Unique Blockchain Tricks SWIPE uses to change the mobile ad landscape

SWIPE is tapping into the power of blockchain to enable marketers to achieve high returns through swipe-to-engage mobile ads.

In case you are not yet aware, the mobile ad landscape is a nuisance to everyone. User data (ie, targeting) is inaccurate, less transparent, and incorrectly valued. The problem isn’t that ads don’t work on mobile. It’s that universal data sharing methods are lacking. There’s also a lack of motivation of the users to actually share their real data with advertisers.

Engaging and rewarding users via blockchain

This is all about to change with SWIPE. They are creating a system on the blockchain where users get rewarded, and thus motivated, to share their user data. And advertisers, on the other hand, are able to of reach and engage their target audience through high-quality matching mobile ads.

As audiences interact with swipeable in-page or in-app mobile ads, they realize that the commitment to engage with a swipeable ad is much lower, as they can quickly and easily swipe to see additional content without straying from their main purpose for being on the site/app.

And this is not just some empty promise; Swipe is actually onboarding apps to integrate their product into as I write this. At the moment they are three of them signed on, with a combined user base of almost one million people. Their market is mainly in South East Asia right now, which is sensible as mobile app usage is at record highs in the region.

The tokenomics of the project are also simple and straightforward; users earn rewards for sharing their data, app developers get a cut, and advertisers pay with the tokens in order to get their messages in front of the users. The more users; the more the advertisers. And more advertisers means an increase in token value due to demand.

We at TokenMinds are very excited about this project, and will surely be following their progress. Want to stay in the loop? Sign up here http://bit.ly/mailinglst


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