How to Engage an NFT Community on Discord: 6 Foolproof Techniques to Use Which Won’t Fail You

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An NFT community on discord is an essential component of your marketing strategy. So, understanding how to engage your Discord NFT community helps keep the community together. Also, it’s critical to ensure that the community members are always excited. There are multiple techniques for engaging your NFT discord community. We explore the primary NFT community on discord engagement techniques.

What is an NFT community?

How to Engage an NFT Community on Discord; TokenMinds

A significant aspect that determines the success of any NFT project is a community NFT. Thus, it’s critical to appreciate the centrality of a society in the NFT business.

 Many people struggle to understand NFT community meaning. An NFT community is a society composed of individuals who are buying, trading, collecting, and sharing information about a non-fungible token business. 

In the NFT world, a community is critical because project owners update their followers about the project’s progress via this. Furthermore, a community helps a project in marketing its offerings. 

You can create your community on various platforms, such as Telegram, Discord, and Twitter. Before starting a gathering like the NFT community telegram, you need to evaluate your objectives. For example, the NFT community telegram has multiple features that benefit the group.

Primary considerations before creating an NFT community on discord

Before you begin a community NFT in Discord, you need to determine whether the platform is the best fit for you. Here are factors to consider before choosing Discord as your community platform:

  • Your field: Discord is a better fit for B2C than B2B because it’s an informal medium initially designed for gamers.
  • Audience demographics: Discord attracts young and tech-savvy individuals more than older people.
  • Marketing funnel level: The platform is suitable for customers at almost the end of their buyer journey.
  • Features you need: The features you need determine whether Discord is your best fit. The platform has different features, such as message archiving, audio-video capabilities, and NFT support.

How to engage your NFT discord community?

Once you create the biggest NFT community, the next step is to engage it. Remember, top NFT communities can disintegrate if they lack engagement. So, whether you have an NFT community on Telegram or a Discord NFT community, you must understand how to engage it. Here, we share practical techniques for engaging your top NFT communities on Discord:

1. Delegate moderator roles

A moderator can help in keeping your community engaged. You can assign this role to one of your team members or delegate it to a willing community member.

A moderator helps in organizing the community and running it efficiently. When users have queries or want clarity on your offerings, they’ll approach moderators. So, ensure that the moderators handling an NFT community on discord are energetic and pleasant.

Before choosing moderators, ensure that they understand the objectives of your server. Community managers who understand the ins and outs of your project can respond efficiently to questions community members might pose.

2. Combine moderator bots

Discord bots can help you in engaging your community. The platform has multiple bots that serve various purposes. An important bot to choose is one that trails users’ actions and engagement levels. You can gain insights like peak hours when community members engage with your brand through this bot. The data you get from this bot helps you do multiple things, like essential dialogues, contests, and AMAs.

Also, Discord has moderator bots that help you with basic tasks like checking for vulgar language.

Too many bots can send negative messages to the community. So, be conscious of this and only choose bots that are valuable and positively affect your community.

3. Hold events

Hosting various events enables you to create a highly engaged NFT community on Discord. Some of the events to host include contests, bounties, and tournaments. Besides exciting members, these events have educational value.

For example, contests featuring your NFTs help you know how educated your biggest NFT community is on your offerings. Thus, you can use the insights from these contests to understand the knowledge gaps among your community members.

A significant event to occur with an NFT community on discord is an AMA. The acronym AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, a live interview within Discord channels. The AMA session allows server members to pose any questions regarding your offerings.

4. Promote active and supportive community members

A vibrant NFT community on discord recognizes and elevates active members. So, your brand should remember committed, avid, and strong persons in your Discord server. These individuals can help you nurture a sound and helpful NFT community on discord. Furthermore, these individuals can help test new features of your offerings and assist you in subsidiary channels.

5. Be original

Suppose you want to go far with NFT community on discord. In that case, it’s critical to be clear about your objectives when creating the group. A blunder some brands make is to use Discord as an advertising tool. You should use the platform to connect organically with your group.

Personal engagement with your community enables you to discover their pain points and tastes. Through the feedback, you can improve your product to meet the demands of your community.

Your objective is to show your community members that you care about them and that they’re valuable to your group.

6. Offer community members a chance to display their talents

Enabling your society to assemble and talk about its capabilities is a fantastic technique for engaging a Discord server.

Allowing your community to come together and showcase their work around a topic of interest can be a great way of driving more engagement in your Discord server.


If you’ve got an NFT project, you should appreciate the importance of the NFT community meaning to your business. An NFT project should create a supportive community to help with marketing and sharing knowledge. There are multiple platforms for building the community, and Discord is one of them. An NFT community on discord allows you to market your collections. Brands  engage the NFT community in discord to benefit from it. There are multiple ways of engaging your community, such as recognizing active members, hosting events, and using moderators. Here. We’ve explored these techniques.


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