How to manage health records with dividend security token: 4 powerful benefits of Healthbank Model

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Healthbank is issuing a dividend security token to encourage participation in its platform. Healthbank is an STO-based project aiming to transform healthcare by making health data safe, secure and compliant.

The platform enables users to license their personal health data to research organizations or corporates. In exchange for sharing their data, users receive the HBC token in return.

The problem with healthcare

Health data today is complex. Data often is stored in closed ecosystems, where it lies dormant for years and is nearly inaccessible to the patient. This makes it difficult to exchange personal health data. In addition, patients and care providers rarely have a complete record of an individual. 

Healthbank solution

The Healthbank ecosystem enables users to securely store and exchange data with whom they want to share it. This could be healthcare, pharmaceutical and wellness, as well as lifestyle service providers.


The project is gaining traction at an alarming rate. They already have an MVP available here.

More importantly, the project has a five-year running track record with over 200, 000 users already registered on the platform. Thus, Healthbank project has a proven business model. Furthermore, the idea of incentivizing users using dividend security token is not new but Healthbank’s competitive advantage lies in its approach.

Healthbank Team

The team behind Healthbank is diverse and well-balanced. CEO Reto Schegg has vast experience in the healthcare sector on a management level for more than 10 years. Similarly, Uwe Diegel, the head of Product Development, has been developing healthcare products for over ten years.

Dividend Security Token Offering

Unlike many projects, Healthbank is issuing a dividend security token offering. The HBE token’s primary purpose is to represent financial equity rights (Anteilscheine) including dividend rights of the Healthbank cooperative. Users will be able to exchange HBE tokens for HBC tokens so that they can pay for services on the Healthbank platform. Businesses, on the other hand, will buy and use HBC token to incentivize users to share personal data.

Again, if the market price for HBE drops, the investor can use the HBE at the nominal (issuing) value to buy services. 

HBE token will have a Hard cap of CHF 27.6M but there’s no softcap. The project is also a cooperative, which means it is not for profit. So far, only 55% of tokens have been sold to the public. Lastly, extra tokens can be minted, but only to facilitate user growth.

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