Finding the best blockchain marketing agency: 10 Tips and tricks

blockchain marketing agency

The need for blockchain services is going up as many sectors embrace the technology. As you focus on improving your business, you need to hire a blockchain marketing agency to promote your project.

According to the Global News Wire, the blockchain market is anticipated to grow from USD 4.6 billion in 2021 to USD 67.4 billion by 2026. To assuage the demand in the market, entrepreneurs must offer scalable solutions that meet the needs of various clients.

A primary source of headache for blockchain technology project owners is how to popularize their offerings and attract sales. Remember, the success or otherwise of your business will depend on the marketing strategy that you adopt. But if you lack time or knowledge in marketing, it’s essential to hire a blockchain marketing agency.

As the demand for blockchain solutions keeps growing, the need for marketing agencies is also going up. And this has led to the emergency of many promotion agencies, some with questionable experience and integrity. Thus, before selecting the blockchain agency to work with, it’s critical to evaluate it keenly and check whether it can offer the services it claims to provide. To help you approach the market with confidence, we have explored ten tips and tricks that can help when hiring a blockchain marketing agency.

1.Set your goals

When looking for a blockchain marketing agency, the first step is to set your goals. This helps you to understand what you require from a marketer to enable you to achieve your objectives. The objectives you create must be specific, relevant, measurable, attainable, and time-bound.

2. Check reputable B2B Hubs for a blockchain marketing agency

An essential approach to adopt when looking for a blockchain marketing agency is to check niche B2B hubs. Such platforms offer crucial information about various blockchain companies. So, whether you’re looking for a blockchain PR agency, a blockchain development firm, or a blockchain development consulting service, a B2B hub can be a valuable resource.

3. Check the team size and professional abilities.

If a blockchain marketing team is large enough, it can handle any amount of work. Besides offering marketing services, such a team can also deliver blockchain development consulting and other essential services. So, when you have a big project, it’s critical to evaluate the blockchain agency in question to determine whether it’s capable of handling your work. A blockchain marketing agency can sub-contract other companies if the need arises. But, it’s vital to find out what the company offers and the services it outsources.

4. Check the satisfaction levels of previous clients.

An experienced blockchain pr agency has several past customers it has worked with. It’s critical to find out what these customers are saying about the marketing company’s quality of service. You should avoid being the first client the company is working with. It’s advisable to choose a company that has a track record.

If the blockchain marketing agency you’re evaluating has a list of previous clients, it’s advisable to request their contacts. Once you get the references, call some of them to find out about the company’s quality of service.

5. Check their rates and how they align with your budget.

Many professional blockchain development companies are expensive. However, this shouldn’t bar you from finding a blockchain agency that aligns well with your budget. The best approach to finding an ideal marketing agency is to request quotes from various companies and compare their pricing. You can select an agency that falls within your budget range from the comparison.

6. Pay attention to the communication policy of the company

An excellent blockchain marketing agency provides excellent customer support services. Such a company lets the client know the progress of campaigns and what needs to be done to improve them. The blockchain development agency should provide advisory services that can boost the success of your campaigns.

7. Conduct background research

Most the blockchain marketing agencies have websites that contain information about what they do. It’s critical to go through the websites of the agencies you’re evaluating to understand how they work. Marketers who understand their job will likely share informative pieces about blockchain marketing. So, it’s essential to read their blog posts to know whether they’re authorities in their field.

8. Marketing strategy

Promoting blockchain projects is a challenging task that requires knowledgeable marketers. The company you’re interviewing should inform you of its strategy to approach the market. The company should use multiple approaches to spread the word about your offering, from social media to advertising in niche channels. Suffice to say, blockchain projects require communities that support them. So, the company you inform the tactics they’ll apply to create and maintain this community.

‘For blockchain startups, the challenge of bringing their babies to the scrutinizing eyes of financiers and make it enticing enough to spend on is trickier than marketing any other business.’

Source: Hackernoon

Here are some marketing strategies an experienced blockchain marketing agency can use:

  • Use of influencer marketing
  • Bounty marketing
  •  Crypto Ad marketing
  •  Promotion through airdrops
  • Creating a community
  •  Affiliate marketing

9. Experience

Blockchain agencies that have been in the market for a long time have the skills, knowledge, and tools to offer the best service. Before choosing any company, it’s essential to inquire about their experience. You can also learn about the experience of blockchain marketers through what the previous clients say about the marketer’s services.

10. Set up a meeting with the blockchain marketing agency

Before you hire an employee, you must schedule an appointment with them to determine how they can work to deliver results. Choosing a blockchain marketing agency is like hiring an employee to work for you. You must meet either in person or virtually with the company’s representative to discuss your needs with them.


A blockchain project can only generate profits if you market it to the right audience. If you lack the time or knowledge, hiring a blockchain marketing agency to help you is the best option. As blockchain technology gains popularity, many marketing agencies have emerged. Project owners should only choose a blockchain development firm that has marketing experience. Here, we’ve shared valuable tips that can enable you to choose wisely.


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