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On of our differentiations and strong advantages is that we don’t really do retainers. We charge only for work delivered and have strict guarantees.

One-off Packages

Community Setup

Your ICO/STO campaign hasn't started yet, but you want to start building your following and generate investor interest.
  • Community Program
  • Bounty Program
  • Or request a custom quote

PR Boost

You have already some part of your ICO/STO launch covered, but need more exposure, grow your community, or attract more investor interest.
  • Community Program
  • Bounty Program
  • PR Publications
  • Or request a custom quote

ICO Setup

You have the idea, whitepaper and maybe even a product, but need a full setup to run the ICO or STO. *Only for protocol projects.
From $45,000
  • Token Issueing Platform
  • ICO Legal setup (EU)
  • Or request a custom quote

Monthly Packages

Dedicated ICO/STO Manager

You are looking for an experienced ICO/STO Manager to be the hub for any activity regarding running your ICO/STO campaign.
$3900 / Month
  • Marketing reporting
  • Strategic consults
  • Partner/freelance coordination
  • Event representation
  • Or request a custom quote
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Our individual

Crypto influencer channels

Crypto influencer Twitter accounts.

Crypto forums

Post on crypto investor forums and threats, such as BitcoinTalk, Reddit and Bitcoin.com.

Crypto blogs

Publications on top crypto investor target blogs, such as NewsBTC, CoinSpeaker, BitcoinGarden and Bitcoin Insider.

PR Publications

Custom blockchain content

Custom article for each publication written by experience blockchain writers.

Additional aggregator traffic

Reach from aggregator sites of our partner publishers.

SEO boost

Boosting of SEO visibility for your ICO/STO from the PR publication referrals.

Community channels setup

Fully branded setup of accounts on Telegram, Bitcointalk, Discord, Wechat, Facebook and Twitter.

Community management bots

Social media bots to save time and resources with automated messaging.

Community manager contacts (multi lingual)

Either list of contacts or managed through us (with dedicated ICO/STO management).

Community Program

Blockchain content creator contacts (multi lingual)

Either list of contacts or managed through us (with dedicated ICO/STO management).

Program description & structure setup

Custom campaign outline and program description.

Bounty software, including leaderboard

Customizable bounty software Design, rules and minimal layout changes.

Tracking bots

Partially automated tracking of bounty results.

Bounty Program

Blockchain Bounty managers contacts (multi lingual)

Either list of contacts or managed through us (with dedicated ICO/STO management).

Campaign promotion

Publication of campaign on Bitcointalk, crypto forum, and groups.

Whitepaper & marketing feedback

Providing feedback on your Whitepaper, website and other existing marketing material from a marketing a crypto investor community perspective.

ICO/STO Listing site publications

Submitting optimized entries to top-tier ICO/STO listing websites.

Roadshow marketing setup

Creating a custom event calendar, investor sales slides, and booth materials.

ICO/STO Marketing setup

ICO/STO Content plan

Providing an extensive calendar for ICO/STO content distribution, including themes for articles, content types, and story subjects.

Graphics portfolio

Designing a portfolio or prepared graphics for social media graphics, and banners.

Marketing partner campaign setup

Setting up crypto investor outreach campaigns through our partners.

Ad campaigns

Crypto investor targeted traffic, on tested ad networks that have a good ROI.

Optimized banner ads

Creation of banner ads, optimized for crypto investor audience.

ROI tracking implementation

Track ad performance based on 'Cost per Contribution' or 'Cost per Community Member'.

Crypto Ad traffic

Crypto payment options

Pay in cryptocurrency for your ad campaigns.

Private accounts for investors

Login dashboard for investors, branded for your ICO/STO.

Referral program integration

Investor referral link integration for viral marketing.

Crypto & fiat ready

Accept both cryptocurrency or local Fiat currency deposits.

Token Issueing Platform

Custom Ethereum smart-contract

Audited Ethereum smart contract development for your ICO/STO.

