There are many reasons blockchain projects might ask a coin advisor to guide them with their initial exchange offering (IEO) fundraising process. After all, many of the benefits of IEO can only be gained if an IEO is done with a high-quality exchange and with the assistance of a marketing expert to make use of synergy effects for the token sale. Therefore, coin advisors are there to help you reach your IEO fundraising goals.

What do coin advisors do?

In the cryptocurrency world, a coin advisor helps you create and implement strategies for building a strong community and achieving a successful token sale or IEO. They can give you a game plan that puts you on track to achieve your fundraising goals.

Coin advisors don’t come in a one-size-fits-all package. They come from diverse backgrounds and offer a wide range of services. Because of that, they can do much more than explain how to launch your token and help you pick which channels to use for IEO promotions. 

Simply put, coin advisors help you with all types of IEO/ICO/ICO planning. That means they can help you with everything from community building to IEO marketing and securing listing at top exchanges.

Every coin advisor is uniquely qualified to help you reach IEO fundraising goals. Let’s check out some of the things that a coin advisor can help you with.

White paper development

If you want your IEO to be a success, you need to come to the market prepared. You should have a polished whitepaper that explains the use case for your project and why it needs to be on the blockchain. White papers are considered to be the most influential form of business collateral and 76% of people have used white papers as part of their decision-making efforts.

A coin advisor can help you prepare a well-written and updated whitepaper, providing details about your project including technology, business plan, and token model, project team, and other relevant information. They want to present your technology as viable, convincing and promising to investors.

Website development and SEO

Many blockchain projects have a great vision: making a change in a certain industry using blockchain. The problem? Most of them don’t have a great presentation. A well-designed website can give your project the credibility it needs to take off. In addition to the website, you also need knowledge of SEO and content marketing to increase website visibility. SEO is also effective in:

  • Boosting the chance of ranking higher on search engines
  • Significantly improving your branding
  • It is a more cost-effective way of obtaining long-term targeted and interested traffic.

SEO is too important to ignore. Working with a coin advisor can give you the guidance you need to create an effective content marketing strategy to make sure your fundraising goals are achieved.

Community building

In the cryptocurrency industry, the community is the heart and soul of any project. It is the community that provides a strong foundation needed for the project’s success. Community members are those people who contribute open source code, build apps using the project, or promote the project. Moreover, the strength of the community is not only determined by how many people make up the community, but the bond between participants and the value of their interactions. Crypto communities, therefore, are the face of any project and must be nurtured carefully to realize success.

A coin advisor like a crypto marketing company can help you build a strong community that can propel the project forward. They use various strategies such as airdrops, contests, referral programs, etc. to build a supportive community so as to help generate buzz that attracts media attention—and bring additional credibility to your project. They advise you on which channels to target fans and users, and strategize ways to acquire these communities. And they can also help you figure out how to nurture these communities in preparation for the initial exchange offering.

Social media management

Most of the crypto investors are active on Reddit, Discord, Bitcointalk, Telegram and Twitter. By being active on those channels, sharing your progress with the crypto community, and doing it in the right way, you can increase your chances of running a successful IEO. When you have a strong social media presence, you get noticed more often. This will increase your audience’s familiarity with the project as well boosting brand credibility. When people start trusting you, they won’t mind investing in your project.

But how can you know what’s the right way to manage these social communities? A coin advisor can help market your project the right way in order to generate interest from the crypto community. They will manage your social media messaging by posting updates relating to your project and growing your audience through organic and paid promotion techniques. A coin advisor – particularly a crypto marketing agency – will also conduct airdrops, bounty campaigns and reach out to crypto influencers on your behalf. This will help build awareness around your product, mission, promo campaigns, and about the IEO.

Exchange listing

When it comes to exchange listing, the first thing to consider is that you will want to form a partnership with the largest possible exchange so that you can get the largest amount of exposure and investment possible. You also want to know whether or not the exchange you are working with has a good reputation in the community.

A coin advisor – particularly a crypto marketing expert – has a unique relationship with the exchange which includes vetting and submitting highly promising blockchain projects for IEO to the exchange. They will help you reach the highest possible number of investors by ensuring that your project gets listed in the top exchanges for a successful token sale.

IEO marketing

One of the benefits of an IEO is that the exchange handles some aspects of the token sale, such as KYC/AML requirements and smart contracts. They also offer some marketing, but not enough to guarantee the success of your project. Remember: you are not their top priority. Chances are they’ve got other IEOs running simultaneously, as well as other aspects of their exchange to the market. Working closely with an expert crypto marketing company or coin advisor can not only increase the chances of success for your IEO, but also enhance your engagements with investors and the exchange. Engaging investors enables you to cater the experience into something that they desire.

Your marketing plan should also include an aggressive PR plan full of press releases, interviews, speaking engagements, and any other chance to get your face, name, and project in front of potential investors. Using the services of a coin advisor – like a crypto marketing agency – can pitch your idea to dozens of news sites and use their connections to get you mentioned in high authority publications. 

When pitching journalists from different publications, a marketing agency can get your company mentioned in a natural way in the content rather than getting only into sponsored content. This online footprint will make you more desirable to exchanges in the long-term.

Remember, most EOs only run for 1-2 months, meaning you have a much shorter period of intensive marketing. This crunch means you need to be prepared and hit the pavement running. You have a short window to reach investors, give them all of the necessary information, and convince them to participate in your token sale. A reputable coin advisor can help you not only create a robust IEO marketing strategy, but also implement it for success.

In summary, a coin advisor can help you plan and organize IEO for fundraising by providing guidance on:

  • Preparing a strong business model, complete core team with experienced and reputable advisors, breakthrough tech solution, and clear business use cases. That is what both exchanges and investors are looking for (having an MVP or a working product can also significantly boost your case).
  • Setting up your initial token price and hard/soft cap with a clear and the tokenomics.
  • Selecting the exchange platform where you will launch the token sale. Some of the crypto exchanges include Binance, Okex, Bitfinex, Latoken, and many others.
  • Your coin advisor will help you analyze the offerings of each exchange so you can make the right decision, paying attention to fees, popularity, and reputation with the community.
  • Developing a well-designed informative website with all information related to the tokens. This also includes a whitepaper, token economic analysis, technical papers, and other legal documents which are necessary.

Do you need a coin advisor?

There’s a lot more to creating an IEO fundraising plan than just picking the coin advisor. You need to get on a budget and stick to it. You need a strategy and action steps to grow and build your community. And you need to stay focused on promoting the IEO to the target audience.

A coin advisor can come alongside you to help you as you work toward your fundraising goals. Think of them like a strategic partner who will walk with you all the way.

If you’re ready to launch an IEO/STO/IDO, we’d encourage you to speak with the team at TokenMinds—who are highly experienced in promoting IEO projects within the crypto community. With TokenMinds, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re working with someone who really does have your best interest at heart.