ICO Marketing Strategy: 11 impeccable tips and tricks for crafting a winning ICO promotion plan

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An ICO marketing strategy plays a crucial role in determining the success of your project. When ICOs came into the limelight in 2017, around 900 projects were launched and raised over $ 5 billion. But only half of these projects met their fundraising goals. A likely reason why many of the projects failed was due to a flawed ICO marketing strategy. So, once you develop a killer blockchain project, you must support it with an effective marketing plan.

However, many project owners lack information on crafting a successful ICO marketing strategy. And that’s how an ICO marketing agency comes in handy. Such an agency offers multiple ICO marketing services that can benefit your project.

Are you looking for informative tips and tricks for developing a winning ICO marketing strategy? If so, then keep reading.

How to create an ICO Marketing Strategy?

Currently, multiple ICOs in the market compete for choosy investors’ attention. You can only catch the attention of these investors if you deliver a robust marketing campaign. An outstanding ICO marketing strategy appeals, converts, and keeps your ideal customers. Such a strategy entails using various technologies to grab the attention of your crowds. Here are the steps of developing an ICO marketing plan:

  • Discover your personas: your first step in creating an ICO plan is identifying your perfect investor. You must have in-depth details about this investor. The points you gather about your investor help you make a well-targeted message that appeals to your customer.
  • Identify your audience’s pain points: once you discover your personas, you need to understand their pain points. This enables you to create a product that resolves their problems during ICO preparation.
  • Find your audience: you can find the crypto crowds on multiple web places, such as Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and BitcoinTalk. Each channel has unique features that enable you to communicate with your audience.

What to include in your ICO marketing strategy

Here are the critical components of an ICO promotion plan:


A comprehensive whitepaper helps prospective investors understand your project and why it’s a valuable investment. The whitepaper has vital areas of your project, including:

  • Your objectives
  • the problem in the market and how you intend to solve it
  • The technology you want to use
  • Token structure
  • Project team

It would help if you used tables and figures to guide the audience when writing the whitepaper. An in-depth whitepaper can ignite the interest of potential investors. So, you should report it as a business plan rather than a scholarly treatise.

Professional website

A website is a critical component of your crypto marketing strategy. Your visitors will make an impression about your project based on your website’s appearance. So, you must ensure that the platform has a fantastic design and looks professional.

The sales messages on the various sections of your website should be derived from your whitepaper. So, the ICO content of your website is an abridged version of the whitepaper, communicating the vital selling points to potential buyers.

For maximum attraction of ICO traffic, you need to emphasize your platform’s design aspects more than textual information. Thus, you should use attention-grabbing pictures and SEO-friendly elements.

List your project in ICO directories.

Potential ICO investors hangout on various ICO calendars. Ensure that you understand the guideline of each calendar before you list your ICO there. The basic information you should provide is the ICO project name, coin information, your website, and contact details.

Press releases

Releases are an effective way of popularizing your ICO in top-notch publications. They’re professionally written and focus on the actual events of your ICO. Besides third-party publications, you can share your press release to social media handles and websites that would like to share them with their crowds.

If you lack the skills or time to write your press release, you must contact an ICO PR firm to help you. Top ico marketing companies know where to publish your press releases for maximum exposure.

Hire an ICO consultant

An ICO advisor has deep knowledge about conducting an effective campaign. They understand the correct boxes to tick when launching an ICO project. So, hiring an ICO advisor can help you save many resources during your marketing by concentrating on valuable aspects.

Community engagement

ICOs are community-based. Thus, it’s advisable to create a solid group for your project. An engaged community creates hype around your business, which increases the project’s value. Also, community members can help in spreading the word about your offerings. You can use various techniques to manage your community, such as contests, Q&A sessions, and giveaways.

Managing an ICO community is a daunting task that requires the input of an experienced community manager. So, ensure that the ICO marketing agency you hire offers this service.

Bounty Programs

Bounties entail the sharing of rewards to participants who complete specific tasks related to ICO marketing. The tasks completed help in creating awareness about your project. Some behaviors to reward include discovering bugs, retweeting your tweet, and sharing your post.

It would help if you achieved a delicate balance, as sharing numerous free coins creates terrible PR. On the other hand, you may lack participants if you don’t offer enough tokens to motivate bounty hunters.

Thus, part of your ICO marketing strategy is to choose ICO marketing services that provide a bounty distribution program.

Introductory Video

Part of your ICO preparation is to have a powerful video that explains your program to potential investors. Although this isn’t a mandatory requirement, it’s an efficient technique for promoting your offerings.

Ensure that the messaging in your video is memorable and captures salient facts about your token. For example, you can talk about the problem in the market and how your project will solve it.

Influencer marketing

Influencers can help in educating their audiences about your offerings. Thus, collaborating with the right influencers can boost your ICO traffic by directing valuable leads to your website. Influencers can improve your brand’s credibility and enhance the subscription levels through well-targeted communications. This makes you stand out from the competition.

Use paid advertising

Top ICO marketing companies understand the value of using paid ads. However, posting crypto ads on specific platforms requires one to adhere to regulations. So, it’s advisable to hire an ICO PR firm to help you when using this ICO marketing strategy.

Use search engine optimization.

SEO entails improving your search result rankings and gaining more ICO traffic. This helps direct valuable leads to your website, boosting the number of investors. The SEO strategy can also help you create optimized ICO content you distribute for guest posting.


An essential aspect of your ICO project is marketing it to the target audience. Promotion of your ICO requires one to articulate an ICO marketing strategy. Your ICO marketing strategy comprises multiple components, as explained here.