Powerful DeepCloudAI Review (Video Transcript)

Introduction to DeepCloudAI

CloudDeepAI is a platform that intends to deepen the infrastracture for the deployment of blockchain dApps. Please feel free to find our new video on Youtube channel!

Please see the full investment report here; https://tokenminds.co/investor-relations/ And the discussion about DeepCloudAI in our Discord channel here;


Hi everyone this is Rob from Token Minds. I wanted to talk to you guys today about a project that we support called DeepCloudAI.
It’s a project not too much different like iExec or Golem. It’s a distributed platform which enables computer resources to be shared and they do it in a very very effective way. Suffice to say, you can also benefit from projects like this if you consult the right blockchain development teams.

Why is DeepCloud AI important?
So first of all before I dive into the details, this is a project that we personally believe in, we and our associate partners and that we support this is not investment advice in any way, we are just here to spread some information for people that are potentially interested in it.

So first of all what we like really is the fact that the team already built a project before they even trying to raise any funds so they have existing customers, they have existing revenue, and it’s a proven model so meaning that this is one of the fields in the protocol space where there’s gonna be a lot of business, because there’s gonna be in general a very good user application to use the blockchain to share computer resources in an effective way, and the fact that they are doing it from a special angle and they have some new technologies that are implemented for it that makes it very very interesting and they have very good chance in our opinion to to become successful in space and to compete of the other players so we create a little investment report. You can download it for free, I will put a link below this video and also if you want to talk to the founders, you can come to our discord Channel, they’re in there you can also see how the vetting process works you can see what kind of questions we have asked them what kind of information I provided, so I will post a link also to the discord below this video and I see you next time ,