How to Choose the Best ICO Marketing Services and Solutions

How to Choose the Best ICO Marketing Services and Solutions

ICO Marketing: Here is an in-depth exploration of the best tactics you should use to select the firm.

Initial coin offering has become a popular method of fundraising for various projects. The technique emerged a decade ago. But it has attracted many projects on the blockchain ecosystem. Despite undergoing ups and downs during this period, the concept has stood the test of time. But what is ICO? And why does ICO need marketing?

ICO is a fundraising method on blockchain that project owners use to raise funds. Project owners get fiat money in exchange for their crypto tokens. Startups develop a whitepaper that explains the current problem that their projects solve. Upon reading the whitepaper, investors in the decentralized environment determine whether to invest.

As part of ico preparation, project owners must popularize their offering. A project can be good but fail to garner support because of poor marketing strategies. So, for ICO project owners, campaigns occupy a central position in their design.

‘If you’re determined to move, you need a whitepaper that should identify what you can offer. Your idea should be unique.’

Source: Investopedia

Many ico promotion services and solutions exist in the market. Thus, if you’re shopping for these services, you should consider various things. And one of your top choices should be TokenMinds. Please, keep reading to discover the best tips for choosing an ico marketing firm.

Choose an ico marketing Firm with Experience

Experience is one of the critical factors that should guide you when looking for an ICO advisor. ICO marketing firms have the knowledge and skills to deliver solutions that help you. There are many things that you should consider when evaluating their experiences. For example, reviews by their previous clients and the background of the team.

Previous clients’ reviews indicate the quality of ico marketing services by a company. Raving reviews show that the company provides high-quality solutions that meet client expectations.

In contrast, negative reviews show an entity of low-quality services. Unfavorable studies show that the company lacks the knowledge to deliver compelling solutions.

The experience reflects the years that the company has been in the market. This does not mean that a young ICO Marketing company cannot be great. But the problem is that such a company lacks reviews that can assist you in assessing them. Thus, investing in an already established company is safe for you.

It is best to consider a brand with already earned trust from reputed clients over a long period. This helps build your confidence and shows that the brand is aware of all that is at stake.

 In brief, considering the history of an ICO launching firm should come first. This, together with other concerns, will ensure you have flawless development in ICO.

Marketing Knowledge

While creating an ICO project is a strategic move, marketing is hard. The marketers should know what investors want to create ico content. Because ico marketing is critical, startups must choose a reputable company. Such companies should understand the market in and out. Remember, this step is essential because it’s a bearing on the success of your project.

ICO landscape has many projects that are crying for the attention of investors. The competition is stiff to the extent that many projects may not meet their objectives. Yet, an experienced marketer can cut through the competition. And your project can catch the attention of investors. To achieve this feat, the marketer must have a broad knowledge of the ICO market. They should also use the best tactics to popularize your product.

Consider the Legal Process

The ICO marketing firm should know all legal processes related to ICOs in each country. Unlike IEOs that target specific regions, ICOs target the whole world.

For example, the United States was the first nation to legalize ICO as a tool of investment. It has further developed the industry. They have gone ahead to build laws controlling the flow of ICO tokens. This has reduced instances of scams. Still, there are few countries that have banned the buying and selling of ICO tokens.

So before investing in an ICO firm, check on their understanding of legal processes. You could not wish to associate yourself with a company that you don’t trust. It can get you into trouble with the rule of law at any time. That, generally, is cost-effective, and breaching legal limits is not a possibility.

Check the Team Involved

Behind every successful ICO project, there are knowledgeable developers and blockchain experts. Many people with basic knowledge about blockchain and coding may claim expert knowledge. So, it’s critical to dig deeper into each individual in the marketing team. This helps you to understand their qualifications.

ICO creation team must have various skills touching various fields. For instance, KYC, technology law, smart chain creation, development of blockchain, and more.

Community management ICO services 

ICO communities are where your project’s token resides. An experienced ico pr firm knows how to create the relevant crypto community groups. They assist in promoting your project. The marketer should understand various channels. For example, we have Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit, to sell your project. The marketer will find the communities that help create buzz about your project.

Look at Their ICO Marketing Plan

The plan is useful in determining the validity and credibility of the ICO marketing firm. For beginners, this can be overwhelming, but we will help by breaking it down. A well-established ICO firm should have a long-term and well-defined plan.

Any company you approach should be able to show their plan for some years to come. Also, the program should align with your desires. Another point comes up on how companies set exorbitant claims or projections.

You should be aware that the competition in the ICO industry is stiff. And companies can do anything to win. So, as much as you are looking for a company with the best plan, be careful not to encounter “fraudsters.” By saying fraudsters, we mean companies with exaggerated plans.

A good company should offer realistic plans to investors. As an individual, gauge the practicality and effectiveness of the program. An exaggerated goal is easy to identify, and you don’t need any experience to know that.

 It would help if you were wary about a plan that looks so appealing and difficult to resist. Such plans are hooks to trap you. You should be careful before selecting them. Unfortunately, this is the greatest trick that most investors get trapped in.

Advertising knowledge

Advertising your project on the proper media enables it to be visible. Experienced ico pr firm can do the following;

  • crypto channels: experienced marketers know the channels to promote your ico content. They use a wide range of ICO solutions, such as news releases and YouTubers to promote your product.
  • content creators: the best ICO marketing company should have top-tier content creators. They craft effective marketing content and distribute it on various channels. The company knows how to optimize the adverts and the best time to place them.


For many entrepreneurs, creating an ICO project may be a simple task to do. Even so, marketing the idea is the most challenging part. And this is how a marketing company comes in. Although there are several companies in the market, not all can offer you the best solutions. When choosing ICO marketing services and solutions, project owners consider various things. Here, we’ve explored some critical attributes of an experienced marketer. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert, the pointers above can help you.


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