Ethereum App Development Company: Get the Best Ethereum Developers

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Many companies prefer to work with an Ethereum app development company because they tend to have the best Ethereum developers. 

With a dedicated Ethereum app development company, you get all the specialists you may need: blockchain developers, UI/UX designers, testers, including project managers and business analysts. A full team is more beneficial when you need to build an Ethereum app from scratch. The cost is also relatively low compared to an in-house development team or hiring a freelancer.

What is an Ethereum Developer?

An Ethereum developer is a programmer who can develop decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Whether it’s for Ethereum wallet app, custom blockchain app or even a game, Ethereum developers leverage a diverse toolkit of programming and UI/UX design skills to create Ethereum apps.

Here’s a quick overview of the things you should look for when you want to hire an Ethereum app development company:

  • Programming languages for Ethereum such as Solidity 
  • Experience with smart contract development 
  • Has a solid portfolio of solutions or companies they have worked with
  • Experience with the ERC20 and other Ethereum token standards
  • Experience with RESTful services, APIs, and third-party library integrations
  • Has a support team on standby to provide you with qualified assistance throughout your Ethereum app development.  

Well-rounded Ethereum developers also have experience with both design aspects, like UI and UX design, and actual programming, whether it’s API integrations or coding in specific cross-platform software. 

Ethereum Solidity Development

Building a decentralized app on the Ethereum blockchain is often an ongoing project—one full of frequent updates and new versions to keep up with the ever-changing Ethereum development landscape. A successful Ethereum app takes strategy, marketing savvy, UI/UX experience, and plenty of Ethereum solidity development expertise.

Solidity is the programming language for Ethereum development. It is used for both application development and for building smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Solidity development framework allows you to create and execute intelligent contracts without involving centralized parties. This statically typed contract programming language has similarities with such programming languages as JavaScript and C. 

A top-notch Ethereum app development company with experience in Ethereum solidity development can help you understand this language and offer the best Solidity solution for your business. 

Ethereum Token Development 

With Ethereum token development, you can build your own Ethereum Tokens on various Ethereum Standards like ERC-20, ERC-223, ERC-777, ERC-1400, ERC-721, ERC-827, etc. Take a quick look at these Ethereum standards to see which one best fits your business model. 

ERC-20 token development: The most famous utility token (ICO) that offer utility benefits to token holders and users of the platform.

ERC-223 token development: Performs token transfers exactly like ether transfer thus preventing loss of tokens in unhandled transactions.

ERC721 token development: Allow investors to gain their unique collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens.

ERC-1400 token development: These tokens hold partial fungibility, thus increasing the transparency for investors of their ownership rights.

ERC-777 token development: Allows different cryptocurrencies within Ethereum to cross-transact.

ERC-827 token development: Is the latest standard of Ethereum which increases the token usage and reduces the amount of code.

ERC-865 token development: This standard eliminates the concept of gas and instead enable the users to pay the fee in tokens in a single transaction.

Mintable ERC-20 token development: Is a non-mintable ERC-20 token with a non-fixed supply, which in essence allows projects to ‘mint’ more tokens whenever want.

ERC-721x token development: Is an advanced version of non-fungible tokens built for global gaming platforms with the lowest gas fee. 

Ethereum app development company

Many companies prefer Ethereum dapps development services because the platform has all the innovative advantages of blockchain technology. For example, the smart contract capabilities of Ethereum is a great solution for insurance payments, identification systems, NFTs, etc. A smart contract is a digital blockchain-based contract that facilitates an agreement and sometimes an exchange between two parties. They effectively support transactions and compliance in a fully digital environment. Ethereum provides the basis for these contracts and at the same time has a level of functionality that is inaccessible to most other cryptocurrencies.

In addition to smart contracts, Ethereum development also involves Ethereum application development. If you look for a reliable team to help you build and deploy robust dapps on Ethereum, consider partnering with a reputable Ethereum app development company. TokenMinds offers completely transparent Ethereum dapps development solutions tailor-made to meet your business objectives. 

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

As previously mentioned, smart contracts allow organizations to build and deploy decentralized applications for various business processes. From trade finance to insurance and NFTs, Ethereum smart contract development can streamline operations especially for businesses that rely on contractual relationships.

The following are the key features of smart contracts:

  • No need for intermediaries – financial organizations, brokers, notaries, etc.
  • Security – all contracts are repeatedly copied, encrypted and saved on the Blockchain   
  • Low risk of fraud – the inability to backdate data, due to mathematical laws
  • Efficiency and efficiency – thanks to the Blockchain technology, most processes occur automatically without the involvement of intermediaries
  • Accuracy – the likelihood of errors in contract terms are absolutely absent due to minimal human involvement. 

If you are planning to create smart contracts then you will need great developers. A reputable Ethereum app development company like TokenMinds can help you design and build secure and scalable smart contracts applications. 

Work with a Top Ethereum App Development Company 

The trick to finding the right Ethereum app development company is to identify your needs. Are you migrating an existing application to the Ethereum platform? Or do you need help creating an Ethereum app from scratch? Will these apps be incorporating any unique technologies such as smart contracts that will require additional technical expertise? The cost of your project will depend largely on your scope of work and the specific skills needed to bring your project to life.

TokenMinds is a leading Ethereum app development company that has worked closely worked with businesses and enterprises to develop smart contracts and dApps on Ethereum. We develop custom smart contracts based on specific requirements, covering the development of the architecture, the front-end interface and the contract deployment.

Schedule a call/consultation with our skilled developers for a custom Ethereum app development.