Real-time crypto to fiat conversion ready

Dynamic conversion from crypto to fiat in real-time rates.

Financial instrument test VFA

Performing a mandatory test to determine the classification of the Virtual Financial Asset.

M&A & Incorporation

Document preparation and handling the whole incorporation process.

Tax, shareholder refund & VAT registration

Handling all the procedures for tax, shareholder refund & VAT registration in Malta.

ICO/STO Legal setup (EU)

Bank account setup

Opening a corporate bank account in Malta.

VFA agent

VFA agent appointment, handling the submission, Due Diligence, WP review, disclaimer review etc.

Technical System audit

Testing the code, making sure that it represents the logic & mechanisms described in the whitepaper.

Social channels & structure setup

Setting up of social and content channels, optimized for customer acquisition.

Customer base growth plan

Marketing plan for growing customer base, including content, PR, and Advertising.

Website Conversion Optimisation

Optimizing website design and call to actions for customer acquisition.

Post ICO/STO Marketing setup

PR Publications

Publication of PR articles to build trust indicators for new customers.

Crypto Exchange listing setup

Submitting your project to our growing list of partner Crypto Exchanges.

SEO Optimisation

Optimize website and outreach program to boost SEO ranking.


Token Minds is backed by a global, dynamic and experienced team of marketing specialists who have tackled numerous projects and achieved remarkable results. We appreciate the importance of a close, collaborative relationship with every client and are ready to help you lead your project to success.


Rob Eijgenraam

ICO/STO Marketing Manager (USA)
ICO/STO marketing expert, Rob currently advises and mentors several blockchain and ICO/STO projects, and is known for strategic thinking.

Anchor Chan

ICO/STO Marketing Manager (Asia)
Former analyst at Mckinsey, Anchor is an Expert in ICO/STO executive management with a strong focus on ROI Optimization.

Simonas J Radkevicius

ICO/STO Marketing Manager (EU)
One for the main forces behind the marketing success of the organically raised 2500ETH of the Birdchain.io ICO/STO project.




Lawrence Buttigieg

Lawrence Buttigieg

Legal Expert
With a vast experience in ICO/STO projects, Lawrence has worked side by side with high cap projects, as well as creating and developing ICO/STO projects with excellent results for four years.

Azmie Suhaimi

Tech Entrepreneurship
Formerly in the Advertising/Media Industry, servicing Guinness and new business accounts (Pepsi, Cesar, Food Republic).Also gained valuable Regional experience in FMCG with Fonterra (Anlene, Anmum & Anchor cheese)

Sebastian Hewing

Startup and ICO/STO Advisor
Spent 4 years as Head of Business Analytics at Rocket Internet helping ventures scale from product-market-fit to IPO and built data infrastructures, teams and processes for 7 portfolio companies in 15 countries, including Lamoda, Lazada and Zalora.

Daniel Grech

AI Consultant, Enthusiast & Entrepreneur
Daniel is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence and data-related technology. He has been active in the local & international startup scene for a number of years.Daniel holds an Msc. in Statistics from the University of Sheffield.



Adi Setiawan

An excellent community manager, Adi stays in close touch with crypto and blockchain world and updates, which makes his content and strategy perfect for your project.

Shivam Agarwal

Shivam is paving the way for the blockchain industry by creating engaging content for different projects. His work experience has led him to become a Master in community management while working with top-tier projects.

Victoria Stone

Providing engagement strategy at its finest, Victoria applies her master’s degree in management to her everyday work. No stranger to using tech language she has a strong advantage in creating the best fitting content.

Chen Jing

Innovative and dynamic, Chen speaks English and Chinese on a native level. It makes him the perfect candidate for growth hacking your project - engaging content never seemed to easy.



Emanuel E.

With a vast experience in bounty campaigns, Emanuel has worked side by side with high cap projects, as well as creating and developing bounty campaigns with excellent results for four years.

