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ICO Campaign: Here find the best strategies of marketing your ICO content to win multiple token buyers

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has become a popular way of fundraising on the blockchain ecosystem.  The strategy is also known as a token generation event (TGE), and many blockchain ventures have used it to raise capital to finance various projects. Because of its popularity, multiple companies are using this technique to raise funds. Therefore, blockchain businesses should expect stiff competition when using this technique to raise capital. To cut through the competition and raise the desired money, a crypto business must utilize multiple crypto advertising strategies. Here, we explore some of the popular ICO marketing tactics you can use to attract numerous token buyers.

Multiple ICO marketing methods for a blockchain startup

As blockchain technology keeps developing, it’s attracting multiple startups that require capital to fund their projects. ICOs have become an attractive technique for raising money from different blockchain entities. For a TGE to attract eligible token buyers,   ICO marketers must apply various techniques as listed and explained below.

  1. Develop a professional website

Part of your initial ICO advertising tactic is developing a professional website. Besides being optimized for visibility, the website must have informative information to assist prospective token buyers in making a quick decision. An excellent crypto website must contain blogs, articles, and other helpful content. The website should feature a straightforward architecture and quick to navigate to get much information within the shortest time. Avoid stuffing your ICO website with lots of unnecessary data, which may discourage visitors.

  1. Have well executed ICO Advertising PR Strategy

Many successful ICO campaigns understand the power of public relation (PR) strategy and effectively utilize it. A result-oriented PR campaign can help an ICO in multiple ways. The PR campaigns help you create compelling stories about your project, focusing on the team behind the project, what distinguishes it from others, and its impact on people’s lives. If you lack the knowledge of developing a PR campaign, blockchain advertising companies can be helpful to you. So, it’s recommended that you hire such a professional firm to deliver your PR messages.

  1. Influencer marketing 

With the proliferation of ICOs on blockchain technology, token buyers have become choosy on what to invest in. So, the use of professionals to pass your message across can boost your ICO Promotion campaign immensely. And this is how influencers come in. With deep knowledge about your sector, influencers can deliver authentic messages to your target audiences and accelerate conversion rates.

Audiences esteem influencers because of their expert knowledge. Therefore, they can be relied upon to deliver information to multiple audiences that they influence. A project marketing team needs to identify relevant influencers beforehand and determine the message to give each. Upon receiving the campaign information, these professionals use multiple strategies to deliver it to the target audiences. They use top-notch video channels, such as YouTube, to create program buzz and goodwill among the prospective token buyers.

  1. Make ICO trading announcements on Crypto communities. 

Multiple crypto communities exist where you announce your upcoming token releases. Below, find some of the techniques you can use to engage crypto communities with your ICO messaging messages.

  • Forums: these form the backbone of any PR campaign. Although there are many forums out there, bitcointalk solutions are outstanding. It’s a popular forum with massive community members. The platform is essential when you’re announcing your new crypto offerings. Suffice to say that the marketing team should also explore other viable forums where they can advertise their token sales.
  • Token calendars: ICO marketers can announce their upcoming crypto releases on exclusive calendar sites. Many ICO calendars exist where you can place ICO marketing schedule for potential buyers. It’s essential to get a list of these calendars and find out suitable ones for your project. Some famous ones in the market include ICOAlert, Coin Telegraph,, CoinGecko.Com, etc.
  • Reddit: It’s another critical community you should focus on as it has more than 40 subreddits linked to BTC. The community has particular subreddits focused on altcoins and ICO releases. Through its search bar, you can follow up on the performance of your project ICO. Additionally, you can answer queries that people may raise about your program.
  • Quora discussions: the quora community is created around people asking questions and finding in-depth responses to them. While people discuss your project, you should be their ico advisor and clarify any issues they may have. Quick response to queries in a comprehensive manner may help to foster trust in prospective token buyers.
  • Telegram: most cryptocurrency communities use this messenger. The Telegram media are essential because marketers can customize channels, enabling their communities to receive the latest updates on ICO publicity. Furthermore, you can also create a Chat for prospective coin buyers to share messages and get clarifications about your project. Marketers can also use the existing channels to pass their messages across. For easy supervision of the community, it’s critical to hire an experienced telegram administrator..
  • Facebook: few professional FB groups exist that handle educated conversations about multiple ICOs and cryptocurrencies. You need to subscribe to these groups and market your coin sale project there.
  • LinkedIn: this is a social networking site for professionals enabling them to connect with like-minded experts. A crypto promoter must have a LinkedIn account for their ICO project. Through this account, you can distribute massive pieces of information to various groups and individuals.
  1. Hire a crypto advertising company

Mounting an ICO campaign can be challenging if you lack crypto marketing skills and experience. A project team can hire a crypto marketing agency that has the skills and knowledge of promoting ICOs. Because multiple companies are offering marketing solutions, it’s critical to conduct some research to find the one that can provide you with excellent service as per your budget. A crypto promotion firm has a team of experienced professionals who uses the best tactics to promote your token offerings. Before choosing a marketing agency, try to find out the campaigns it has mounted in the past and the amount its strategy generated. You should also go through the reviews of previous clients to discover the company’s quality of services. Suffice to say, excellent agencies receive raving reviews and testimonials from past clients. On the other hand, a preponderance of negative reviews about a company indicates that the company’s quality of service is low. Please avoid hiring such a company unless there are compelling reasons to overlook the negative reviews. 

If you’re looking for crypto marketing services, please stop your search and contact Tokenminds immediately. We have been in the business for long time and have the knowledge and experience of delivering high-quality crypto advertising services at affordable rates.

  1. How to promote crypto offers via affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing, the advertiser or merchant allows an external partner to deliver specific results and receive a commission in return. Although the results are a sale in most cases, partners can also receive compensation for particular actions, like registration of users and newsletter subscriptions. Affiliate marketing is critical these days when Google and Facebook have banned ICO promotion on their platforms. ICOs are created, promoted, and traded in an environment when even minute attention can turn into a sale. Affiliate marketing, therefore, ensures that each opportunity is utilized to generate leads. While ICO rewards individuals and entities with bounties for generating a buzz about the program, affiliate marketing is a step higher because it delivers concrete results sales. Affiliate marketing has the following perks:

  • Reduces promotion expenses: ICO affiliate marketing is beneficial for marketers with a tight marketing budget. The strategy helps to minimize the ever-increasing marketing costs because marketers only pay for clicks and conversions.
  • Transparent type of promotion: many people choose this form of marketing because of its high level of openness. The partners who sign for the program will only receive a commission when there is a lead for sale or a click on ico advertising message.
  1. Whitepapers can boost your ICO commercials

A whitepaper contains in-depth information about your project. It’s presented in an academic tone and explores the problems that your token offerings intend to solve. You can avoid giving all the information to non-investor by using light papers, which is a synopsis of the project.

A whitepaper aims to build trust with investors because it presents the reputation of your project, compliance with legalities, and the problem you aim to solve.


You can have a powerful project to promote in ICO but fail to hit your objectives due to lack of marketing or using unsuitable advertising methods. Marketing is a core aspect of your ICO launch strategy as it connects the project with the relevant audience.  Whether you’re an ICO messaging establishment or crypto marketer, you can use multiple marketing methods as explored here to promote your project.


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