NFT Agency: a go-to guide to help you evaluate an NFT firm  in 2022 and beyond

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An NFT agency can help you to market your non-fungible tokens to your target audience. When you popularize your digital collections appropriately, you can quickly meet your sales objectives. However, marketing your NFTs is a strenuous exercise that needs the help of an experienced NFT marketing agency and NFT development agency. Currently, there are multiple NFT agencies in the market. And many developers might find it tricky to choose the right one. So, the best step is to equip yourself with knowledge before approaching the market. If you’re looking for an NFT marketing company, we explore some professional tips and tricks for choosing the right one.

Signs that you’ve found the best NFT agency

Before you pick an NFT promotion agency, there are various things that you should consider. Here are the indicators that signify that you’ve found an appropriate NFT agency:

  • Industry connections: an experienced NFT agency is well connected in the sector. The NFT PR agency has a solid network of critical contacts in the industry, such as premium publications.
  • Solid track record: the track record of the NFT advertising agency you want to choose must be strong. So, you can easily see what the agency is capable of doing.
  • Highly reputable: an NFT art agency with good standing in the industry can deliver the best solutions. Such a company aims to offer the best services to attract more customers.
  • Helpful in another aspect of your projects: besides marketing, an NFT agency can help you in other areas of your business, such as web building. This enables you to avoid contracting many companies concurrently.

What an NFT agency can do for a project

NFT project management and marketing can be challenging to many brands. There are many development steps to ensure your project gets traction. An NFT agency comes in handy in the following areas:

NFT development

An NFT company can help you to develop your project by focusing on various areas, including smart contract development, dApp creation, and NFT marketplace development. Intelligent contracts are critical as they ensure that your NFTs are authentic, transactions move quickly, and the collections are unique. Before deploying smart contracts in the blockchain ecosystem, you must test them to remove bugs and errors. So, an NFT can help you to design, develop, and audit your digital contracts before deploying them.

Besides smart contract development, an NFT agency can help you develop decentralized applications (dApps). The decentralized applications resemble the traditional apps. However, the former operates on decentralized networks and carries more features. The agency can determine the best approach to use in developing your dApps.

Finally, the NFT agency can help you to develop an NFT marketplace. The marketplace facilitates the minting, displaying, and trading of NFTs. The agency can help you design and create your marketplace website. Also, the developer can help you to integrate the right wallet into your marketplace.

NFT marketing

Once you create your NFTs, you must promote them to your target audience. An NFT agency uses various techniques to market your offerings. The agency develops and engages a community. Some niche platforms to create communities include Discord and Telegram. These platforms have multiple features to welcome and engage your community.

Also, the agency can identify the right influencers for your brand and partner with them to spread the word about your project. Influencers have an existing audience that they can teach about your NFTs. Furthermore, influencers wield much authority over their crowds and can easily convince them to buy your NFTs.

Finally, an NFT agency can help to create a public relations (PR) strategy for your NFTS. The PR PR strategy builds trust with the users of your NFTs. Also, you can get valuable leads via the method.

NFT sales strategy

A sales strategy is a vital element of your NFT project. The plan has various components, including a roadmap, partnerships, and an industry network.

An experienced NFT agency can help you create a roadmap for your project. The roadmap is a vision that captures the steps your brand intends to take to provide value for your users.

An agency can also help your brand to identify the right partners to collaborate with. These partners have in-depth knowledge about your industry and can help to boost trust with your target audience.

Finally, an agency can help you create solid relationships with the industry network. NFTs span a variety of sectors, such as gaming, fashion, and real estate. So, the agency can identify and connect you with the right network.

How to hire the right NFT marketing firm

Choosing the right NFT agency is difficult for many people, especially beginners in the industry. Here are the tips to help you select the right NFT creative agency:

Choose a full-service agency

It’s frustrating and costly to hire many companies to perform related jobs. The best NFT marketing firm should offer multiple services. A trustworthy firm provides PR, Discord promotion, content marketing, and SEO services. Furthermore, choosing an all-inclusive NFT agency helps you get a cost-effective pricing package. 

