How to choose the best blockchain marketing Agency

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Blockchain Advertising Firm:Get killer tips and tricks here to help you pick the best company in the market

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has gained popularity as one of the best crowdfunding methods through blockchain technology. However, many projects raising funds through this technique fail to hit their goals because of flawed marketing approaches. If you intend to launch an ICO, but lack marketing ideas, a blockchain marketing agency can help you. Because there are many crypto promotion firms in the market, you may get confused about choosing. Should you find yourself in this situation, specific factors guide you to pick the right ico marketing firm. Please stay tuned to discover the key ones.

Consider the experience of the marketing company.

It’s essential to conduct a background check over available testimonials, case studies, and portfolios. These aspects will shed light on how seriously the crypto promotion company handles its ICO token sales. In addition, don’t forget to check results from previous projects, the strategies used, and most importantly, the focus they put on these projects.

The agency’s case studies should show the results from inbound marketing and point out specific client case studies. It’s crucial to confirm whether the case studies align with your business goals. For example, a marketing agency that works perfectly with B2C may not work perfectly with B2B customers. For a crypto messaging firm to align with your goals, it should have previous experience in your specific niche.

You can also seek more information from previous clients. Of course, not all clients are available for reference, but happy clients will always be willing to share their experiences. In these conversations, you can get some information you won’t get from the digital currency advertising company. For example, ask whether the agency has an issue with meeting deadlines. How does the agency resolve conflicts? How is it like to work with the agency’s marketing agents, consultants, or managers?

A successful campaign will raise enough funds, so remember to check how much they’ve raised on previous projects. While reviewing the case studies, have a look at the services the ico publicity firm offers.  

Always ask the following questions:

  • Does the marketing agency have the necessary impact on mainstream media?
  • Do they use new old marketing strategies? Why?

Keeping up with current trends

Always bear in mind that blockchain technology is constantly evolving. If you’re not keen,` the latest trends may adversely affect your token sales. An example of such trends is the recent move by Twitter to ban all crypto advertisements. On the other hand, if you invest in an agency with outstanding blockchain publicity skills, your token sales will not be affected since they’ll embark on using alternative advertisement channels. Spreading token information is all about being quick to adapt to evolving regulations and changes, thus prioritizing customers in a fast-evolving environment.

The blockchain broadcasting firm you select should be up-to-date with current trends. It should also have the flexibility to transform its strategies with changes within the blockchain technology. You don’t need to have a massive group to keep you posted with the latest news during the project.

You also don’t have to spend so much time checking whether your decentralized advertiser is up-to-date with the latest trends. All you have to do is trust that the agency will do its job well. However, before you take that step of faith, consider assessing how they keep up with the latest news. Feel free to ask where they acquire their information, how flexible they’re to changes in the industry, and how they communicate changes to their clients  


The last thing you’d wish for is to have an ico tactic strategy that does not yield the desired results. A marketing plan may not be worth it if you can’t track the results. That’s why you should focus on what the marketing agency intends to achieve, the strategy to implement, and the amount of money to spend.

You need to pick a marketing agency that is transparent with the metrics during the project. This helps you check the campaign’s effectiveness, thus helping you optimize the sale of your taken.

Your prospective blockchain advertising company has to practice what they say. For example, you don’t have to hire the services of an agency that talk about the importance of social media marketing. In contrast, their social media accounts have been dominant for the longest time. When evaluating marketing agencies, the first thing you should focus on is their social media presence. Search to find out whether they’re online and how well their webpages are optimized for the search engines.

Remember, topnotch  marketing companies don’t just give sound promises, but they strive to implement what they say. So if they have everything sorted with their brand, you can trust them for your investment.

Clarity about in-house and outsourced services

It’s essential to check what the potential marketing agency specializes in. For example, an agency that outsources services should not be a cause for alarm. That shows that the agency is mature and is conscious of its strengths and weaknesses.

If the agency has no expertise in blockchain messaging, you don’t want them it fake it all that they have everything under control. Admitting that there’s a weak point allows them to hire a vetted  company with the needed skills.

Always ask your blockchain promotion entity to clarify about the in-house and outsourced services. If they disclose this information, they’re credible and won’t pull the wool over time. Althoygh some agencies offer all ICO services, it’s important to know what they specialize in before proceeding with anything.

If you choose to hire an agency with outsourced services, it has to work with the best, reliable, and carefully selected partners. In addition, it should offer professional marketing services, assist you in creating platforms, or documents and provide legal assistance even if they don’t provide the services on their portfolio.

Are they focused on your success, or it’s about how much you have?

Agencies indeed need to earn money to run. However, it’s not pleasant to treat customers as paychecks instead of giving them value.  Therefore, before engaging an advertising firm check whether they’re interested in your cash at the expense of offering you services.

 The easiest way to know if an agency is worth investing in is by seeing if they’ll be honest with you. A genuine token promotion agency will consider understanding your goals, team, and everything about your project. Using their expertise, they will boost your confidence and the value of your brand.

Project assessment is an integral part of any ICO project. However, not all ICO marketing firms offer project assessment services. The importance of project assessments is to help you determine the direction you should take, what you should do or not do. You will also have a clear view of what will happen to complete your ICO campaign. With this assessment, you can create a budget and focus on improving your weaknesses during the next campaign.

Consider your budget

The ICO marketing industry is unstable, and the prices vary depending on the agency’s specialization and expertise. There are no standards to set an ideal price range since some agencies offer one-stop-shop services while others rely on outsourcing. Some use hourly or weekly payment methods.

Your ICO requires a great marketing strategy, and that may take up so much of your resources. In addition, you have to allocate some resources and time to your ICO campaign to attract new investors.

Does the agency address your brand’s goals?

You need to work with a blockchain popularizing company that has the goals of your business at heart. There should be a clear plan to help you get your business to the next level.

A genuine agency will help you restructure your ideas and show you the path you should follow. You will also acquire new tactics to work on your strategy. Check whether the company will give you a plan before you send the first check, or are they only promising what they can’t deliver.

An inbound blockchain advertising strategy requires upfront research which can’t happen unless you sign the contract. However, a reputable agency should help you identify new opportunities, create new goals and get you a work plan to achieve your marketing goals.

Final Words

Investing in powerful marketing strategies during the first stages of your blockchain advertising is an important step for your success. As the owner of a project, you need a professional  blockchain advertising company that can simplify your work. There’s a lot that goes into evaluating whether the agency is trustworthy, how it aligns with your goals and budget. Here, we’ve explored some key considerations that you need to explore while selecting an advertising company for blockchain project.