How To Grow Your Discord NFT Server: 11 amazing tactics to use in expanding your Discord community

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Are you wondering how to grow your Discord server and have an engaged community? If so, it’s an overwhelming task that requires much commitment. Remember, it’s difficult for people to discover your server if it’s dormant. Also, an inactive community lacks the excitement that many users want. So, if you ignore community growth, people will move out of your server. Luckily, there are different techniques you can apply to grow your discord server. Keep reading to discover the best community growth techniques for your Discord server.

Grow your discord server: primary tactics to use

Discord is a virtual platform where people hang out. It allows individuals to create communities to facilitate their interactions. Although creating a community is simple, discord growth can be challenging for many. There are multiple Discord servers out there you’re competing with. So, you must approach the market with a growth plan. Here are the techniques you can use to grow your discord server:

Organize your server properly

Users will have a fantastic navigation experience when you organize your server well. Here are the tips you can use to organize your server:

  • Friendly channel names: Discord users like excellent channel names and clean server structure. So, to make a good impression, ensure that your channel names appeal to your target audience.
  • Put relevant channels at the top of your server: a good rule of thumb is to put the appropriate channels at the top. Other media related to your server should appear in the middle and end. This strategy helps to grow your Discord NFT server.
  • Each channel should focus on a particular topic: users will likely avoid servers with duplicated channel themes. Avoid falling into this snare, and ensure that each channel topic you feature under your server is unique.

Grow Your Discord NFT Server by Sharing great content

People will join your server if you share great stuff. So, ensure that you distribute engaging, original, and informative content.

You can only share authentic content when you’re updated and share information about your field.

Also, remember that Discord users cherish original content. Thus, if you want to grow your youtube channel discord, it’s critical to avoid plagiarizing the stuff you share.

Get more users from outside to grow your Discord NFT server

You can Grow your discord server by running an outside channel on YouTube or Twitch. The twitch growth discord channel should be connected to the topic of your server. The twitch growth discord server helps to bring more people from outside the Discord setting.

Collaborate with other servers

There are various ways to collaborate with existing communities within your field to grow your discord server. For example, you can develop collaboration channels where you upload a banner for your partner’s community. Likewise, they can return the gesture on their server.

Before choosing servers to partner with, it’s essential to consider various things, such as the value to enjoy from the collaboration and whether they’ll help you to grow your Discord NFT server.

Have an active server

As a community manager, you should be active and display a virtual presence to new participants. Discord algorithm will also rank your server highly if you’re involved. By staying active, you enhance social growth discord by discovering and implementing what users like. Also, you can find individuals interested in your community and send them an invite link. Furthermore, active server admins can personally interact with their users and form a strong bond with them.

Host regular events

Hosting regular community events and giveaways can boost the engagement level of your community and help to grow your Discord NFT server. So, it would help if you focused on providing quality and value to your users by using multiple strategies, such as Q&A sessions, giveaways, tournaments, etc.

Popularize your server on social media platforms

Social media promotion is central to any marketing and growth strategy during this digital era. Most Discord users come from social sites. So, you must figure out how to use these platforms to grow your community. You can start with straightforward ones, such as Facebook and Twitter and then migrate to personalized platforms like Snapchat.

Still, regarding social media platforms, opportunities are plenty. You can use a twitch growth discord channel or grow your YouTube channel discord to expand your community. When you use these platforms, you get an opportunity to introduce your server to colleagues, family, and the world.

Focus on your topic to grow your Discord NFT server

Do you want to have an engaged Discord server? If so, then you must create and share content that people find relatable. You need to avoid distributing generic information and focus on the niche you’re good at. When you do that, people interested in your content will soon find your server and join it.

For instance, if you have created an NFT server, you should distribute information only connected to the NFT niche. That’s the only strategy you’ll engage your current users and attract many to your server.

Use listing websites

A key tactic to grow your discord server is to list it on particular websites. Registering it on server listing sites will allow the world to see your community. Through the listing platforms, you’ll attract more members to your community.

Collaborate with influencers

Influencers can help you to grow your discord server as they have a ready audience they can easily convince to join your community. There are many discord influencers that you’ll come across. So, you need to pick those who understand your niche well.

Use Discord bots

It’s challenging to stay active 24/7, staring at your screen. You can overcome this challenge by incorporating Discord bots into your server. The bots keep engaging your members in your absence and help to grow your discord server.

Because of technological advancements, bots have become smart enough and behave like real people. So, it’s vital to integrate them into your discord growth strategy.

However, bots lack the human touch that your community might require. So, you shouldn’t entirely depend on them for social growth discord. Thus, spending more time in your community and using AI technology when necessary is critical.

Hire an experienced agency

To grow your Discord server is a daunting undertaking that requires an expert’s support. Such a professional knows the best strategies to grow your discord server. So, instead of flying blind, it’s prudent to enlist the services of a Discord marketing agency.

Final words

Discord is a popular platform that allows brands to create servers focusing on their offerings. A key challenge for newcomers is the stiff competition that they encounter. So, you can only grow your discord server if you approach the market with a strategy. You can use multiple tactics to Grow discord server, as highlighted and explained here.


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