Vesting Crypto: 5 Powerful Benefits of Locking up Tokens at the Presale Stage

Vesting Crypto: Tokenminds

The idea of vesting crypto arouses a feeling of loyalty and dedication to a project among the founders and team members. Crypto vesting ensures that a project’s team has a financial interest and remains committed to developing the project. This, in turn, engenders confidence among potential investors. Here we explore the main benefits of vesting crypto.

What does Vesting crypto mean?

Vesting Crypto: TokenMinds

Vesting crypto meaning should be clear to anyone interested in crypto investments. Understanding this concept will help you evaluate the project’s token distribution structure. Via the technique, potential investors can determine the project’s long-term sustainability. Remember, projects, where team members have a financial interest in them are likely to be more successful.

In a nutshell, the phrase vesting crypto originates from traditional finance. It means controlling the transaction of tokens for a particular duration. So, the investor has to wait until the tokens are released.    

In the crypto world, a specific amount of the tokens are earmarked and put aside during a pre-sale. The procedure of seizing, locking, and setting free those coins afterward is known as crypto vesting. The time these tokens are locked up is called the crypto vesting period. The locked-up coins aren’t available for sale during the crypto vesting period.

The vesting period blocks investors from trading their tokens at one go, leading to token oversupply in the market. And this might cause a crash in the coin’s value. Furthermore, Vesting crypto inhibits the project team from deserting the project and walking out with funds.

How does crypto vesting work

Vesting Crypto2: TokenMinds

When a project decides to have a crypto vesting schedule, it develops a digital agreement that establishes the terms and conditions of locking up tokens. The vesting schedule crypto is announced through the project’s resources, such as whitepapers and newsletters.

Projects are free to determine their crypto vesting period and how they will avail the tokens. For example, suppose a project intends to establish a 24-month crypto vesting schedule. In that case, it can set free 25% of an investor’s coins after half-year. After a year, the above project can release another 25% of the investor’s tokens, followed by a 25% token released after 18 months. The final release of 25% tokens will happen after 24 months.

In the above example, the vesting schedule crypto is designed to accommodate four biannual disbursements. However, each project is different, and the management team is free to establish their vesting crypto duration and their release schedule.

Types of crypto vesting schedules

Projects are free to determine how to vest their coins per their objectives. Here are the primary forms of crypto vesting schedules:

  • Linear vesting: in linear vesting crypto, the coins are distributed in equal sections over a particular time. For instance, a business can set free 25% of the locked-up tokens every 12 months for 48 months.
  • Graded vesting: This is a custom sharing schedule, enabling the tokens to be set free steadily over a particular number of years or months. For example, a business can free 25% of the coins in the first eight months, 35% in the second year, and 40% in the third year.
  • Cliff vesting: unlike the linear vesting crypto, this form of vesting infers to a cliff, a duration when investors don’t receive any of their locked-up coins. For example, if we take a nine months cliff, it means that the distribution of tokens happens once nine months are over. The project will follow a linear or graded schedule to distribute the tokens when the cliff duration is complete.

What are the benefits of crypto vesting?

Up to this point, you know vesting crypto meaning and the forms of crypto vesting schedules. It’s also essential to understand that vesting crypto has multiple benefits as follows:

Shields early investor against market swings

When investors have their tokens locked up for a particular period, they desist from selling their assets soon after the listing takes place. This prevents the danger of experiencing massive swings and price drops.

Oversupply of coins in the market leads to their saturation and lowers the tokens’ value. However, locking up a specific percentage of coins promotes scarcity in the market, which is good for the token’s price. For early buyers, the waiting period allows the token’s worth to go up. So, such investors will enjoy massive returns by waiting for the token’s value to go up.

Reduces market exploitation

Vesting crypto eliminates buyers interested in pump and dump scams. Such investors find waiting for a specific period before selling their assets unattractive. They aim to generate hype around a token to enhance the coin’s price and sell it soon. So, vesting crypto prevents such schemes.

Offers token steadiness

By locking up some tokens, projects eliminate the possibility of massive selling of assets. So, the crypto vesting schedule enhances the stability of a coin’s value. This, in turn, boosts the token’s popularity and attracts many investors.

It offers developers time to build their product.

Locking up tokens is an event that happens during a pre-sale phase of project development. Thus, it gives the developers enough time and funds to complete the development of their product. Developers can also use the duration to popularize the project to a critical mass.

Also, the crypto vesting period gives investors enough time to evaluate the project’s innovativeness and monitor its progress. Furthermore, investors can determine whether to keep holding their tokens or sell them.

Loyalty and commitment to the project

If you understand the vesting crypto definition, you know what it means to a start-up. The idea shows how a project team is committed to the success of its project. So, this can attract many investors to the program. Furthermore, an ongoing financial interest in the project will motivate developers to keep enhancing and innovating their products. An improved product means added value to their investments.


Now you know the vesting crypto definition and why projects apply the idea. So, suppose you’ve got a crypto project to launch. In that case, it’s advisable to use vesting crypto to attract many investors to your tokens. You’ll attract many people to your token if they realize that your team is committed to the project’s success. And the best way to demonstrate their commitment is through crypto vesting.


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