Should You Use a Crypto Community Manager on Discord?

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Are you wondering whether to use a crypto community manager to enhance the experience of your Discord community? Have you yearned to build a strong community on Discord to increase the impact of your cryptocurrency project? 

At its core, crypto community management is built on community culture and the underlying feeling is a sense of belonging and acceptance. Behind every successful crypto project, there is a thriving community that provides a strong foundation needed for the project’s success.

In this post, we’ll share how you can build a highly engaged community on Discord with the help of a crypto community manager

Crypto Community Meaning

A crypto community refers to a community of leaders, developers, investors, enthusiasts, fans and users of blockchain technology. This community spans across a variety of social platforms including Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Discord, and Bitcointalk forum. Each one of these platforms is unique and you need to focus on the most relevant platform for your project. 

For instance, Bitcointalk is the perfect platform to release news via ANN posts (Announcements) to build the buzz around your project. Reddit provides a platform to interact with fans by asking questions and responding to community feedback. Twitter, meanwhile, is ideal for sharing interesting stories and developments about the project. Telegram is mainly for crypto communities who just want a relaxed space to hang out and discuss their NFTs/crypto in detail. 

What is a Discord Community?

Discord is a group-chatting platform originally built for gamers that have since become a general use platform for many kinds of communities, including crypto communities. 

On Discord, users can participate in voice and video chats, send private text-based messages, and take part in communities, also known as “servers” on the platform. Users can even start their own communities, aka servers, and invite other users to join. Inside each server, users can set up channels dedicated to specific topics. This allows users on each server to congregate with others about the issues they’d like to discuss.

How to Build Community on Discord

Discord has more than 140 million monthly active users as of the end of 2020, according to the company. The most popular communities on Discord are YouTubers, podcasters, live streamers, and other online influencers who use the platform to build their internet communities. 

You too can tap into this niche community to promote and grow your blockchain project. But first, you have to build a community on Discord.

Initially, you’ll want to set up your server and brand it so that you’re ready to welcome new members. After all of this is set and done, the real work beings: building a thriving community that people want to be part of.

1. Keep everyone excited to be part of your community

With Discord, it is critical to give people plenty of reasons to stick around. Ask yourself: how can we bring excitement to this community and make them feel part of this project? For example, consider having feedback sessions where community members can share their opinions regarding the project. Events like this help your community build more intimate connections with your team/project.

2. Interact with community members often

It is important for server owners to interact on a regular basis. This not only shows the community that you have invested in them but show that you’re along with them on this journey. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should post 24/7. However, by posting frequently, running an event, or even offering regular updates regarding the project, you’ll help make everyone feel like they’re part of a great community.

3. Have a set of rules to abide by

Whether it is an NFT-focused community or a project server you’re running, it is important to craft a set of rules accordingly. By default, Discord will allow you to ‘turn on’ rules when you enable ‘Community’ on your server. Nonetheless, having your rules posted in a public channel can help alleviate any possible confusion or misunderstanding. This also gives your team and the crypto community manager a good set of tools to moderate efficiently and transparently.

4. Conduct regular AMAs

Holding events such as AMAs (ask me anything) or competitions helps foster a community that wants to collaborate and interact with the team/project. You can conduct live audio AMAs in form of Stage Channels. Stage channels allow you to share a focused conversation with select individuals to an audience of listeners. In addition, community members who want to hop in the conversation can even ask to join the stage. Your dedicated crypto community manager will be on standby to help them.

With regards to questions for AMAs, we recommend setting up a form that allows members to submit questions beforehand. With the help of a crypto community manager, you can select the best questions to tackle during the session.

Why Use a Crypto Community Manager for Discord

As your community starts getting bigger and bigger, it can get tiresome to properly moderate the server. We recommend hiring a crypto community manager for Discord. To help maintain a safe environment for everyone, it’s best to have a crypto community manager to help assist in keeping the server running smoothly.

It also helps to hire an experienced crypto community manager with a deep understanding of Discord. The ideal candidate should also have experience with community building and managing crypto communities. This helps everyone know that your community is closely connected and that you have experienced people to help if needed.

Grow Faster with Crypto Community Management Services from TokenMinds

The crux of crypto communities is transparency, passion, and communication. In fact, this is the basis for effective community management on Discord. Knowing an audience well allows a crypto community manager to converse and moderate your channel in a way that is relatable and in a tone that resonates. Leveraging that level of genuine community spirit isn’t easy, but the benefits are endless.

At TokenMinds, we provide crypto community management services that include organically building, managing, and growing your community on Discord and other channels. Schedule a call with our dedicated community managers to discuss your community management strategy for Discord. 


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