PropTech Security Token: 2 powerful attributes of the project

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Security token platform eLocations Ltd is reinventing the real-estate industry, becoming the world’s first global commercial real estate platform.

The Swiss PropTech start-up is designing a commercial property listings meta-platform, which provides location intelligence on retail units in prime locations globally.

The intention of the security token platform is to two-fold. First, it aims to evolve the current classified listings sites on the one hand with Second, it wants to introduce a completely new service for tenants and landlords to switch from centralized paper contracts and listings to decentralized smart contracts on


The eLocations security token platform is gaining remarkable traction at the moment. Their working product or MVP is already out and available at eLocations. In addition, the project has solid backing from the biggest players in the real estate industry. These include shopping centers, landlords, property brokers, and major retailers.

eLocations Team

The team behind the eLocations security token platform comprise of individuals with vast industry experience. For example, CEO Marc C. Riebe has worked as a retail broker for over 11 years. Similarly, Dan Innes, the project’s CMC, is a real estate consultant for almost 10 years.

Security Token Offering

eLocations is one of the first global PropTech companies ever to launch a Security Token (eLOC). The security token gives a dividend to token holders, allowing them to have collective ownership of the company. In addition, up to 60% of eLocations’ future net income will be distributed to all Security Token holders.

Once eLocations’ service platform is fully operational, they will launch a Utility Token (LCN). When that time comes, their Security Token (eLOC) will exchange for the Utility Token at a discounted price of 20%. Therefore, eLocations investors have an opportunity to lower the risk of their investment, as they will always retain an option to ‘use’ their tokens and benefit from eLocations service portfolio.

Meanwhile, the team aims to achieve a contribution of EUR 2.5m during their eLOCationsToken Pre-Sale. The Target Cap is Equivalent of EUR 50m

If less than the equivalent of EUR 2.5m in proceeds are received by the Token Sale End Date then all funds raised will be returned to participants (less any applicable transaction costs) within a reasonable period of time from the end the Token Sale End Date.

The vesting period for eLocations founders and employees is as follows: Until the ITO of the eLocations Utility Token (as described above).

The breakdown of security token allocation is as follows:

– 80% of eLOCationsToken allocated to
the Token Sale
– 15% of eLOCationsToken distributed to eLocations founders and
– 5% of eLOCationsToken distributed as
part of the eLocations Reserve and therefore retained by eLocations, as described below:


The project has sufficient potential to scale. Subscribe to learn more about eLocations and other exciting security token projects.


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