How To Create NFT Art: 5 spectacular non-fungible token creator tools to take your art to the next level

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Given the popularity of non-fungible tokens, many people want to know how to create NFT art. Mastering the skills of how to create NFT art can seem overwhelming. For example, there are digital agreements to deploy, metadata to modify, and costs to incur. And these are the initial tasks before you start promoting your digital art!

Fortunately, the procedure is now more pretty straightforward than before. Multiple tools and platforms exist that help artists create NFT art free. With these tools, you don’t need to master coding skills to create an NFT art. Also, the technologies save you the stress and time required to build smart contracts. Here, we explore some powerful tools that can help you know how to create NFT art.

How to create NFT art without coding

Are you wondering how to become the next Beeple in the NFT space without breaking a sweat? If so, it’s possible! You only need to understand the technologies and platforms to use. Here are the tools to help you become an NFT artist:


NiftyKit is a no-code tool that helps you to create NFT art. The platform allows you to trade and sell your digital artworks to your target audiences. Through NiftyKit, you can apply your digital agreements. The platform enables you to create your own nft art and sell it to various marketplaces, like NiftyKit, OpenSea, and Rarible.

You can enjoy the services of this platform if you open an account with it. Also, you should pay a $9.99 monthly subscription to retain your membership. Here are the perks that NiftyKit members enjoy:

  • Unlimited non-fungible tokens minting: you can create numerous digital agreements and NFTs through the platform.
  • Determine ownership approaches: when working on the platform, you’re free to make decisions regarding your NFTs. The platform gives you leeway to set up your smart contracts and royalties.
  • Intuitive tools: artists can save time and money by creating nft art to sell using instinctive digital agreements and development tools. So, you can deliver your project without hiring a developer.
  • NiftyKit API: the tool allows you to host the placeholders for your collections until you’re ready to complete the meta-description and send it to IPFS. This saves the expense you would incur each moment you update the metadata.
  • Sell in different marketplaces: the next step after you create art for NFT is to sell it. With NiftyKit, you can sell your NFTs on your website or third-party platforms like Rarible and OpenSea.

NFT Art Generator

NFT Art Generator features prominently when discussing How to create NFT art. The tool helps you to create NFT art online and perform many functions related to NFT minting. It allows artists to choose uniqueness for traits, modify metadata for your NFTs, and preview the produced collections.

Luckily, for artists whose budgets are tight, the tool has a free version where to create NFT art. However, the free feature comes with a watermark. Here are the primary attributes of the NFT Art Generator:

   Simple to use

When creating NFT art to sell on this platform, you don’t need to code. You develop your layers, import your collections, and click Generate.

Rarity & Attribute Settings

This allows you to configure the uniqueness of each layer and each attribute. Furthermore, you can set specific characteristics to be unique from others.

 Automatic Savings

The platform allows automatic savings of your creations in the browser. So, when you resume your tasks, you’ll find the layers and files you’re working on.

Manifold Studio

Smart contracts are critical for those who want to understand how to create NFT art. However, creating digital agreements is an overwhelming task that requires experts.

Luckily, Manifold Studio helps creators to develop their custom intelligent contracts with a click of a button. With this tool, you avoid the intimidating process of coding. Interestingly, this tool is free.

Once you deploy your smart contracts, Manifold Studio allows you to mint ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens. Its capacity is limitless and can hold large files. The tool enables artists to create NFT art online and sell them to various marketplaces.


OpenSea has become famous for many artists because of its lazy minting tool. You can create nft art free through the device and transfer the gas expense to the buyer. So, you don’t need to pay gas fees upfront. Also, OpenSea has helpful information that helps you know how to create nft art.


Foundation is an Ethereum-based tool for NFT artists and collectors. It’s an invite-only for NFT artists. Once you receive an invite, you can set up your profile and create an nft art after that.

Foundation is your best tool if you want to create nft art promptly. You only need to introduce your digital agreement, upload your collections, and modify the metadata.

Why should you create your own NFT art?

Artists find it challenging to earn from their creations even when their artworks are valuable. However, that’s not the situation when you create art for NFT. Artists who know where to create NFT art have earned much from their digital art. Also, such creators understand How to create nft art that attracts massive audiences. Here are the primary reasons why you should create NFT art:

  • Lifetime commissions: Besides selling their artworks once, artists will keep earning royalties from the subsequent resells of their artworks. You can program these royalties into your NFT art and specify the percentage you’ll make from subsequent resells.
  • Easy to create: When you know how to create nft art, you can develop it quickly. Furthermore, multiple tools can help you even when you’re a beginner in the industry.
  • Cheaper to launch: a significant downside of traditional art is that artists spend vast amounts in auction houses. With NFT art, this requirement is removed as artists conduct their business online through marketplaces. Also, you can enjoy a large portion of profits from your art pieces.

How can TokenMinds help you?

Although multiple tools exist for NFT creation, you still require a professional hand to help you. Professionals at TokenMinds understand the best tactics to use to create exciting art via these tools. Furthermore, TokenMinds can link you to the best NFT artists and help you to popularize your collections to your target audience.


Non-fungible tokens have become trendy, and many artists want to know how to create NFT art. However, many creators find the coding process intimidating and are discouraged from venturing into the niche. The good news is that multiple tools can help you wrap your head around this popular field. With these tools, you can quickly know how to create NFT art and sell it in the market.


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