.5% on every sale.

2. Rarible

This is an NFT marketplace that puts an emphasis on art, but you can also sell a wide range of other NFT items too. It is built on the Ethereum network and supports ERC-721. The platform charges a commission of 5% on the final sale price.

3. SuperRare NFT

Another marketplace focused on digital art. SuperRare NFT typically works with a select handful of leading conceptual artists. First, place a bid to buy an NFT from a seller, then you can resell the NFT later at a higher price. The platform makes it easy to customize your profile to showcase your NFT collection to patrons from all over the world.

4. Foundation

Foundation has quickly become one of the most popular NFT marketplaces for creators and DeFi enthusiasts.

5. Enjin

This is a blockchain assets marketplace where anyone can explore and trade NFTs. The platform has over 1.1 billion innovative items, with 1 million items already sold.

6. Nifty Gateway 

Nifty is one of the largest marketplaces for NFTs, especially digital artworks.

What is Binance NFT?

Binance NFT is currently the largest centralized NFT trading platform in terms of traffic and is also the world’s leading NFT trading platform. Besides, it offers an open market for artists, creators, crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and creative fans, with the best liquidity and minimal fees. This NFT marketplace website consists of three categories, Premium Events, Mystery Box, and a trading Marketplace. Thus, Binance NFT features valuable collectibles and an easily accessible trading market for all of its users.

Music NFT Marketplace Website

Music NFT marketplace is an NFT marketplace website where music artists can sell original music, while collectors can buy original music and digital music collectibles. Some marketplaces even allow users to buy shares of songs, earning royalties as the music they’ve invested in gains popularity. Examples of such music NFT marketplaces include OneOf, Airnfts, Royal, Submerge, MakersPlace, etc. 

Platforms where a Majority of NFTs are sold

NFT Marketplace Website Platforms: TokenMinds

Valuables: This is a site where users can tokenize tweets and sell them as NFTs. For instance, Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey sold an NFT of the first-ever tweet, for $2.9m.

NBA Top Shot: An NFT marketplace built on Flow blockchain for buying and selling digital collectible cards. It features videos of memorable NBA “moments.”

Decentraland: This platform has its own in house marketplace where users buy and sell virtual land or in game items such as wearables.

Sorare: Here you can buy virtual cards representing football players and use them for Sorare, which is a global fantasy football game.

Axie Infinity: This platform hosts cartoon characters for the Axie Infinity game, where players breed, battle, and trade digital pets called Axies.

NFT Marketplace Development

Best NFT Marketplace Website: TokenMinds

NFT Marketplace Development encompasses building an NFT marketplace website to showcase creative collectibles and exhibit NFTs for sale or auction. Generally, there are two options for NFT marketplace development. The first approach, which involves using tools such as APIs, SaaS, or PaaS (platform as a service) is inexpensive and cost effective in terms of time-to-market, which is obviously minimized. An example of such ready-made tools is OpenSea SDK which offers a marketplace adapted to your original design. 

The second option involves partnering with a professional NFT Marketplace Development Company like TokenMinds. They have time-tested and proven professionals who can develop a marketplace that would match all expectations. Therefore this approach allows your team scaling your project to attract a greater number of visitors.

NFT is now an unstoppable industry, where it is not only the fashion sector but also games. Celebrities and brands eventually discover the value of creating their own NFTs.

If you would like to develop your own NFT marketplace website, now is the perfect time to contact our TokenMinds team. We help you launch your custom NFT marketplace that gives your customers a seamless NFTs buying experience. Just contact our team to schedule a meeting with our NFT developers.