Crypto marketing plan: 6 powerful strategy components  that puts you ahead of rivals

crypto marketing plan

Creating a crypto marketing plan should be your top priority if you have a blockchain project. With so many projects emerging in the blockchain environment, catching the attention of investors can be an uphill task. Using a crypto marketing plan can be a surefire way of attracting the attention of investors. If you lack the skills or time to create such a plan, it’s advisable to work with a crypto marketing agency. Here, we explore practical tips and tricks of developing a crypto marketing plan.

What is crypto marketing?

You might be grappling with this question in your mind:  ‘What is crypto marketing’? So, before diving into the nitty-gritty of this topic, an answer to the question can suffice. Crypto marketing is the process of creating, messaging, and delivering valuable blockchain products to customers. Due to the high competition in the blockchain ecosystem, it’s essential to articulate a fool-proof campaign that entails multiple marketing verticals.

After responding to the question of what is crypto marketing, the next move is to dive deep into the components of a crypto marketing plan and how to promote your crypto offers.

‘A good online marketing campaign with clear and open communication can do wonders and help differentiate your business in the jungle of thousands of projects.’

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Main elements of a crypto marketing plan

1.    Content marketing

Content promotion tackles the many issues that crypto firms encounter. No wonder this is why targeted messaging is one of the valuable tactics in blockchain circles. The strategy helps the crypto offerings attract potential clients while tackling their challenges. Wondering how to develop a content strategy for a cryptocurrency marketing plan? Here are the tips:

  • Understand your audience: most people want to invest in projects that they understand correctly. As blockchain technology is relatively new, many lack an in-depth understanding of how it works and how to benefit from it. Thus, it’s critical to avoid using jargon when creating marketing content. While jargon can portray you as a professional in the field, readers yearn for simple language that they can understand to make informed choices. While explaining how your crypto products can help the audience, it’s essential to avoid exaggerated hype. Larger-than-life messages create an impression that you’re ballooning up your project. You should back each claim with relevant information and high-quality arguments. A crypto marketing plan should state how to identify the right audiences and the best communication techniques for them.
  • Elaborate how features can benefit the audience: Some early-stage companies in the blockchain industry tend to enumerate their projects’ functionalities and features in various documents. They don’t explain how users can benefit from these attributes. Such companies tend to assume that the reader already knows the perks of these features. You should avoid this tendency and concentrate on elaborating the value of your technology.
  • Publish your content: Your marketing goals determine where to publish your pieces. Some of the plans you might want to achieve with your crypto content marketing include lead generation, branding, engagement, or retention. The initial step is to begin with an in-house blog within your platform. It’s essential to update your crowds on various aspects of your crypto project, including shifting strategy, partnerships, and critical milestones. Besides creating excellent PR, regular updates can attract more publicity to your offerings. Besides in-house publishing, you can also offer your articles for publication on niche platforms, such as CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and CNN. If you have PR-related content, you can get it published on platforms like Finance and Yahoo! Once you craft an article, it’s essential to post it across social media sites to get maximum traffic.
  • Hire a crypto content marketing firm: There is more to content writing than just crafting pieces. It’s an integration of various moves to optimize your crypto advertising efforts. This cryptocurrency marketing plan has various components, including strategizing, organizing, scheduling, optimizing. To be on the right side, it’s advisable to hire a crypto content marketing firm.

2. Promotion campaigns on social media platforms

Any crypto marketing plan must feature social media platforms. With multiple users, social media platforms can boost your crypto advertising efforts. It’s essential to understand how to promote crypto offers across these platforms, as some have strict rules to observe. So, a cryptocurrency plan should identify a cryptocurrency marketing agency to work with. Such a company understands how to navigate these platforms without offending their rules. Some mainstream platforms to feature in a crypto marketing plan include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Publish0x, and others.

3. Engage your Audience

It’s essential to keep your audience engaged throughout. People don’t want to feel boxed somewhere without understanding what should follow. You can avoid this feeling if you use various tactics, like conducting Question & Answer sessions, AMA, simple challenges where you give rewards to winners, and sharing important updates about your project. Also, part of your crypto marketing plan should be to inform your audience of the milestones you’ve attained so far, the next item on your roadmap, and when your offerings will go live. Calendar sites like ICObench, Coindar, and ICOCountdown can help you push essential updates about your project.

4. Incentivize your community members to be your brand advocates

If you incentivize your fans, they can be a valuable resource in boosting your crypto advertising efforts. You may be surprised to discover that some of your audience members know how to promote crypto offers than you! The only trick is to incentivize them through various tactics, like airdrops and bounties. So, when crafting a crypto marketing plan, highlight how you’ll incentivize your fans to help you in promoting your project.

5. Honor all your promises

You must always endeavor to build and keep trust with your audience. It’s critical to honor your promises and meet all the milestones. Remember, it’s better to promise what you can deliver than overpromising and failing to provide.

6. Influencer marketing

Collaborating with the right influencers is essential in spreading the word about your project. Influencers can explain the various features of your project and how clients can benefit from it. Because followers trust influencers, they’re likely to invest in your project once their mentor endorses it. A crypto marketing plan should explain the influencers that your project should hire.

Final words

Having a crypto marketing plan can help in promoting your blockchain project. Here, we’ve explored some vital elements of a cryptocurrency marketing plan. If you’re struggling to articulate a crypto marketing plan, it’s advisable to hire an experienced cryptocurrency marketing agency.


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