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When you launch a blockchain startup, it’s safe to say that a lot is riding on your crypto marketing strategy. If your project doesn’t gain traction fast, your chances of drawing in users or followers are very slim. And you won’t be able to a make splash in the industry as much as you want to. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of cryptocurrency advertising best practices to help you best optimize your ads to maximize your reach. Follow our guidelines to ensure that your crypto ads campaigns have a shot at doing their best across different channels.

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What is Crypto Advertising?

Crypto advertising refers to a targeted, data-driven advertising strategy. It is a tactic that aims at reaching crypto communities. The goal of crypto ads is to generate brand awareness, drive traffic or boost token sales.

With cryptocurrency advertising, your ads will appear on Google, YouTube, Twitter, media websites, and more. Crypto ads also come with a massive amount of data. You can track the performance of your campaigns in real-time, for example. In addition, you can learn about the demographics, interests, and habits of the people viewing and interacting with your ads.

Best Practices for Crypto Ads

We recommend the following best practices for crypto ads so that companies can increase their reach and conversions. 

Crypto Ads Facebook

Facebook has banned direct advertising of cryptocurrency token sales on its site. However, you can get around this ban by hiring an authorized digital advertising agency. Facebook’s latest policy on cryptocurrency products and services ads require crypto companies to work with an approved advertiser. That is to help avoid misleading ads. 

The following are the types of crypto ads allowed on Facebook. You can launch these ads without prior written permission from Facebook.

  • Events, education, and news related to cryptocurrency
  • Tax services for crypto companies
  • Blockchain technology information 
  • Digital payment tools

As for cryptocurrency mining-related ads and investment advice, you must first seek confirmation for eligibility.

Crypto Google Ads

While your crypto ads can appear in Google search results, they can also display across Google partner network websites (sites approved to display ads created by Google). You can use pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to build an immediate online presence. The good thing with crypto Google Ads is that its display ads appear on YouTube as well. So it enables your company to reach crypto investors or users on both pivotal channels.

However, Google has some pretty strict rules regarding cryptocurrency advertising. Google allows products and services related to cryptocurrency mining, but only if you are a licensed provider. Your account needs to be verified by Google. Lastly, your products and crypto Google ads must be in complete accordance with local laws and industry standards. 

For cryptocurrency exchanges, Google allows you to run ads campaigns provided that you fulfill the requirements. Please note that ads for cryptocurrency exchanges are currently only allowed in Japan and the USA. 

What’s not allowed? Crypto ads promoting initial coin offerings or token sale of cryptocurrencies. Added to that are ads that compare the issuers of cryptocurrencies or related products. Examples include cryptocurrency trading or investment advice, affiliate websites, or broker reviews. 

YouTube Crypto Ads

Google will let cryptocurrency wallets run ads on YouTube beginning in August 2021. This change comes after the company banned such ads from its platforms in 2018. But the ad ban still exists for ICOs and services that aggregate or compare issuers of cryptocurrencies.

Companies can get around the YouTube crypto ads ban by working exclusively with influencers. Influencers carry immense value. That is because they have the trust and respect of the crypto audience. As such, they can recommend projects with success. Most popular YouTube crypto influencers like Ian Balina, Doug Polk Crypto, Ivan On Tech, Boxmining, among others. 

Crypto YouTube influencers typically charge a flat-rate fee based on their number of followers or engagement. Some may charge your business on the performance of your sponsored posts. Our advice is to work with influencers that charge based on post engagement. That’s because post engagement tends to provide a more accurate view of that influencer’s audience.

Twitter Crypto Ads

On Twitter, you can use cost-per-follow (CPF) metrics. It helps you to earn more followers through crypto ads. Typically, these ads are suitable for companies who want to increase their followers or announce a product launch. Promoted accounts cost vary from $2-$4 per follower. 

Besides followers, you can create Twitter crypto ads. They allow you to track tweet installs, website clicks, conversions, and video views. You can also fetch leads on Twitter using Twitter ads. The Twitter ads cost will depend vastly on which campaign you select. It also varies based on what you hope to achieve from your ads.

It is important to note that Twitter prohibits a range of cryptocurrency advertisements. Some of these ads are for ICOs, token sales, and cryptocurrency wallets globally. Twitter may also ban ads for cryptocurrency exchanges, with some limited exceptions

LinkedIn Crypto Ads

LinkedIn crypto ads are very effective at generating quality leads. It offers a cost-per-lead (CPL) metric allowing you to reach high-quality B2B clients. With CPL, you pay every time your ad generates a new lead. 

LinkedIn also prohibits ads related to the buying, selling, or trading of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Ad Networks

The ‘big crypto banning’ by leading social media companies has led to a massive increase in demand for crypto-focused advertising. Therefore, crypto ad networks have seen exponential growth in demand over the years. 

Here’s a list of some of the most reliable crypto ad networks for crypto projects to use. These websites allow blockchain-oriented businesses to set up marketing campaigns using banner and native ads. Once a campaign is set up, they distribute these ads across high-traffic websites, publications, etc.

We have to emphasize the importance of using the services of a legit crypto ads network to avoid scammers. 

Coinzilla – This is one of the best crypto ad networks. Coinzilla offers native, CPM, pop-ups, and other crypto advertising methods.

Ad Dragon – Ad Dragon is a peer-to-peer advertising marketplace. It’s unique in that it matches advertisers with publishers (sellers) who sell crypto advertising services. 

Bitmedia – It is another crypto ad network that offers cryptocurrency advertising at affordable rates. Their crypto ads options include several targeting options such as geo, device, timing, and frequency. They also offer CPM and CPM ads. 

Coinverti – Coinverti offers high-quality advertising to crypto projects. Their offerings include banner ads, native ads, in-feed ads, and pop-under crypto advertising

AdEx Network – AdEx works on the CPM model and payments are made in DAI stablecoin. They provide publishers with real-time reporting, thereby ensuring maximum transparency. 

Need help using these Tips?

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