TokenMinds is one of the best full-service agencies that provides various NFT services, such as community building,NFT development, creation of DAOs, and NFT consulting. With an experienced team of engineers and marketers, you can trust TokenMinds for professional services.


An NFT agency charges a client based on the tasks to be delivered. So, rates differ between agencies. You need to find an NFT creative agency that matches your budget. A good NFT agency has a package that suits various clients, regardless of their size. The attitude of such an NFT agency is that even a tiny fish in a massive pond requires attention.

Also, it’s vital to choose an agency with transparent pricing. Suffice to say, there are many agencies in the market which seem cheap, but once you start all kinds of extra costs pop up. TokenMinds has clear packages with transparent pricing. What you see is what you get. 

Experience of the company

An NFT agency with experience is likely to deliver the best marketing solutions. Such a company has a track record of accomplishing multiple projects in the past. So, through the knowledge gained, the agency can deliver a result-focused marketing campaign. You can use various tactics to understand the experience of an nft marketing agency. First, you need to check the reviews of previous customers. Raving reviews indicate that the agency offers high-quality services. Also, you should check the case studies and portfolio of the NFT agency.

Furthermore, an experienced NFT marketing company will share engaging, informative, and errorless content. So, you need to check their knowledge base to determine the type of content the agency shares.

Articulate your promotion objectives

Before looking for an NFT agency, it’s critical to determine the goals you want to achieve from the partnership.

Quote this

When you set your marketing goals, you can quickly discover the agency that can help you meet them. Furthermore, articulating your campaign objectives helps an agency offer the best solutions in line with your requirements.

When you set your marketing goals, you can quickly discover the agency that can help you meet them. Furthermore, articulating your campaign objectives helps an agency offer the best solutions in line with your requirements.

Cultural fit

While assessing the NFT promotion agency, it’s essential to check whether it aligns well with your brand’s culture. So, it’s advisable to choose a firm that understands your business well and the best strategies to use in popularizing your NFTs. 

Also, ensure that the NFT agency you choose has a track record of delivering results. So, you should request the agency to give you the contacts of their past clients. This helps you to understand how the company manages its tasks. The insights you get from the company’s previous customers will help you know whether the agency is the best fit for you.

Check the agency’s communication strategy.

A primary quality of an NFT PR agency is to communicate effectively to its clients. You aim to choose an agency that updates you regularly on the progress of your marketing campaign. So, you need to inquire about their communication policy and determine whether it suits your business.

Industry compliant

The NFT advertising agency you’re evaluating must understand the best practices and regulations in the NFT sector. Knowledge of the industry’s rules helps the company to deliver a prompt and result-focused campaign. Some best practices include partnering with influencers, utilizing the NFT calendar, and applying hashtags. The NFT agency you choose must also understand the various NFT marketplaces and their posting requirements.

Check the tools the agency uses

Technological advancement keeps impacting all fields of the economy, and advertisement isn’t an exception. So, to win your marketing campaign, you must apply the latest technologies.

Despite the multiple perks of the latest technologies, many promotion firms still rely on obsolete tools. So, before picking an NFT agency, you must check whether it uses modern tools to deliver the campaign efficiently. An agency with modern tools allows you to enjoy excellent results of your campaign.

Focus on quality

Previously, many people used to rate agencies based on their size. While this parameter is relevant, you should look beyond it when searching for an NFT art agency. Instead, you should focus more on the quality of service that a team delivers. Remember, a team can be lean but deliver more high-quality solutions than you can find in a large company.


Finding the right NFT promotion firm is a laborious exercise for many startups. Many agencies have emerged in the market, claiming to offer the best solutions. However, some may lack the knowledge and skills to deliver marketing solutions. The tips shared here can help you hire the right NFT marketing agency.


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