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Google ads cryptocurrency are an essential component of your crypto campaign. However, to post ads on Google isn’t a walk in the park. There are multiple restrictions that marketers must contend with before placing their adverts on the search engine. Here, we delve into some cryptocurrency Google ads restrictions. Also, we explain the reasons your project needs Google ads cryptocurrency.

Why Google prohibited crypto advertisers initially

You can easily perceive Google’s ads cryptocurrency as unjust. Many times, the company has tweaked its policies on Google advertising crypto. However, the truth is that back in 2018, most crypto banners on social media and crawlers were dishonest. Therefore, Google and other platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, prohibited all crypto-connected advertisements.

Which Google ads cryptocurrency restrictions do marketers face?

Marketers need to understand that regulations on cryptocurrency ads on Google keep changing. In 2018, the search engine behemoth prohibited all Google ads crypto. This meant that financial firms wouldn’t market token sales, storage apps, exchanges, and other crypto-related products.

In August 2021, Google revised its regulations on ads for cryptocurrency, allowing approved crypto firms to market most of their products. However, the prominent search engine still prohibits ICO ads.

The new revisions on Google crypto ads are good news from a marketing perspective. Furthermore, Google has recognized various digital currencies like Bitcoin and Eth that it initially classified as speculative and dangerous.

However, even with the loosening of restrictions, there are still other regulations to follow, including:

  • Marketers must meet specific standards: Before publishing Google ads cryptocurrency, marketers must ensure that Google certifies their ads. This means that each service they market must meet particular criteria.
  • Crypto exchanges or storage apps cannot market themselves: this means that to place their Google ads cryptocurrency, companies must hire a Google-certified marketer.
  • Google in the US:  For advertisers marketing their crypto businesses in the US, Google requires that they register with FinCEN. Advertisers should also meet various federal and state laws.

Why you should use Google ads cryptocurrency

Here are some perks of cryptocurrency ads on Google:

Expansion of leads and clients

Google ads cryptocurrency are efficient in generating quality leads for your business. If you launch a well-thought campaign, you’ll attract valuable leads, translating to a profitable business. An essential point about Google ads crypto is that they allow you to target individuals looking for your business’s offerings. Furthermore, you can keep refining your ads to meet the objectives of your campaign.

The flexibility of the promotion platform

Regular users of Google crypto ads will inform you that the system is highly versatile. It accommodates different types of organizations, regardless of their sizes. Furthermore, the platform is suitable for different kinds of promotion apps and systems.

Quote this

With Google Ads, you can customize your marketing to concentrate on particular types of digital users. For instance, your campaign can target users by region, gadget type, etc. Marketers can create their budget for specific aspects of their campaign.

With Google Ads, you can customize your marketing to concentrate on particular types of digital users. For instance, your campaign can target users by region, gadget type, etc. Marketers can create their budget for specific aspects of their campaign.

Enjoy a massive return on investment.

A vital benefit of cryptocurrency google ads is that they allow you to pay for banners once individuals click on them. So, if you optimize your campaigns, you can enjoy a higher ROI which is challenging when using other marketing tactics.

It would help if you kept testing and tracking your campaigns to discover what yields the best results for you. An excellent benefit of Google ads cryptocurrency is that you can always get the information you require about your campaign. So, if you find aspects of the campaign that yield excellent ROI, you should put more effort into them.

 Prompt and transparent outcomes

With cryptocurrency ads on Google, you’ll find timely and transparent outcomes about your campaign. Remember, the Google Ads platform is famous for its prompt and straightforward reports. Marketers can quickly check the dashboard to find all the campaign data, including:

  • Banners clicked,
  •  Search term the visitors used
  • The expense of the clicks

Premium traffic sources

Google is the prominent search engine in the market. So, it has a vast customer base that you can tap into. The company keeps on evolving, and its crawlers deliver the most germane search outcomes. So, companies placing their crypto ads Google on the platform enjoy multiple perks, such as valuable leads.

Client behavior

In business, it’s essential to delve into the mind of your ideal client. Knowing your target customer enables you to deal with them because you understand their needs. But it’s challenging to understand what your customer wants. Luckily, Google advertising crypto comes in handy.

Via Google ads, marketers can gain insights into clients’ buying behavior. For example, when you place cryptocurrency ads on google, you learn about clients’ search terms and their location. You can also discover the gadgets your customers use and when they conduct their search. Advertisers can use these insights to improve their offerings and refine their promotion efforts.

Why do you require an ads cryptocurrency professional?

Before posting crypto ads on Google, marketers must abide by the stringent rules of the giant search engine. However, meeting the requirements of these regulations can be tricky. So, the best option is to hire an experienced marketer. This professional can help overcome the challenges of posting your Google ads cryptocurrency. Here are the key reasons you need to hire a professional to run your Google ads cryptocurrency campaign:

  • Complexity: Many people think signing up for a Google account and running an ads campaign is pretty straightforward. But this might not be the case, as creating an account is daunting. For example, you need to track phone calls, craft an engaging copy for banners, and target the right crowds. All these procedures require the help of a professional in Google ads cryptocurrency.
  • Ads keep changing: Google ads keep changing, and the market is unstable. So, it would help if you had a specialist who understands the market dynamics for a successful campaign.
  • Bidding tactics: Bidding tactics on Google can differ as per your objectives. There are multiple bidding techniques to use for different campaigns. So, a specialist understands these technicalities and can help you launch your campaign correctly.


There are various reasons why you should launch a google crypto ads campaign. The campaign can drive quality leads to your business. You can also enjoy a higher ROI if you conduct the campaign appropriately. For positive outcomes from this campaign, it’s advisable to hire a Google ads agency to help you.


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