Crypto Community Manager Job: How to Hire the Right Professional

crypto community manager job: tokenminds

A solid and engaged crypto community can boost your crypto marketing efforts. With virtual conversations being a central aspect of cryptocurrency, brands should be aware of the significance of employing the right community manager. While posting the advertisement for a crypto community manager job, project owners should ensure that they choose the right individual. With this in mind, here we explore practical tips and tricks of hiring a suitable crypto community manager.

What does a ‘crypto community manager job‘ entail?

Crypto Community Manager Role: TokenMinds

Before exploring the various tips of hiring a crypto community manager, it’s essential to understand the core functions of this role. Suffice to say, a quality crypto community requires a committed community manager and moderators who can inspire quality community engagement. The main functions of crypto community manager job are as follows:

  • Assess, moderate and manage a crypto project’s group sentiment on niche crypto channels, such as LinkedIn, Telegram, Reddit, and Discord.
  • Arrange and coordinate virtual community events, such as Reddit AMAs.
  • Discover, develop, and nurture critical linkages with crypto community group members and take tangible insights back to the product team.
  • Use quantitative and qualitative insights to report on community expansion, engagement, and support.
  • Link with other internal teams to discover insights to use to engage the community further.
  •  A crypto community manager’s job is a critical source of information for the brand.

Now that you know the critical functions of a crypto community manager job, it’s time to focus on the key things to consider when hiring. These are as follows:

Previous experience

Having a clue of the applicant’s previous experience helps the recruiting team evaluate a candidate’s suitability for the job. Applicants with previous experience in managing a crypto community group have the upper hand because they know how to work on the channel correctly. Also, you’ll avoid spending money to train experienced applicants as they understand the tactics of doing the job. Remember, learning curves on telegram community management or any other channel hurt user experience.

Cryptocurrency Knowledge

A crypto community manager job must demonstrate some basic understanding of blockchain technology. Questions like ‘what is crypto community’ are likely to occur during the interview session. The manager should have some basic training in the field and possess a certificate to validate their knowledge. Applicants should also have some channel-specific skills like discord community servers or Subreddit in Reddit.

Share meaningful perspectives

Besides the technical knowledge on CV, hiring managers want to understand how life experiences shaped an applicant’s thinking. Devotees of crypto technology describe it as a disruptor of the traditional stock market. This is because blockchain technology enables people from diverse backgrounds and social statuses, like women, to access different investment options. These unique perspectives can help a candidate to manage multiple voices in a community and appreciate diverse views. So, recruiters always want to understand the type of experience, special skills, and diverse background that a candidate can bring to the crypto business.

Availability of the candidate for the crypto community manager job

Crypto Community Manager: TokenMinds

A crypto community manager works almost 24/7. Remember, the target for a decentralized market is a global community, requiring the community managers to be ready to work all the time. Because many community activities may occur outside the standard business hours, a crypto community manager needs someone with wide availability. So, recruiters will evaluate this aspect to determine the suitability of the candidate.

Conflict resolution and transformation skills

As a crypto community group keeps expanding, conflicts may arise that require quick resolution by a community manager. Squabbles can occur when a newly recruited group moderator offers a low user experience. Delivering a substandard user experience signals a group’s downfall as many members detest such encounters.

With many businesses emerging in the blockchain ecosystem, offering a satisfying user experience should be a priority for projects. Thus, recruiters should evaluate the candidate’s ability to manage conflicts and to consult clients in the right way.

Creative thinking skills

An excellent candidate for a crypto community manager job can articulate out-of-box solutions to steer the community forward.

If the crypto project is new, many unique situations may arise from time to time. The best crypto community manager should be creative to offer solutions on the fry to handle these unforeseen circumstances. An ideal candidate should respond to any one-off situations when handling new technology and handling a worldwide audience.

Channel Knowledge

Crypto Community Manager Job: TokenMinds

People applying for a crypto community manager job should demonstrate knowledge of niche social media platforms. Each social media has unique features that determine the kind of content to post there. Here are some crypto social media platforms:

  • Reddit: It’s one of the most popular blockchain social media platforms. Reddit has stringent rules and subreddits that a crypto community manager should understand.
  • Discord: Initially, Discord was designed for gamers but has now become popular in crypto circles. People applying for a crypto community manager job should understand how to use Discord to market blockchain projects. Features like discord community servers are central in this social media platform.
  • Telegram: Telegram is a prominent social media community platform for crypto projects. It’s popular in the distribution of airdrops and bounties. With its heavy privacy features, user security is guaranteed through the platform. For the best results, moderators on the forum should possess high-quality telegram community management skills.
  • Twitter: Twitter uses short messages to inform a crypto community on what’s happening. It has features like retweets which enable the broad sharing of news. You can easily talk to famous crypto thought leaders like Anthony Pomp and Mike Novogratz on Twitter. An applicant for a crypto community manager job must understand Twitter’s regulations and use the platform to engage a community.

Conclusion on crypto community manager job

It’s impossible to describe a crypto community manager job without understanding ‘what is crypto community’. A good crypto community manager is the foundation of every crypto community. Hire a professional team to help you with crypto community building and management, and let your team focuses on product development.