How To Sell NFT Art: 7 Compelling steps to follow when creating and selling non-fungible tokens

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Are you looking for information on how to sell NFT art? If so, then you’re on the right website. Non-fungible tokens come in various forms, such as music, videos, and digital cards. They are one-of-a-kind assets residing in the blockchain ecosystem. NFTs are traded online and signify a virtual proof of ownership of any specific item. Many people keep wondering how to create and sell NFT. The process of NFT creation is pretty simple. Here, we explore how to create NFT and How to sell NFT art once it’s ready.

How to sell NFT art: Key steps to follow

The popularity of NFTs has motivated some people to transform their artworks into NFTs. If you’re a creative artist, you can make some money by creating and selling NFTs. Understanding how to sell NFT art will also popularize your brand and enhance client engagement. So, if you’re interested in how to create NFT art and sell it, here are the steps to follow:

Do your background research.

It’s simple to make money through non-fungible tokens. However, you must equip yourself with sufficient information before you start trading. So, to understand How to sell NFT art, you should do some background research about NFTs. Equipping yourself with knowledge lets you know how the NFT market operates, its swings, and the digital collectibles that fetch much money. You can also understand where to sell NFT art and what such markets require through research.

Buy digital currencies

You can only begin trading in non-fungible tokens when you’ve specific digital currencies, such as Dogecoin and Ethereum. Many NFT platforms require digital collectible traders to have a crypto wallet. Before you start minting (transforming artwork into digital collectibles) NFTs, many marketplaces require that you pay upfront in digital currencies.

Evaluate Marketplaces

There are multiple marketplaces to mint and sell your NFTs. But each marketplace has different features and requirements. While some teach you how to create NFT, others assume that you know and should start straight away. So, before choosing a marketplace for NFT creation, ensure that you know it in and out. If you’re a beginner, the best NFT platform should educate you on how to sell NFT art. Here are the top NFT marketplaces:

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • Nifty Gateway
  • Axie Infinity Market
  • NBA Top Shot
  • Known Origin
  • SuperRare

Develop a virtual wallet

Once you have chosen a platform where to sell NFT art, you’ll need to connect it to a loaded digital currency wallet. Wallets are apps you use to keep your digital currencies and non-fungible tokens. Suffice to say, when choosing a wallet, ensure that it’s compatible with the decentralized ledger you’re using.

A popular wallet that supports multiple marketplaces is MetaMask. You can use MetaMask either as a Chrome/Firefox extension or as Ios/Android app.

Once a browser extension or software is downloaded, tap the ‘create new wallet’ button. MetaMask will ask you for a password.

The platform will generate a seed phrase that will enable you to recover your account if you accidentally lose/uninstall it.

After developing your wallet, the next step is to connect it with your preferred marketplace. For OpenSea, you do this by clicking the create button on the top left, which prompts you to link your wallet.

Upload your NFT Art File

When you’ve changed your digital art into NFTs, you’ll see the option of listing them for sale on multiple marketplaces. So, list your NFT on your favorite platform.

Develop an Auction on your selected platform

After choosing your NFT marketplace, you’ll be ready to start selling your non-fungible tokens. At this point, you’ll need to provide various transaction details to potential customers. Here are the primary information to show customers how to sell NFT art:

  • NFT selling price
  • Create time auction
  • Cryptocurrency to be used as an exchange medium

Pay the listing charges

The listing fee you pay covers the cost you should meet in order for your transaction to go through. Most blockchain platforms have a fee known as gas that goes to miners who verify your transactions. Transaction charges vary depending on various factors, such as the kind of computation and the storage needed.

NFT Promotion

Up to this moment, you’ve known how to create and sell NFT. You can only succeed in making money via NFTs by consistently expanding your portfolio. When you’ve enough NFTs, the next step is to start marketing them to the right audience. You’ll need to articulate an NFT marketing strategy to promote your collectibles. Here are the key elements of your NFT marketing strategy:

  • Community building: Most Crypto projects are community-based. Thus, you should create an NFT community where you should articulate the value of your project. Once you have a community, engage it via various tactics, such as contests and AMAs. Also, the feedback from your community can help you understand How to sell NFT art.
  • Use a story to communicate the value of NFTs: One of the most fantastic techniques of attracting the audience to your digital collectibles is to tell a great story about them. In the story, speak about how your NFTs came to being, their value, and your vision as a collector. You should also explain the aesthetic value of your collectibles and why people should buy them.
  • Request friends to share your NFTs: One way to popularize your digital art is to ask your friends to distribute it on their social media platforms. This creates buzz around your project, generating value and demand.
  • Add your collections to NFT Calendar: The NFT calendar displays collections from various platforms. Some NFT buyers lack time to go through all the marketplaces to discover new releases. So, adding your NFTs to calendars is an excellent way of reaching out to these clients.
  • Join relevant conversations and collaborations: one of the creative ways to promote your NFTs is to participate in conversations and collaborate with the right individuals. These discussions will help you know How to sell NFT art. Multiple platforms exist where you can join in conversations. These include Discord, Twitter, Quora, and Telegram.


The NFT market is awash with all types of digital collectibles. So, you need to know How to sell NFT art if you want to succeed in the market. Here we’ve explored the key steps to help you understand how to sell NFT art. From conducting background research to listing your NFTs, the steps here cover everything you require to start making money in the NFT world.


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