Telegram Community Manager: 6 Powerful Techniques of Building a Strong Group on Telegram

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Telegram Community Manager

Behind every successful crypto project, there is a thriving community. It provides a strong foundation needed for the success of projects. The individuals who are part of a community help raise funds, create content and educate other people about the project. 

Within this community is the most significant member of the collective – a Telegram community manager. While the core team builds the platform, the crypto community manager is the one who has to manage the expectations of the community. They perform a range of key tasks and grow your blockchain project.

As the leading crypto community management agency, TokenMinds has access to a network of crypto community managers for Telegram, Discord, Twitter, and other platforms. 

What Entails a Crypto Community?

What does a crypto community mean? A crypto community composed of blockchain thought-leaders, developers, investors, enthusiasts, fans, and users. These communities spread across various social platforms like Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, etc. Members of a crypto community engage in various activities to propel the project forward.  These include organizing meetups and amplifying the crowd sale on social media. They also contribute open-source code or build apps using the project. Crypto communities also support the project by helping crowdsource ideas that can turn into product updates. Furthermore, they develop long-term relationships that can ensure the project’s growth.

Telegram Community Management

At its core, Telegram community management is built on community culture. The underlying feeling is a sense of belonging and acceptance. However, the main focus of Telegram community management is customer support. Many crypto projects have a forum on Telegram that provides a community-based approach to answering questions about the project. This also makes Telegram a good platform for obtaining community feedback.

Why do you need a Telegram Community Manager?

A Telegram community manager is therefore needed to respond to community queries. More importantly, they are also essential in ensuring that community concerns are addressed in a responsive and helpful manner. The Telegram community manager is also the voice for the brand across social channels to foster community love and engagement.  

We advocate hiring a community manager who is well-informed and passionate about the project. People who are interested in the project will provide much better service moderating and managing a like-minded community. 

Crypto Community Manager

Crypto community managers take care of the most important aspect of any crypto community – the community members themselves. A crypto community manager is not only the voice of the community. He/she is also responsible for engaging with the followers to maintain and manage the community experience. Another responsibility of the crypto community manager involves driving community acquisition strategies. This involves growing the community and outreaching to influencers across various social media. They are also responsible for enhancing community happiness. 

Crypto community management is an extremely useful tool but there’s certainly a couple of key points to keep in mind before you hire a crypto community manager. 

The first point: You need the right platform 

The platform you want to build and engage the community is very important. It is critical to understand the nature of all the existing popular platforms and how they differ in terms of community management. Telegram is currently the de-facto standard for hosting crypto communities, though it lacks robust management and tracking capabilities. Discord, by contrast, provides an incredible framework and structure for moderation. It has channels, integrated voice, video calls, and screen-sharing, making everything easier for crypto community management. 

Second point: The nature of crypto community management depends on the project

To community managers, the type of projects they moderate matters. This is because projects have reputations and community managers have reputations as well. No crypto community manager wants to be associated with a scam project. At the same time, no promising project wants to attract negative perceptions because it has a terrible community management team. Keeping the checks and balances is the goal of both the project team and the community manager. 

What to Look for in a Telegram Community Manager

The best crypto community managers are exceptional in three things: availability, accuracy, and growth. You can easily assess the first two but the third one is, unfortunately, not guaranteed. Ideally, you want a Telegram community manager who can respond to all questions, comments, or concerns with accuracy and speed. Furthermore, a good community manager should be flexible enough to work at all times of the day. Since a majority of community activity can happen outside of normal business hours, having a crypto community manager with wide availability is crucial to success.

Crypto Community Telegram Groups

Here is the list of the best crypto community Telegram groups to consider for promoting your project. 

ICO Listing – Best group to create hype around crypto projects, including bounty, airdrops, discussion, etc.

ICO Speaks – For ICO/IEO reviews, airdrop, promotion, crypto news, token sale, marketing, hype, etc. Telegram – English community to chat about any cryptocurrency.

CoinMarketCap Community – For discussions about blockchain and cryptocurrency

Binance English – Official Binance Exchange chat group. For discussions about coins on Binance.

DeFi Million – DeFi Million is not a Telegram group but a channel that provides advertisement opportunities for new and unknown startup projects.

How to Build Crypto Community 

Here’s how to create effective community management for ICO on social media:

1. Select social media channel 

The first thing to do is to choose an appropriate social media channel. Use Twitter if you want to organically increase the number of your followers and level of engagement around the project. Reddit is ideal for PR purposes. Use Telegram to provide round-the-clock monitoring of comments and timely answer questions from community members.

2. Tailor content to audience types

Different social media sites have different internet social needs and attract different target audiences. It is important to identify your audience on each that platform to create content that resonates with that target audience. Focus on what they like and what to expect from brands similar to yours. 

3. Ask the community what type of content they want to see

You may also want to ask the community what they want to see to ensure you’re creating content that’s relevant to them. This way, you can be sure to reach your audience with content they want and interest them. Asking for this feedback and being open to suggestions also shows your community you care about their opinions. This feedback will also help you enhance your brand loyalty and advocacy. Furthermore, it helps create valuable interaction within your community members. 

4. Use automation to enhance community management 

Projects must establish a strong framework for your crypto community managers which empowers them to have the answers they need to best serve the community. This may involve setting up simple automation tools to enhance engagement. It could be a tool that automatically greets new users or restrict bots from swarming your channels. Moreover, it is important to keep toxic links or spam from flooding your channels.

5. Measure success

Community management success is difficult to measure but there are a variety of things to consider, including:

  • Boost in audience members/ increase in followers 
  • Amount of content shared or liked by your followers 
  • Overall engagement (likes, shares, mentions, hashtags, messages, comments) 
  • Increase in brand awareness 
  • Traffic that’s driven to your website
  • Number of conversation participants in Telegram group discussion 

We also have to stress that community engagement should always be at par with growth. Having too many people in your channel with no activity is not wise. Similarly, solely relying on organic growth without designing any sort of incentives to join is a definitive path for failure. 

6.  Post regularly 

Success on social media requires consistency in terms of your frequency of posts and engagement. Your crypto community Telegram management strategy should include the posting schedule on Telegram so that community members know you’re reliable. 

To ensure users have the best experience, your content needs to be relevant and not repetitive. Show your users and followers they aren’t just a number and that they play a critical part in the success of the project. Respond to all questions, comments, or concerns and use GIFs and videos to engage fans.

Telegram Community Management Agency

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