Powerful LTO Network review (Video Transcripts): How the platform supports GDPR

Introduction to LTO Network

Companies establishing business in EU will find LTO network essential. LTO is a blockchain-based platform that can complement GDPR. The introduction of the platform is a clear demonstration that blockchain development can offer solutions to a myriad of problems facing industries. Please feel free to find our new video on Youtube channel!

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Hello guys and welcome to today’s project of the week. I already told you in our community about LTO network last week and today is the time to take a deeper dive into it and basically explain you my reasoning why I think it’s a good project and why it gained a hype during the last month.

And we’re going to do this. So first of all we should ask ourselves what exactly is LTO network, and I can tell you this far LTO network is a kind of blockchain infrastructure that is making a hybrid system out of public and private blockchain to aim at GDPR compliance. They want to create private blockchains for entities or other institutions that basically can delete those sensitive data blocks later on, in order to reach GDPR compliance.

So this is basically their unique selling proposition in order with which they do marketing and what they aim, basically. If we take a look here nothing special on the webpage so far we know of the Dutch Ministry. They are indeed with a lot of government’s working currently they collaborate closely. They are coming out of Amsterdam and the government’s are supporting them quite good.

They have green cash flow I think they have several clients which they listed already which they are doing already existing business so it’s not a project that is an idea basically, they are already much much further and have a secured cash flow and are in green numbers basically with those clients listed here beneath.

I think they started 2014 if we take a look just quickly at CEO, they’ve started as another company in 2014 and then developed basically with their existing business into into LT own network…