Thomas Coughlan

Forum and blog evangelist, Thomas has been in the forefront for bounty programs’ development. His strong focus on crypto community makes him your elite specialist for this task.

John McCarthy

Five years of experience make John a serious veteran in managing bounty campaign while setting up the entire process. He is known for immaculate payout methods and his overall disponibility for the projects he has worked on.

Brian Walsh

Brian’s deep knowledge regarding forum and blog workflow sets him apart, as it allows providing content that the community perceives to be valuable and informative. This, combined with a designer mentality will make your bounty campaign stand out.



Vanesa Ryan

Pay per click specialist, Vanessa will increase the attention towards your project on all social media platforms. Being strategic and collaborative, she will go an extra mile for your goals and success.

Dimitri Alexeyev

A Russian connection, Dimitri will showcase and grow your project, making a way into all Russian social media platforms. He is a blockchain evangelist with strong skills that will expand your social media presence and following.

Seth Bryant

A disruptive strategist, Seth escalates growth on all of your social media platforms. His management skills and deep knowledge of Cryptocurrencies make him the perfect professional to stay in touch with during and post your project launch.

Maria Campos

With vast experience of social media, Maria is in charge for your strategic approach- every post, every picture, every link shared counts when maintaining your project authenticity. Communication at his finest form.



Patricia Olson

Need a business marketing video? Patricia is one of the best for creating content for your project. She will use her methodic and hands-on mentality to power the production process.

Steve Caar

In addition to his video skills, Steve is a cryptocurrency trader, which makes him a valuable asset in creating content for any ICO project.

Beth Wilson

An extremely talented videographer, Beth will make your unique selling points stand out in the final product. She is also an avid bitcointalk forum user, which makes her passionate in the field and highly knowledgeable of the target audience.

Kristen Aakster

Kristen has vast experience in a variety of industries and has been creating outstanding video content. Graphics, animation you name it - she will deliver beyond your expectations.



Brian Dunn

Brian is an experienced content writing veteran, working for both print and online publications. His articles on blockchain and cryptocurrency are appreciated by our clients, as he successfully turns heavily technical information into simple language.

Harish Gupta

Your Indian market specialist, Harish has been creating Blockchain related content for five years, making him one of the top writers in the field. Dynamic and easy to read texts are his specialty.

Sveen Christiansen

Sveen is a European ICO expert, who is a passionate cryptocurrency trader in addition to being an experienced content creator. This unique set of characteristics makes Sveen the ideal man for your project.

Martina Donkers

Martina is a professional writer and strategy consultant who knows what it takes to craft great written materials. She takes complex ideas and makes them easy to follow. Her specialty is whitepaper development.



Aldus Rashford

Aldus is a business analyst and provides your project with the insights of what needs business investors have. This improves the communications related to the ICO and allows a better understanding of how the public will react to the announcement.

Franklyn Myers

Franklyn, a technical audit specialist, will be advising your ICO from the early stages to the launch, making sure your project is always protected from major liabilities.

Irina Shatov

Every country has its own particular laws regarding ICO‘S and Irina knows it all. Irina’s work is the living proof that experience leads to success. Your ICO will be secure in her hands.

Camila Osorio

Camilia’s experience and research history in technical audit ensure sustained excellence in technical aspects of the business. She is one of the most experienced private ICO consultants in the market.


ICO/STO Marketing packages

Token Minds team of marketing specialists, content and web developers has a history of successfully nurturing traditional startups and ICO/STO’s. Our team of technical and professional experts is well-equipped to launch and manage the entire ICO/STO operations. We provide turnkey ICO/STO marketing packages that generate leads, expose to investors and build community – all that is needed to achieve success.

Crypto Community

We noticed that a growing problem for ICO/STO’s is lack of a core community, which would fully understand and believe in the project and its success, rather than observe passively and speculatively. That is why we have built a closed, second tier influencer community that would be the first means of promoting the vetted ICO/STO projects. Influence is power. This power can be harnessed to promote your ICO/STO.


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