Practical tactics of choosing the best ICO marketing Advisor

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ICO Marketing Advisor

ICO promotion: Here are highly informative clues to use when selecting the best ICO consultant.

If you’re about to launch your ICO project, you may consult various professionals for ideas on how best to introduce your tokens for sale. These days, many experts have emerged in the blockchain field who claim to possess wide knowledge in token sales. However, project owners should be wary when choosing experts because few individuals and entities understand the blockchain concept well. Whether you want an ICO marketing advisor or a marketing agency, it’s critical to conduct in-depth research before making your choice. If you’re looking for tips and tricks on how to choose an ICO advisor, please stay tuned.

Who is an ICO advisor?

Before delving into various factors to consider when choosing an ICO advisor, it’s critical to understand who an advisor is and what they do. An ICO advisor is an individual with deep knowledge about decentralized finance (Defi) and can be relied upon to advise on the best ways to approach multiple aspects related to initial coin offering. The ICO consultant can refer the project team to the best resources to deploy their Initial coin offerings. Here are some areas where advisors’ information is helpful: 

 ICO consultants can provide advice related to the following areas:

  • Law and compliance issues: they can point out matters related to the law on your project and how to get around them.
  • Token architecture and platform: ICO advisors can offer you insightful information on structuring your token sale to increase your chances of attaining your objectives.
  • Marketing and communication: Advisors can inform you on the best ICO promotion and messaging strategies.
  • Token listing: consultants can offer you the best tips on the exchanges that you should have your token listed.
  • Bounty programs: they can advise you on the best bounty programs to use.

How to choose the best advisors 

Now that you’ve known who an ICO advisor is, the next move is to get information on choosing the best consultant(s) for your project. Here, find the evaluation criteria you should use when choosing an ICO advisor;


Experience is an important aspect to evaluate when choosing an ICO publicity advisor. Luckily, you can easily know an expert’s experience by conducting a simple Google search because of technology. You can also check the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, contact their referees, and check their portfolio. When evaluating the expert, ensure that they know your field. For example, if your field is real estate, look for an ICO expert specializing in this area.

Advisors with broad experience understand how to solve various issues that an ICO project may encounter. Because they’ve handled similar projects in the past, they’ve learned and gathered a wealth of insights into overcoming different challenges. So, they bring to your table excellent solutions that can boost the success level of your project.

Global Exposure

Blockchain technology has made it possible for various businesses to tap into the opportunities at both national and international markets. If your ICO targets both national and international clients, the advisor can offer you a wealth of knowledge on launching it. Such an expert will help your project to navigate through the legal and cultural complexities of various countries. Remember, while you want massive participants, your project shouldn’t offend any laws of the countries that you’re targeting.


A respected advisor has links with other relevant professionals that can boost your project. So, it helps to find out the connections that a particular consultant has. Choosing a professional with high-quality connections can help your project in achieving its objectives faster. 

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Contact past clients of the advisor 

Hearing from the past clients of the advisor is a great way to determine the quality of services the expert offers. A professional ICO advisor has contacts of the past clients they’ve served. You can get helpful information from these clients if you contact them. 

So, ensure that you request the prospective advisor to offer you a list of the previous clients together with their contacts. Once you have the list, make calls and inquire about the quality of service the professional offers. Based on what the referrals are saying, you can easily gauge the advisor’s quality of service. 

Evaluate published reviews and testimonials of the advisor 

If a consultant offers the best services, they’re likely to enjoy raving reviews from previous clients. Therefore, it’s important to check their websites to see what clients are saying. Also, check the reviews from independent sites like Better Business Bureau (BBB) for objective reviews from previous customers. 

A preponderance of adverse reports is an indication that the advisor lacks knowledge of delivering a great service. Please, avoid such consultants because they may not add any value to your ICO messaging strategy.

Published content

A professional ICO advisor may publish informative content that helps people to get insights into the crypto industry. A simple check on their website or LinkedIn profile can help you discover the content of the advisor. Reading through their blogs and articles can give you hints on the advisor’s knowledge in the industry.  Furthermore, a knowledgeable advisor has the experience and skills to craft engaging whitepapers and other professional documents critical in ICO promotion. If a publisher engages in research and produces engaging content, it’s an indication that they can be resourceful to your project.

Track Record

An advisor with an excellent track record will help your project attain its objectives quickly. So, it would help if you found out how crypto communities rate the consultant. Advisors with blots will mess with your project because they may transfer the bad stuff to your program. Furthermore, such advisors may block your token from being listed on different exchanges. Project owners need to consult crypto communities for information about the track record of a potential advisor. Also, your network can help you understand how people view the person in question.

Public profile 

A reputable advisor has a powerful social media presence and public exposure. Therefore, project owners must check the consultant’s profiles to get a feel of the info they post and how communities react. Paying attention to a professional platform like LinkedIn can help you in evaluating the advisor.


Launching an ICO project isn’t a walk in the park, as various areas require smoothening. If you hire an introverted advisor, you may not attain your objectives as the consultant may take a back seat and fail to point out issues that require ironing out. So, project owners should hire someone with an outgoing personality who is always ready to offer helpful suggestions.

The advisor should meet the project team, bond well with it, and give insights on the best way to handle the project encounters.  

An excellent advisor needs to mingle well with your team to create a strong bond.  Furthermore, the advisor should be approachable and friendly to each member of your team. 

Projects they’ve handled.

The number of projects the advisors have handled can give you a clue on the rating of the consultant. An evaluation of those projects’ outcomes can help you understand the kind of advisory services the consultant offers. If most of the projects they consulted on met their objectives, you might consider hiring such a consultant. 

What you should note, however, is that handling numerous projects isn’t the only yardstick you should use to evaluate the consultant. Remember, consulting on too many projects concurrently can injure the quality of advisory services one offers as their attention is subdivided.


Multiple ICO projects have emerged on blockchain technology. So, the competition is stiff for those who wish to launch their token sale using this approach. Having said that, it might be challenging for you to launch the ICO alone without any support. This is the reason you need an ICO consultant. The consultant can help you understand the best strategies to use to prepare your launch and promote your project. Here, we have explored the key attributes that you need to consider before choosing an ICO advisor. Whether you’re looking for an ICO marketing advisor or crypto consultant, the above tips can boost your search efforts.