TokenMinds: 3 Compelling reasons why we branded


If you have been following us you might have noticed that we rebranded all our marketing channels from AICO to TokenMinds yesterday.

As our business evolves, we feel our name should keep up with the changes. Our core mission is helping blockchain businesses succeed through our specialties marketing and fundraising. AICO, and before that ‘CryptoLeads’, didn’t incorporate these values sufficiently.

Also, we feel that ‘TokenMinds‘ communicates very well our identity as a team of experts in the blockchain space. It helps as well that that name is easy to pronounce and recognize.

It’s important to mention that this name change doesn’t reflect any changes in our services and business model. We’ll continue to help our clients to reach their goals and achieve success, by being a close and dedicated partner in their journey.

As such, we’re excited for a new year of joint success, going forward as ‘TokenMinds’!