ICO Marketing: 6 Unfailing Techniques of delivering a winning crowdfunding campaign

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Do you intend to conduct an ICO marketing campaign soon? If so, you need to understand the best methods to deliver your marketing message. Multiple ICO projects are now in the market. So, it can be difficult for prospective investors to discover your offerings if you lack a coherent ICO marketing strategy. Thus, developing a solid ICO marketing plan is critical if you want to grab the attention of investors. Here, we explore the best ICO marketing tactics for your business.

What is ICO marketing?

Before exploring the various methods of ICO promotion, it’s essential to explain what ICO marketing is. The initials ICO stand for Initial Coin Offering, a crowdfunding technique in which investors buy tokens or coins of a company. Investors receive coins or tokens instead of company stock. ICO marketing is the same as ICO promotion. It entails the tactics a company uses to sell its coins to the target audience. Here are some benefits of using ICOs:

  • Decentralization: Because ICOs are available on the blockchain, they’re open to all potential investors.
  • Transparency: All eligible investors can participate in ICO and invest at any time. These are the opposite of traditional fundraising techniques, where it’s hard to be an early investor if you don’t know the founders.
  • Low competition: Traditional fundraising techniques limit many startups from accessing funds. This is due to many reasons, such as lack of appeal or location outside the epicenter of wealth.

Techniques to use in ico promotion

Without an ICO marketing strategy, your project will lack the traction it requires to attract investors. Any experienced ICO advisor can tell you that promoting your ICO requires much attention. This is because ICO marketing determines the success or otherwise of your project. If you lack an excellent ICO marketing plan, you waste time developing your project. Such a project might not reach the target crowd. Here are the key ICO promotion tactics to use to promote your offerings:

Create your community

Building a community can help in marketing your crypto project. A community comprises people who believe in your idea and can help spread the word about it. Furthermore, through a community, you keep updating members about the progress of your project. And this is essential for your public relations.

Once you create your community, you should keep engaging it to avoid disintegration. Some of the community management ICO tactics include AMAs, contests, and Question & Answer sessions.

Use airdrops

People enjoy receiving free things. So, airdropping can be an effective ICO marketing tactic to use. Through giveaways, you persuade more people to participate in your ICO. Also, this strategy motivates individuals to market your project on your behalf. Furthermore, airdrops can help in creating buzz about your ICO.

Conduct PR campaigns

PR campaigns help to popularize your brand to your target audience. So, it’s essential to approach major publications for press release publication. Finding a popular magazine to write about tour projects can boost your crypto marketing efforts. Such publications target specific ICO investors who might be interested in your business. So, when articulating your marketing strategy, it’s essential to consult an ICO advisor for suggestions on the best publications to distribute your releases.

Hire a crypto marketing agency

Popularizing your project to diverse target audiences can be a daunting task. Furthermore, things might be more complex if you lack marketing skills or time. The best option is to hire an ICO marketing agency if you find yourself in this situation. An ICO marketing company offers various promotion services that can help your brand. Experienced companies provide multiple ICO marketing services with packaged prices to meet the needs of multiple customers. So, whether you want press release services, community building, or community management ICO, an ICO marketing company can help you.

Bounty Campaigns

Bounty rewards are incentives given to individuals who accomplish specific tasks related to ICO promotion. They target various individuals, such as investors, marketers, and developers.

Campaign rewards come in multiple forms, such as cash or free tokens.

For developers, bounty programs incentivize them to discover bugs or offer feedback on design aspects. Individuals who examine a blockchain and find issues are offered rewards known as bug bounties.

Translators who interpret essential documents, like whitepapers, receive bounties. Such professionals ensure that the project reaches specific target groups.

Managing an effective bounty campaign can be challenging for most individuals. So, the best alternative is to hire an experienced ICO marketing agency to help you. Such a company can help you roll out a result-focused bounty campaign.

Market ICOs through Video

Video marketing is a popular option for many crypto projects. According to a HubSpot survey, nearly 53% of individuals like consuming video content. So, an ICO marketing campaign should integrate video into its strategy. You can break down some problematic crypto concepts through video and help individuals understand what such terms mean.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful method to promote your offerings. Influencers have loyal followers who trust their opinions regarding specific products. So, if an influencer offers your product a positive review, their followers will consider investing in such items.

In order to benefit from influencer marketing, it’s critical to target the right influencers. Also, you need to furnish them with information about your project. Once you’ve explained what your technology entails, you should further deliberate with them about the focal aspects of your project.

After selecting your influencer, you need to determine whether they fit the bill. So, the first thing is to check whether the influencer is perfect for your target audience. You should also review the influencer’s content to determine whether it fits your ideal audience, sector, and product.


Networking is an integral part of ICO marketing. It’s essential to establish and nurture relationships with people who matter most. One of the best platforms for networking is LinkedIn. The platform has helpful tools, like Linked Helper, to help your ICO team reach out to prospective influencers and sponsors.

Final Thoughts

If you intend to launch a crypto project, it’s essential to identify the ICO marketing services you require. There are multiple techniques of promoting your services, and here we have explored the main ones.


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